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Kombucha: Fad or Fit?

Pronounced kom-bu-cha, this fermented beverage has a reputation for being the drink of choice for “hipsters,” “hippies,” and health nuts alike. Often found in health food stores with inflated price tags, kombucha claims to have many health benefits if consumed. 433 kata lagi



Jackfruit nacho tater tots. Kombucha. Six macarons in coffee, pistachio, Earl Grey, creme brulee, salted caramel, and honey lavender. Two ginger molasses cookies. Two mini merenges. Beet salad.

How to grow a kombucha scoby in Singapore

Kombucha — the probiotic-rich drink that’s been taking health fanatics as much as foodies by storm — is a massive topic to broach. It’s been touted as a functional beverage for containing thousands of gut-healthy bacteria while culinary enthusiasts find its… 548 kata lagi


The best booze-free alternatives for Dry January

As discussed in this recent post, I’ve given up my favourite hobby alcohol for the first month of 2018, finally succumbing to the increasingly popular Dry January trend. 549 kata lagi

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The Weekly Rapport Box: A List of What I'm Currently Enjoying

Hey guys! Last week I put out a list of some of my favorite things that I ate, drank, or saw that week and some good feedback so I going to keep it going for another week. 615 kata lagi


Magnesium, Rose Petal Witch Hazel + Lavender Kombucha

Happy Friday, friends! Here are several fun things I’ve been into lately including a magnesium supplement, rose petal witch hazel and lavender kombucha.

Natural Vitality Calm… 401 kata lagi

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