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A*P*E (1976)

A guy in an ape suit stomps model towns and cities. Ā There’s a story about a reporter, the actress he loves, and the big ape that tries to get between them. 258 kata lagi

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King Kong

king kong
dir. merian c. cooper & ernest b. shoedsack

There’s a kind of magic in the originalĀ King Kong that you don’t see very often. 515 kata lagi

Twas Beauty...

Chicken Fat is/are the keyword/s of this blog.

Some of you (if not all of you) might be wondering what this has to do with traveling? 341 kata lagi


Return to Universal

We recently returned from another fabulous Florida vacation. This time was different from all the previous ones. For one thing, we didn’t do the Disney parks, but we still stayed onsite at Disney of course. 547 kata lagi

Universal Orlando Resort

September 15, 1907: It Was Beauty Killed the Beast

W.C. Fields cautioned against working with children or animals because they’re sure to steal the scene. You might say the same about a 50-foot gorilla. But scream queen Fay Wray had the big guy eating out of the palm of her hand (actually she spent quite a few scenes in the palm of… 417 kata lagi

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Kong of Skull Island 3 (September 2016)

Giant apes are more interesting than political intrigue, even political intrigue involving multiple betrayals. These betrayals all happen during a crisis and all happen with characters it’s impossible to really care about because we’re three issues into… 201 kata lagi


Trailers | Kong: Skull Island - Comic-Con Trailer

Warner Bros unleashed a surgeĀ of trailers during their panel at San Diego Comic-Con this past July and Kong: Skull Island was most definitely one of the standouts. 140 kata lagi