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July Favorites 2015 | The Divine Hostess

I’ve put together a quick video of things I loved in the month of July-– products related to beauty, food, and fitness. I hope you will watch and give a few of the products a try.


Fermentation workshop Saturday 22 August 2015

Workshop overview:

– Discussion: Health begins in the gut. Learn about the microbiome and your diet.

-The basics: Understanding the fermentation process using 2 examples (kefir and kombucha). 86 kata lagi

Who is afraid of Kombucha?

Being a huge Kombucha enthusiast, I decided to dedicate a separate post to its health benefits. Because I am striving to be a proper blogger, as you may have not noticed yet, I sat down to conduct the Internet research on the topic. 489 kata lagi

Health Benefits

Travel: I'm Going To Europe!! + Vegan Suggestions

Hey Guys,

Now that we’re in August (Happy 1st of August ya’ll!!) and I’m leaving at the end of the month I wanted to share with you some of my travel plans! 177 kata lagi


Scobies, Sweaters, and Thread

I don’t remember pregnancy being quite so exhausting the last time around.  I probably wasn’t this exhausted last time, come to think of it.  When you’ve got a whole toddler-sized person to care for everything tends to get more complicated.   419 kata lagi


Day 4 - Kombucha, Mango, Banana, Lemon

Today, day four, marks the introduction of kombucha!

Kombucha is a fermented tea that I make myself and I urge you to consider too. It has a million benefits and is wonderfully tasty which is always a bonus. 78 kata lagi


Continuous Brew Kombucha

Hello fellow fermenters! This afternoon as I was waiting for my kombucha to dribble into my mason jar from my continuous brew kombucha vessel, I realized that I haven’t posted about continuous brewing yet! 857 kata lagi