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KOKI Tamagoyaki – Could These Be The Best Choux Puffs In Singapore?

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After making several appearance at various food fairs in Singapore, KOKI Tamagoyaki opened the first permanent Tamagoyaki kiosk in Singapore at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. 358 kata lagi


Koki Indonesia Bergerilya di Luar Negeri Kenalkan Kuliner Nusantara

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Indonesia begitu kaya akan kuliner nusantara, tapi sayang kuliner tanah air tak banyak diketahui bangsa lain. Untuk itu, para koki asli Indonesia yang bekerja di luar negeri memperjuangkan agar masakan khas Indonesia ini dapat dikenal masyarakat dunia. 197 kata lagi


Sindhi Koki

There is no end to learning, and what we learn with pleasure we never forget :) Cooking is one such art that never ceases to amuse me! 326 kata lagi


Some doodles

I’m loving adding a bit of colour to my sketches!


What's the Point (of Emphasis)?

The Penguins got together in Visual Art to do a one hour lesson. I usually struggle to do these short lessons as I find creation takes time. 232 kata lagi


An all-time favorite treat, childhood memories unlimited. Presenting…Sindhi Koki!

Been born and brought up in a typical Sindhi locality can be a boon in a way. My summer holiday mornings were never so refreshing! Hot kokis with sliced mangoes to go with was always a visual and gastronomical treat.  374 kata lagi