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Episode 8: Poem 8 - Consider the Hands that Write This Letter

Episode 8: Poem 8 – Consider the Hands that Write This Letter

Join me for a quick introduction to and reading of Aracelis Girmay’s inspiring and heartwarming poem, “Consider the Hands that Write This Letter.”


Measuring Intelligence and Decoding the Animal Mind

Is it possible to define animal intelligence, and if so, how? Are smarts purely inherent and genetic, or can they be obtained over time and/or expanded upon? 3.276 kata lagi


How long is an African elephant's tusk?

In both male and female African elephants, tusks grow for most of an elephant’s lifetime, and are an indicator of age. About 1/3 of the tusk’s total length lies hidden inside the skull and are, in fact, elongated incisors. 161 kata lagi


Spotted Hyena: The Clown of Class Mammalia

Hyenas got a real bad rep in Disney’s The Lion King. They’re the top scavengers of the African savannah though they do also hunt and bring down prey, and they are largely known for two things: for laughing and for turning the notion of “patriarchy” on its head! 177 kata lagi


Marabou Stork: Whitewashing

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Marabou Stork with a 10ft wingspan. Here’s a gross and racist fact: its name comes from “marabout,” which is an Arabic term that means a Muslim religious leader or preacher. 133 kata lagi


Cicadas: Cicadian Rhythms

Summer in Japan is always associated with semi, or in English, the cicada. They provide the soundtrack of summer, with the males chirping incessantly to attract a mate. 153 kata lagi


Feather Facts

Unlike humans, who absorb vitamin D from the sun through their skin, which is then converted into vitamin D3, bird’s feathers prevent the sun from hitting their skin directly. 140 kata lagi