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Australia mulls koala cull, Japan’s whaling advocates eat up the irony like delicious whale meat

Japan and most of the rest of the developed world don’t exactly see eye to eye on whaling. Sure, Japan has a couple of mammal-fishing buddies in Norway and Iceland, but most other nations with a comparable scientific and economic footing take a dim view of Japan’s professedly research-based whaling expeditions, especially in light of how you’re much more likely to come across a restaurant in Japan serving whale meat than a significant biological discovery about whales coming from one of the country’s scientists. 821 more words


Eh, hi...

Well, hello there. Post número uno. A daunting task, so I’ve decided to keep things simple and introduce myself whilst giving you a taste of what I plan to use this blog for. 136 more words

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The What The F$&@ Friends #32

So I might be playing a lot of Battlefield 4 and State of Decay.

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