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Kombucha 4/23

The coffeebucha experiment got bottled with some maple syrup. It has changed dramatically from the initial strong coffee it started off as. It now is lighter in taste and has some definite fruity characteristics, and reminds me a bit of tea too. 230 kata lagi


Indiana Artisans

Indiana Artisan is a non-profit organization whose mission is to identify and showcase the state’s highest quality art and food. The Indiana Artisan Marketplace was held recently at the State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, and I spoke with several of the artisans for the Indiana Home Cooks Podcast. 373 kata lagi

Grow Your Own Kombucha

Kombucha. What is it? Can you grow it at home? Let’s find out!

First off, let’s talk about kombucha. You have probably have seen it in a grocery or heath food store. 868 kata lagi


Home-brewed Kombucha

After a few months’ break, I started brewing my own kombucha again. I’ve recently had some immune issues and have needed a bit of a boost to kickstart my healing and to regain some energy. 2.164 kata lagi


Green Kiwi Kombucha

This Green Kiwi Kombucha I have to say I actually didn’t like very much. But I personally don’t like kiwi fruit so I think that’s why I probably didn’t enjoy this one. 254 kata lagi


Day 22...if Alex doesn't get some cheese soon...

We have 8 days left and I’m pretty sure Alex has been dreaming about cheese. I thought he was going to cry after walking past the cheese section at Trader Joe’s yesterday. 368 kata lagi

Abuzz with Bumble Brew

We never thought that an unexpected run-in with an old friend at an art gallery would lead to us learning about another source of probiotics, but that’s precisely what happened around a year ago. 424 kata lagi