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Movie Review: Kong: Skull Island

It’s been over eighty years since “The Eighth Wonder of the World” made his first appearance. In 1933, during the height of the Great Depression, no one had ever seen a movie as ambitious as… 616 kata lagi


New Youtube Show

While I’m waiting for new equipment to arrive so I can get back to work on the comic, please enjoy my new Youtube show, Vinnie Rants.  35 kata lagi

Kong: Skull Island

During the 70’s, the biggest living ape was discovered by a group of soldiers and scientist when they journeyed to an island in the South Pacific. 677 kata lagi

Movie Review

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Everybody wants a shared universe nowadays. Ever since Marvel showed that it was possible to unite multiple characters from different movies into a blockbuster adventure with 2012’s… 727 kata lagi


Rolling Shoebilisers

Hey guys! Welcome to another blogisode of the much under-appreciated Mundanevision! If you like reading blogs, why not read this one? We will talk about fashionable cats on youtube… Let’s do this! 1.184 kata lagi



Right from the get go, you know that this is a build up to a possible future of monster wars. You knew just when you saw the organization “monarch”. 249 kata lagi


Kong: Skull Island - review

The new King Kong movie is unashamedly a popcorn flick. It doesn’t pretend to be deeper than it is and even its trailers ought to have set your expectations right. 387 kata lagi

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