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GT's Kombucha

I LOVE Whole Foods! I’m also a sucker for anything organic, so I’m constantly trying new things from there. The other day, I was looking for an uber healthy drink to go with the pressed sandwich I was getting when I stumbled upon… 500 kata lagi


Drink that Kombucha.. The many benefits for your Health

Hi Ladies!

Staying healthy everyday is so important as we get older, with as many things that seem to go wrong down the line of our birthdays. 332 kata lagi


Kom...what?? Kombucha. It's a drank.

Kombucha? Why would you drink that!

Triology-My favorite flavor so far

I promise yall a year ago there was no way in the world I would even consider drinking anything fermented. 401 kata lagi


I Know I'm Annoying; It's Because I Love You

I hear myself. I know I’m annoying. It’s because I love you (even if I don’t yet know you).

Over-zealouness really bothers people when it comes to health. 798 kata lagi


Wednesday (Nutrition Research Trends)

Lately, the bacterial environment of the intestines has been a subject of interest among researchers and anyone interested in utilizing diet and nutrition to improve their health.   243 kata lagi


Health, Flowers, and Kombucha

Happy gratitude Wednesday! Hope you are all having great weeks. Without further ado, let me get started!

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My health! Went to the doctor on Monday and was SO relieved to have everything check out beautifully.
  2. 202 kata lagi

Day 1 Kombucha "Deep Purple"

Boiled 1 Gallon of Spring  with 1 Cup of Organic white sugar.

Once  it had started boiling I  turned off the stove and put about 1 Tbs of  tea( 37 kata lagi