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So firstly what is Kombucha?  Well to explain it in simple terms it is a living culture like substance, that ferments a sweetened tea into a health giving drink rich in organic acids, vitamins, enzymes and probiotics (beneficial bacteria).  900 kata lagi

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Becoming Grassfed Day 22: Keeping my addiction under control


San Ignacio, Belize

This is the first day that I have struggled to write a full blog, not much happened yet it is Belize so something always happens. 597 kata lagi

Becoming Grassfed

Kombucha and Peppers

My work recently started selling kombucha, and so far, all the ones we’ve sold have been to me. I used to hate kombucha, then I only liked the tart, cranberry flavors, and now I’m happily chugging a can a day of any flavor I can get my hands on. 173 kata lagi


Kombucha - Health Elixir?

A good friend a few years ago talked my ear off about kombucha – an activated drink that supposedly improves digestion, immunity, regulates hormone levels, reduces bloating and even boosts serotonin levels.   1.063 kata lagi



Have you tried the increasingly popular drink, Kombucha? Kombucha is an ancient Asian probiotic tea, naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast. Kombucha has been noted to have numerous health benefits. 257 kata lagi

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Whats the go with Mojo....Kombucha

Kombucha, whats the go?

Being big on gut health, I’ve known about Kombucha and the benefits for a while now. It’s just one of those products that I had not taken the time to actively try and fall in love with yet. 336 kata lagi

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Cut back on caffeine

HOW: Substitute some of your caffeinated tea/coffee (including green tea) for decaffeinated. Drink herbal teas, golden milk/sunshine milk/turmeric latte (you can mix this on the stove top instead of Thermo, then strain). 209 kata lagi