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Millefeuille and sparkling wine

Here’s a photo of a millefeuille. Millefeuille means a thousand leaves, as in the multiple layers of delicate puff pastry interspersed with layers of pastry cream, which is really a delicious custard. 262 more words


Happy Birthday, Félix Kir!

Born on this day in 1876, Canon Félix Kir was a French Catholic priest, a resistance fighter and a politician.

His name, “Kir,” also now lives on as the name of a wine & liqueur cocktail (and also the drink’s many variants). 265 more words


Kir: France's Most Popular Aperitif?

One of France’s famous aperitifs (Apero)

Burgundy’s most fashionable aperitif (Apero), Kir, has spread throughout the country. It is named after Felix Kir, a mayor of Dijon and a hero of the Resistance. 290 more words