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Sheriff Reese investigates deputies helping ICE

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese said Thursday his office is still investigating a number of emails showing that his deputies were involved in assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in their efforts to deport illegal immigrants. 31 kata lagi


Where We Live: Glenn Jackson, King of the Road

Thousands of Portlanders cross the I-205 bridge between Oregon and Washington every day. It’s named for Glenn Jackson, a man called “Mr. Oregon.”

If it weren’t for Jackson, where we live could have been a very different place. 28 kata lagi

Dept. Of Transportation

Lawmakers to decide Oregon's state dog

Bills propose either a shelter dog or a Border Collie

Now that the Oregon Legislature is back in session, lawmakers can decide between a shelter dog and a Border Collie as the state dog. 8 kata lagi

2017 Legislative Session

Bill would make police get warrant before tracking phones

Senate Bill 571 comes as more states are looking at legislation to limit the ability of law enforcement to track phones

A bill filed by… 43 kata lagi

2017 Legislative Session

Repeat bill would prohibit Sharia law in Oregon courts

The bill was filed by Sen. Brian Boquist, R-Dallas

A repeat bill being considered by the Oregon Legislature seeks to ban courts in Oregon from using Sharia law to make judicial decisions. 35 kata lagi

Oregon Legislature

Bill would prevent firing workers for off-the-job pot use

A bill filed in the Oregon Legislature would prevent workers from being fired for off-the-clock marijuana use (both recreational and medical).

Source: Bill would prevent firing workers for off-the-job pot use


Rent control, budget gap among issues legislators face

With the Oregon Legislature set to convene on February 1, Republicans and Democrats will gather in Salem to decide how best to deal with the state’s $1.8 billion budget gap, whether to ditch the statewide ban on rent control and other pressing issues. 9 kata lagi

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