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Our Gab-soon - First Impression

Like all other long family dramas, Our Gap-soon has a sprawling cast and not everyone’s relationship with everyone is clearly stated in the first episode. All we know are Gab-soon ( 574 kata lagi


"Liar Game" with a hint of Sherlock

If you liked “Phantom” with So Ji Sub or “God’s Gift – 14 Days” with Lee Bo Young or any dramas where mind games and action don’t let the romance bloom between any of the characters, then you are going to love this drama. 384 kata lagi


Kim So Eun Yakin Dirinya & Song Jae Rim Akan Menjadi "Best Couple"

Pada tanggal 26 Agustus, drama terbaru SBS “Our Gap Soon” menggelar acara konferensi pers. Pemeran utama Song Jae Rim dan Kim So Eun sangat percaya diri dengan kerjasama tim dan kemistri mereka dalam drama. 164 kata lagi

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The Scholar Who Walks the Night - Un vampiro con alma

The Scholar Who Walks the Night es un drama sobre un vampiro caza vampiros. No pongan cara porque no es el primero, ha habido muchos vampiros “buenos” que luchan contra los menos civilizados de su especie. 3.596 kata lagi

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New Trailers Are Out for Weekend Korean Drama Our Gab Soon

We have a slew of trailers out for the new SBS weekend drama Our Gab Soon starring Song Jae Rim (Goodbye Mr. Black) and Kim So Eun ( 240 kata lagi


Falling for Challenge

Another quirky web drama that is fun and cute. There are 6 episodes each with  15 minutes run time, so you can finish in an hour and a half. 80 kata lagi


. . . . MY WEDDING part 1

Cast : Bae Suzy, park jiyeon, jung soo jung, Kim Myung Soo, GOT7

Other Cast :

Scriptwriter : bluebyta

Genre : Romance

Rating : PG 15<!–more-NEXT-> 2.193 kata lagi

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