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Rampage: Reconciling the Need for Society with a return to the Primitive State

This article was originally called “Rampage Proves that Video Game Movies Work Best When They’re Dumb Fun”, and it was about the challenges of adapting video games, but the title was too long, and I got sidetracked thinking about what makes giant monster movies are so appealing. 1.604 kata lagi


Broadway's 'King Kong' Casts 1st Humans: Christiani Pitts, Eric William Morris

Christiani Pitts, currently starring in A Bronx Tale on Broadway, will star as Ann Darrow, and Eric William Morris, who played Sky in Mamma Mia! 384 kata lagi

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1933 - King Kong

After last week’s delightful Freaks, a movie that seems to have been marketed and designed to be a story about monsters but actually ends up being a tale of a tight-knit group of friends dealing with hate-filled villains, how about we follow things up with a movie about another questionably qualified monster. 2.229 kata lagi

Cinematic Century

King Kong (1933)

This year is the 85th anniversary of the release of the film King Kong. The film was a huge success when it was released, it made a great deal of money at the box office, and its success saved RKO Studios from falling into bankruptcy. 2.158 kata lagi


Kong on the Planet of the Apes #6 (April 2018)

Kong on the Planet of the Apes #6 is one of those shocking disappointments. When I got done with the comic, I had to page back through to make sure I’d read it right. 164 kata lagi


King Kong's Feet and a Broken Glass of Wine

A reader asks: How did King King climb the Empire State Building when he was carrying a person with one hand?

People get so freaky about entertainment these days. 911 kata lagi