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Seven days of nature photography: Day four - have a koala

Day four of seven days of nature photography. Have a koala. Taken in Brisbane way, way back in 2011. I wouldn’t want to hold one but they sure look cute curled up! 19 kata lagi


5 Reasons Why 'Blinky Bill' is Way More Messed Up Than You Thought

Blinky Bill. Australia’s favourite lovable larrikin. You may know him from this cartoon …

… or from the 2015 movie  …

… or perhaps you have no idea what I’m talking about because you’re not a 90’s kid from Australia who watched too many cartoons.  1.136 kata lagi


Great Ocean Road pt2. Gus Warriner

Following on from part 1 of the great ocean road, this is what happened next :)

Lorne – Apollo Bay


This stretch of coastline in my opinion was the most beautiful, a postcard backdrop at every turn and magnificent waves on secluded beaches. 730 kata lagi


VChar64 v0.0.11 released

VChar64 v0.0.11 was released.

It includes several bug fixes and some important new features like:


By the river of Noosa

Friday January 15, 2016 – Arrived in Noosa and checked the surroundings before I go to the Airbnb home, the beach is crowded in this holiday paradise and the beach is very very long so sure there are places with nobody, lets find out later as now I am completely beat after this 17 hour bus ride and 2 sleepless nights on the boat…. 696 kata lagi


Photoshop Koala

In this image I used Photoshop to create a koala silhouette that uses my oil painting to create the colourful paisley pattern