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Mike Murad Gone

Ten months ago, I posted a blog post about the fickleness of broadcast management when it comes to who they have sitting in the anchor chair.  491 more words


Oregon Health Authority To Give "Healthy Teens Survey"??

Call your school district and ask them if they are going to administer the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education’s 8th grade and 11th grade 2015 Oregon Healthy Teens Survey to their students? 36 more words

Man fights off pit bulls, suffers heart attack

This story is courtesy of our sister station KOIN in Portland, OR.

RHODODENDRON, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Jeff Warnock is recovering from a series of events Friday morning that left him injured and hospitalized — he suffered a heart attack after jumping to his neighbor’s side to rescue him from a pit bull attack. 329 more words


Gang torture chamber discovered, court documents allege

This story is courtesy of our sister station KOIN in Portland, OR.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – A 44-year-old man is to be arraigned Monday on allegations he intentionally tried to kill a man by maiming and torture, court records show. 591 more words


Coin Wallet

Kode barang:

PC0011 tali pendek Hello Kitty pink tua

PC0011 tali pendek Panda

PC0011 tali pendek Pooh

Dimensi: P 12cm; L 7cm; tebal 6cm

Harga: Rp 19.000


Mendongeng di Bantar Gebang

Hari minggu yang lalu adalah hari yang berkesan buat saya. Betapa tidak, saya melakukan beberapa hal untuk pertama kalinya hari itu.
Hal yang pertama adalah pertama kalinya berteman dengan banyak orang dari berbagai profesi yang kreatif dan peduli pada kehidupan anak-anak yang kurang beruntung. 777 more words


Juggalos Are Threatening A Portland Business With 'Straight Up Vulgar' Flyers

Some businesses in North Portland have reportedly been targeted by Juggalos, leading to one my favorite local news segments in a long time. If you can’t tell, KOIN’s Joel Iwanaga is holding up… 509 more words