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Anjarai Petti Makeover

Not a big fan of stainless steel containers… so my kitchen is full of glass or porcelain. But the spice box is something that does not come in either material and it is an absolute essential utensil in South Indian Cooking. 113 kata lagi


Marketing with Love

A couple of weeks back, I ordered a bag from the online store Chumbak*

The bag was of very good quality, no doubt, but what I liked more were the little bits of detail in the product package — the bright pink tags on the bag; the caption that said ‘Designed with love in India'; and my favourite, the metallic baby elephant! 161 kata lagi


Indian-inspired Wall Art

Growing up in South India, Kolams, or designs drawn with rice powder were ubiquitous. Each morning, I would excitedly wake up to the smell of rain, but turn back disappointed when the smell turned out to be from water being splashed on our concrete doorstep to remove the previous day’s Kolam. 819 kata lagi


Daily inspiration at the doorstep

As I prepare to step outside, I keep my phone camera handy.


I turn around and tell my mother how I interpret her drawing. In the 30 seconds it takes to get down the staircase, we have had a full conversation of the different ways in which we perceive the world around us. 69 kata lagi


Meratapi Masa Kanak-kanak

Pada suatu senja di bulan puasa, tatkala kami semua sudah selesai berbuka, kami sekeluarga bercakap-cakap bersenda gurau. Adik lelaki kami mengisahkan pengalamannya bersua dengan seorang engku orang kampung kami. 400 kata lagi


Do you believe in God???

Sometime or the other, you would have faced the question in your life. Do you believe in God? Same with me!!! I spent some time thinking about it and decide to blog about it.. 1.044 kata lagi