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Rangoli designs and India

Rangoli is a form of art in India, which is usually drawn or made during festivals or auspicious occasions in front of the entrance doors or courtyards of the house. 362 kata lagi



India is rich in its culture and heritage.It is also a land of colours.This article of mine is about kolams.KOLAM is a form of drawing drawn as a ritual .It is believed that this practise prevails from ancient times,there is a mention about this during chola period too. 507 kata lagi

Random Thoughts

Happy Ugadi!

Happy Ugadi to All!

This is such a wonderful time of the year!

I love New hopes, New beginnings…

Wishing everyone Prosperity and Happiness and Good Health on this auspicious day!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Half-Light


This Rangoli was blessed with the most wonderful lighting of the evening half-light – I could never have got this effect even if I wanted to. 6 kata lagi


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance


The Art of Rangoli is the ultimate dance form for me.

As my eyes follow the colorful lines curving through and around the perfectly spaced dots, my spirit soars… Dances in unison with the lines…


It's Holi day...

Holi hai!

The word Holi itself brings to my mind all things it is associated with.

The heat of the summer month of March – during which Holi is celebrated – the sweltering heat that makes you want to go stay immersed in cool waters all through the day…¬† It is said that on the Holi festival the heat is maximum because this is when Lord Shiva opened his third-eye to burn Manmatha (who disturbed his meditation) to ashes. 87 kata lagi



I remember walking through the streets of India early one morning. Strangely, it felt calm. It was peaceful, serene even. Shopkeepers performed rituals to bless their stores for the day, elderly men sat chatting while sharing a chai… and my life was forever changed. 374 kata lagi