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Some doodles

I’m loving adding a bit of colour to my sketches!


What's the Point (of Emphasis)?

The Penguins got together in Visual Art to do a one hour lesson. I usually struggle to do these short lessons as I find creation takes time. 232 kata lagi


An all-time favorite treat, childhood memories unlimited. Presenting…Sindhi Koki!

Been born and brought up in a typical Sindhi locality can be a boon in a way. My summer holiday mornings were never so refreshing! Hot kokis with sliced mangoes to go with was always a visual and gastronomical treat.  374 kata lagi


Meet Koki - My Tsukasa Taiko: Members Testimonials Series 009

Meet the mother of Koki, one of our Gintenkai 1 members and his younger sister Hana a Chibikko member.

  1. Why did you choose Tsukasa Taiko?
  2. 60 kata lagi
Tsukasa Taiko

God's Love (DOROMU-KOKI: Partial Bible OT & NT)

DOROMU-KOKI: Partial Bible OT & NT

John 3:16

16 Adina Sei yaku konori amededi vene besa uka maro, ye ini Mida yokoi maka maro, amiye kaere ina rofu mokena vari gira aego bi de muyego idu toga toga ameibobina vegu baku rego dada.