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It has been two years since my last blog post. I plan on starting to post recipes again, and will begin another Whole30 on February 15th. 858 kata lagi

Getting My Monday Glow On

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If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve said the words “diet starts on Monday”! Trust me, I’d have quite a few dollars as this seems to be a bit of a manta over my weekends.   460 kata lagi


Food Adventures of January!

In January I learnt how to efficiently joint a chicken and improved my pizza making skills.  I did some spiralizing, I started a kombucha and did some dehydrating.   40 kata lagi


Small-Scale Kombucha Experiments

Below is the result of two previous experiments, and two new ones. Since I only get 2-3 cups of finished product, I’m not planning to add any additional flavoring when I bottle. 466 kata lagi


Rooibos Kombucha

Yesterday I bottled my first batch of rooibos kombucha. I made it just like my regular kombucha, but with 1/2 cup of loose rooibos rather than two family-size decaf tea bags. 420 kata lagi


Fermentation Fever

What are all those scary things floating in the jars? SCOBYs.

If you know me well, you know that I love fermented things. The funkier, the tangy-er, the better.  328 kata lagi


Holy Snowness Batman!!

WOW!!! What a week. First off let me explain the absence. I guess you can say I am part bear. Yes, I am a bigger girl, Yes, you mess with my cubs I will tear you up. 954 kata lagi