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BW's Morning Article Link: Planet Of The Kong

I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. How did the classic Planet Of The Apes movie continuity crossover with Star Trek and Alien Nation before crossing over with King Kong? 39 kata lagi

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'Godzilla vs. Kong' to Include Other Monsters, Will be a 'Massive Monster Brawl'

Warner Bros. Godzilla and Kong universe is building to the inevitable showdown between the two giants, however, it now seems that the matchup will feature more than just the headlining monsters. 359 kata lagi


BW's Morning Article Link: Strong Kaiju Also Cry

I’m not sure how to read this interview with Adam Wingard. He’s helming the upcoming crossover movie with the Legendary Pictures versions of Godzilla and King Kong, but while he promises good fights (which I hope we’ll get to see) he also says “If I had my way, I want people to really be teary-eyed at the end of the movie, and be that invested in to what’s going on”, which is not what I watch giant monster battles for. 57 kata lagi

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Will Godzilla vs. Kong Feature More Than the Two Titular Monsters?

According to director Adam Wingard, it will. In a recent interview with ScreenCrush, Wingard stated:

It’s a massive monster brawl movie. There’s lots of monsters going crazy on each other, but at the end of the day I want there to be an emotional drive to it.

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'Godzilla vs. Kong' Director Promises a Monster Brawl Driven by Emotions

Adam Wingard is currently a busy man as his adaptation of Death Note nears a release date on the streaming platform Netflix. He also is working on his next project… 429 kata lagi


Godzilla Vs. Kong: Director Adam Wingard on Wanting the Audience To Be ‘Emotionally Invested’

Written By: Nick Poulimenakos

The MonsterVerse has been kicked into high gear with the release of the smash hit film, Kong: Skull Island. The film re-introduced viewers to one of cinema’s most famous characters, King Kong, and earned critical acclaim along with $566 million at the worldwide box office. 272 kata lagi

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Movie Review: KONG: Skull Island

Warner Bros.

“An uncharted island. Let me list all the ways you’re gonna die: rain, heat, disease carrying flies, and we haven’t started on the things that want to eat you alive.”

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