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Oregon on the road to freeway tolling - KOIN

The Oregon Transportation Commission will ask the federal government’s permission by year-end to impose tolls on some or all of I-5 and I-205 in the Portland area. 18 kata lagi


Brown orders tougher vetting for child care providers

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is ordering tougher vetting for child care providers in Oregon after children were allegedly mistreated at a childcare facility in Southeast Portland. 40 kata lagi

Dept. Of Education

Trace level of toxins found in Wilsonville water

The City of Wilsonville said Friday its water supply was also tested for contaminants and trace amounts of cyanotoxin and microcystin were found.

While the… 75 kata lagi

Drinking Water

What happens if you drink the Salem tap water?

The City of Salem extended its “vulnerable population advisory” not to drink the tap water because low levels of cyanotoxins were found during random sampling until further notice. 10 kata lagi

Health Authority

'Raw water': Californians paying big bucks for Oregon tap water

Unpurified, untreated water is available for sale – for $16 a jug.

The so-called “raw water” trend, as initially reported in The New York Times, made it even easier to call Californians crazy. 39 kata lagi

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Teka-teki #001 - Koin dan Gelas

Ada 3 buah gelas dan 11 buah koin. Bisakah Anda memasukkan setiap koin ke dalam gelas sehingga ada 1 gelas yang banyak koinnya genap dan 2 gelas yang lain masing-masing banyak koinnya ganjil? Bagaimanakah caranya?