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Rotting from the Inside Out - My Tooth, Your Elevator Jack

Recently, I bit down a bit too hard on a candy cane and I felt a strange sensation. My mouth was suddenly filled with a substance that was more like small gravel or sand than a candy cane.  600 kata lagi

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Freight Vs. Passenger - The Difference is more than Size

The differences between freight and passenger elevators are as simple as the definitions of each that you can find in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – Code for Elevators and Escalators. 805 kata lagi

Know Your Elevator

All About Elevator Jacks

When it comes to many elevator applications, especially for buildings between 2 and 5 stories, you will find a hydraulic jack is a common, yet crucial part of the system that drives the elevator up. 797 kata lagi

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Speed Does Not Mean Fast

Recently, it was announced that the CTF Finance Center in Guangzhou, China broke records as the fastest elevator in the world to date. Believe it or not, it travels at an astounding 46.9 miles per hour straight up! 118 kata lagi

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Keep Your Cool - Winning the Temperature Battle

In our office, there are a handful of dictators vying for power, and yes, they know who they are. They run roughshod over the whole office, seizing control, forming alliances and flexing more muscle than Mussolini in pre-war Italy. 171 kata lagi

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Elevator Keys - Ring Full of Questions

You just got a brand new elevator or completed an elevator modernization. On the way out the door, the elevator technician gives you a quick demonstration and a ring full of keys. 468 kata lagi

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Benefits of the MRL Elevator

In 1996, Kone introduced the world to its first Machine Room-Less traction elevator (MRL), and worldwide, this design has become common for medium-sized buildings. While regulations, code requirements and new product hesitancy have made growth slower in the United States, we are now seeing steadily increasing installations. 646 kata lagi

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