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Kombucha Party Foul

I am checking out for this Memorial Day weekend for some much needed R&R with the family.  Don’t worry,  I will have some delicious camping recipes and I’m certain, some funny family stories to share on my return back to blogland. 247 more words


Kombucha Progress: Scoby Junior has emerged

I’m reporting on further progress with my kombucha brewing. Last time I checked in, the mother scoby had grown some unappealing tendrils and was smelling rather rank. 400 more words


About two years ago, I got introduced to Kombucha in Ireland. At first I was a bit sceptic and the mushroom looked a bit funny. The thought that this “thing” was alive, too made me nervous. 423 more words

Birthday Weekend: Celebrating My 21st and a 21 Day Challenge

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday!

This past weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday (woo hoo!) and had a blast. I started off my weekend chaperoning my brother’s honor roll trip on Friday. 726 more words


Good things - Catalogue Mag, Coffee Kombucha, Underwear for Hope Programme and Sea Shepherd.

It’s the good things in life that get me by. Little things that make everyday a little bit better. Here are a few of those things. 421 more words


Kevita Master Brew Kombucha Tart Cherry

My boss thinks the dark amber bottle of Kevita Master Brew Kombucha reminds him of medicine. At first I thought this was weird, but then I was reminded that food is our medicine. 263 more words


Experimental Probiotics: The Art of Not Growing Kefir

Since it’s been en vogue to spout health-conscious lingo for quite some time now, I’m seizing the opportunity to write my way through the adventure of healing my digestive system. 1.432 more words