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Why is everyone talking about Kombucha?

28th October 2016


Kombucha is relatively new in Australia and is a hot topic of conversation lately. With supermarkets selling the beverage and beach side cafes listing it on their menus, kombucha quite drastically has increased in popularity from what used to be a product found in select health food stores. 874 kata lagi

Editorial: Ease federal regulations on kombucha

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat, has the right idea to get burdensome federal regulations off the kombucha industry. But why should the bill be limited just to kombucha? 64 kata lagi


a B O O C H a day. 

k o m b u c h a is fermented black or green tea. it is full of good b a c t e r i a and y e a s t, good for your health! 239 kata lagi


Kombucha Fermented on Hops

I added 1/4 cup cascade whole cones to the beginning of a typical 1 quart micro-batch of kombucha fermentation. I wanted to see what affect whole hops would have on the fermentation process, and what the hops flavor would be like when added at the beginning rather than at the end. 213 kata lagi


Being resourceful: Kombucha

Daniel answered a request for someone to come take some glass bottles off someone’s hands a few days ago. :) It’s always important when working on establishing a future business, to save money and resources. 218 kata lagi


Why I Made the Switchel

See what I did there? Probably not. Since you likely don’t have an inkling what Switchel is.

So here’s the deal.

At some point when I was a kid, I started becoming conscious of nutrition. 443 kata lagi


a candid look at whole30: day eight