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Kong: Skull Island

The 441st film I have seen in theaters…

The King is back! 274 kata lagi


Dark Hall Mansion & Raid 71 Pay Homage To The 1933 Classic "King Kong"

Ever since he graced the silver screen in 1933, King Kong, aka “The Eighth Wonder of the World,” has captured the attention and hearts of fans around the world.  306 kata lagi


KING KONG set to terrorise London this summer!

The Vaults beneath Waterloo station will be overrun this summer by an enormous ape when the South London venue hosts the World premiere of a monstrous new comedy based on King Kong. 384 kata lagi


The Empire State Building: the great unanswered question answered, and the lairs of monsters

Yes, a rickety gangplank  was actually the plan to get people from the moored dirigible into the building.

The big ape in the big apple. 14 kata lagi


Kong: Skull Island [2017]

Kong: Skull Island is the kind of film they don’t make anymore: an unabashed pulp tale of spectacle, heroism, exoticism, and a giant frickin’ ape! Except that they still make tonnes of this kind of film; in fact, far, far, too much of it. 1.246 kata lagi


[Review] Kong: Skull Island (2017)

King Kong is a well-known name, the 1933 film is a classic not only for the title character but for the techniques used to bring Kong and the other creatures to life. 1.083 kata lagi

Movie Reviews

New 'Kong' movie brings excitement to classic

by RYAN FITZGERALD//Staff Writer

“Kong: Skull Island” brought action-packed excitement, along with a new violent and honest take on the classic film.

The picture chronicles the tale of scientists, soldiers and adventurers who unite to explore a mythical, uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. 634 kata lagi