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The Animal Kingdom

Appreciating the beauty of the Kingdom Animalia all around the World. (Shots of animals during travels) 84 kata lagi

Animal Kingdom

It Occurs To Me That

we might all enjoy an accidental rendezvous, a chance encounter that adds to our day, and so, with that in mind, here is a poem by Aracelis Girmay, from her collection Kingdom Animalia: 330 kata lagi

It Occurs To Me That


My backyard is alive with the scurry of activity, the sort that takes place within The Kingdom Animalia.

Yesterday you would have never known that this tiny 0.18 acre lot housed so much life, but the sun beckons safety from foul weather today, and our tenants have emerged to refill bellies and frolic with gratitude. 529 kata lagi

Fun With Collective Nouns

a siege of bitterns
a dinner of ducks (The hunter who decided this was either cocky or desperate enough to attempt sympathetic magic.)
a box social of eagles… 122 kata lagi