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Wild Culture: A New Column Devoted to Fermentation

I am excited to be launching a new column over on Paste Magazine, all about one of my favorite subjects: fermentation!

The first column is devoted to the subject of SCOBYs, the gelatinous looking organism that you have to have in order to brew kombucha at home. 191 kata lagi

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Science InThe Kitchen

In previous posts I have reviewed a couple of books on Gut Health- Gut  and Heal You Gut and provided a few Gut Friendly recipes for you to try.   142 kata lagi

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Probiotics are bogus

This, after researching probiotics and live culture food for nearly ten minutes on internet blogs, my dilettante conclusion is that the science is sketch.

HOWEVER, 84 kata lagi

Movies, Explosions and Friends

Good morning! I’m traveling at a conference today so can’t write long, but didn’t want to neglect my Gratitude Wednesday linkup! Today, I’m grateful for: 217 kata lagi


I'm An Addict

My obsession with fermentation is growing too large for my kitchen. My countertops are now full of mason jars, pickling and fermenting all kinds of stuff and things! 163 kata lagi


Pass The 'Buch: Brewing Kombucha as a Complete Beginner (Who Fears Germs/Mold)

Don’t be scared of the “mushroom tea” and don’t rely on what you’ve tasted out of a bottle. Kombucha, a fermented black tea drink, has lots of loyal followers and health claims out there. 1.194 kata lagi


Fermentation Fest

Last weekend I went to the Fermentation Festival in Santa Barbara. I couldn’t believe it, but yes there is actually a festival to celebrate, eat, and learn about all things fermented. 496 kata lagi