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Pada Waktu Bahagia

Pada saat kita bersama-sama
Berkumpul di bawah pohon besar di sebelah bangunan hijau
Atau di dalam ruang kelas di sudut lantai tiga
Adalah waktu yang mana… 52 kata lagi


Under the Dom (Perignon)

My friends are theming their annual Halloween party after Stephen King’s opus this year, and they asked me to do a few cocktails. While I can’t actually make as many as I came up with for the party itself, I couldn’t resist the puns, and I tested most of them out at home. 145 kata lagi


Monsieur Kir's Discovery

What do you do with some white wine without much flavour but that has too much acidity to make enjoyable drinking?   I might use it for cooking or in a salad dressing replacing the vinegar or lemon juice.  302 kata lagi


George Washington Drank Here

A visit to Mount Vernon in Virginia, one-time home to George Washington, brings you into the dining rooms where he entertained and the fields and gardens where he grew his food. 189 kata lagi


Kӣr - Imrali (Live At Medika Zagreb) [CREMECS002]

Recorded live during an Ekstrakt party, in the legendary Medika squat in downtown Zagreb. Kӣr is the production moniker of WhyBaneWhy, resident DJ of Belgrade’s dankest technoclub, Drugstore. 89 kata lagi


Booking Online KIR Kendaraan Di Jakarta

Ribet dengan proses booking uji KIR di Jakarta? Cobalah booking online melalui aplikasi mobile Android dari Dishub. 116 kata lagi

Only in France...

It is no secret as to how much I love an aperitif! It’s such a lovely precursor to a delicious meal. For me, sitting outside a café, in the sunshine, enjoying a Kir Royal is bliss! 149 kata lagi