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Homemade Kombucha Vinegar To Replace All Vinegars

I’ve had a revelation. I’ve been continuously brewing and drinking kombucha since I sang it’s praises 10 months ago as a bubbly refreshment, but now I’ve discovered I can make vinegar from my kombucha and use it in the same ways that I use apple cider vinegar (ACV) and white vinegar. 800 kata lagi


Tales From The Fish Joint With Old Skool Joe

So there’s this guy that works down at the fish joint with me named Pork Chop. Why do I call him that you ask?

Well…because he’s fat. 141 kata lagi



Have you heard of Kombucha?  I recently shared my Kombucha home brewing experience on Snapchat {brenwick14} – and I had a lot of people asking me, “What is this stuff?!”  “What is that science experiment you are doing?”  “What is that thing you are growing?” 1.303 kata lagi

Kombucha bomb

Everyone has that one person at work that inspires them daily – at least I do.

Mines a Costa Rican beauty called Maria. Not a cooking professional but she’s a fierce foodie with a passion for health, wellness and today’s biodynamic food movement. 317 kata lagi



This post comes from Leslie Stokman. Leslie is QSY’s resident chalk-board artist extraordinaire, a recent graduate of our yoga teacher training program, and a SCOBY-growing Kombucha aficionado!   1.149 kata lagi

Cultivating Vibrant Lives

Jun: Secondary Fermentation

The Jun culture has been in Primary fermentation for three days. It’s bubbling, maybe hissing and smells sweet. The culture has spread across the top of the open-air vessel and has formed a network of brown webbed Jun culture surrounded by foaming bubbles. 362 kata lagi


It hasn’t been many warm summer days yet this summer here, but at least a few of them.

To add extra summer feeling a nice evening snack with fresh cherries on the balcony is perfect. 158 kata lagi