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A Deepavali Kolam Art

A kolam art work at Strait Quay mall. Kolam is a form of art that is drawn and colored by using rice flour/chalk/chalk powder/white rock powder often incorporating naturally/synthetically colored powders.

Happy Deepavali!


Some answers/South India 101

Leenadll left three comments on earlier posts that seemed better to answer in a post than in the comment section.

What is Navarathri?

Navarathri translates to “nine nights”. 336 kata lagi

Kolam—designs drawn at Indian home entrances

Presenting a Kolam that I drew in front of my home. It’s traditionally done everyday after cleaning the entrance and sprinting some water. I do it too. 91 kata lagi

Sketches And Photographs

Ide Decking Kolam Renang

Ide Decking Kolam Renang

Selamat Pagi

Sebuah rumah, villa, atau hotel akan lebih lengkap rasanya apabila di sana terdapat kolam renang. Banyak yang beranggapan kalau membangun sebuah kolam renang itu pasti membutuhkan biaya yang banyak. 712 kata lagi


Festival days

… Or the lady at that house was happy to do a rangoli.



Rangoli's of Every Kind...

One of the common things about Indian households is the Rangoli.

If there’s an occasion, there’s a Rangoli. If there’s a function, there’s a Rangoli. If the day means something, there’s a Rangoli. 156 kata lagi

My Musings

Some of my festive Rangolis..

Rangoli is one of the things I like on festive seasons (it allows me to show my Art skills :D ). On Diwali or any other pooja day, a precise corner in my home is always brightened up by Rangoli with riotous colors. 16 kata lagi

Artwork (Craft, Idols, Rangoli )