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Color of Thrones

I finally started watching HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”  Very interesting and entertaining.  I am questioning, though, the decision to depict the “savage king” and his subjects as light brown people.   183 kata lagi

King Kong, 1933

King Kong is a movie all film fans should know. It’s a cinema classic, and I’m inclined to agree to such a statement. The plot involves a camera crew going out to a remote island to shoot a film. 187 kata lagi

Movie Reviews

Two major stars pull out of King Kong Skull Island

The King Kong prequel may be having a tough time holding onto actors with two high profiled talent reportedly leaving behind their roles.

According to Deadline, Legendary Pictures is now seeking replacements for both Michael Keaton and J.K Simmons. 105 kata lagi


#Kaijuly Is Here

Who doesn’t love kaijū? From Godzilla to King Kong, giant monsters are a mainstay within science fiction and fantasy. Literature has its share of famous giants. 169 kata lagi