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Australia: Not eaten yet

Day #15

I took the Skyrail up to Kuranda.

I got to see a few more waterfalls along the way.

When I got to Kuranda, there were several shops with souvenirs and all sorts of things to look at. 641 kata lagi

Koala Bear

Just around the corner from my home, Freda the female koala is up (or is that down), a gumtree!

House And Garden

Li'l Woodzeez Bobbleez (Owl, Turtle, and Koala Bobbleheads)

The Li’l Woodzeez have some new villagers in the form of bobblehead figures.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I would collect these characters, but, as flocked animal friends usually do, they completely won me over. 398 kata lagi


Adorable Koala Goes For A Stroll Through A Pharmacy

They’ve got some pretty cute animals Down Under, don’t they? G’day, mate. (Ok, I apologize for that terrible accent attempt)

A koala walked into a pharmacy in Australia, and it didn’t tell a joke. 155 kata lagi


Movin' on up the Coast

It turns out when you only have one month in Australia there isn’t too much time for sitting down to write a blog post. Since my last post we’ve been to the Blue Mountains, seen cockatoo’s, had a pancake stolen by a kookaburra – it turned out that realistic looking bird ornament was real – failed to learn how to surf, burnt my finger after drunkenly grabbing a rock round a campfire, suffered from severe jet lag and bonded with someone over our mutual love of Hear’Say.   839 kata lagi