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Rampage (Arcade) - Retro Bits

Es un juego para maquinitas de Midway que apareció en 1986. Estaba basado en esas películas de monstruos que destruyen ciudades como Godzilla o King Kong. 224 kata lagi


Suspension of Belief

This weekend I logged my 60th film and the 59th and 60th films both played into this idea of being able to suspend your belief. 399 kata lagi

Film Challenge

Gamera: The invincible

Time to go old school. To go back to the movie which first introduced the world to the fire breathing giant turtle known as Gamera. Is it as good an origin film as King Kong or Gojira? 454 kata lagi


Poll: The next theme month

With my first theme month completed I need to figure out which theme month I should get ready for next. I’m going my Crew figure out which one should I prepare for deployment. 74 kata lagi


City Towers

A prominent city tower becomes a modern landmark, an observation tower, a city icon. Except for the Empire State Building in NYC, I’ve never been inside those city towers, nor have they been intentionally included in my itinerary. 93 kata lagi


Skull Island: Cómo será la nueva atracción de Universal Orlando?

Un Nuevo espacio se está construyendo en Universal Island of Adventure: Skull Island: Reign of Kong, su inauguración se prevé para el verano estadounidense de 2016. 341 kata lagi


UNIVERSAL MONSTERS in review: The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

Welcome one and all to the wildest show on earth…okay, maybe not that wild, but speaking of wild, on today’s chopping block we’ll be taking a closer look at one of the more fascinating monsters in Universal’s classic monster roster, … 1.718 kata lagi