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.dat Ruler: Master of the Mask Thoughts.

With Yoo Seungho, Kim So Hyun, Kim Myung Soo (Infinite’s L) and Yoon So Hee leading, I was drawn to this drama. Maybe because things aren’t going our protagonist’s way right now, I am extremely frustrated with the drama and find myself skipping over a lot of the scenes, but at about three quarters into the drama, I feel like things are getting a bit draggy. 297 kata lagi


K-Drama Reaction: Ruler: Master of the Mask | Episodes 5-6

Crown Prince Lee Sun and the gang seemed to be riding the same boat with me as I scream, “adulting is hard, michil geot gata (I’m going crazy)!” I got swamped with work and am now a week late for our… 993 kata lagi

K-drama Reactions

K-Drama Reaction: Ruler: Master of the Mask | Episodes 1-2

ahjummamshies, your K-Drama drunkard is back! While currently obsessing with Produce 101 (ehem, please vote for NU’EST), I will earnestly try my best to bring to you the beauty that is… 1.247 kata lagi

K-drama Reactions

CLEFT [Chapter 1]

CLEFT Chapter 1
By Luna          

Romance, Chaptered

Main Cast:
Kang Soo Jin | Cho Kyuhyun

Support Cast:
Kim Haneul | Choi Siwon |  Lee Hyukjae… 5.429 kata lagi

Cho Kyuhyun

L and Yoon So Hee Reunites in Ruler: Master of the Mask

INFINITE’s L and Yoon So Hee has been confirmed to play the second leads of the upcoming sageuk drama from MBC, Ruler: Master of the Mask… 168 kata lagi



Name: Kim Myung-Soo (김명수)

Stage Name: L

Nicknames: Center, Cold City Man

Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual

Birthdate: March 13, 1992

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korean

Blood Type: O… 244 kata lagi

Kim Myung-Soo

[FREELANCE] Intertwine Chap 2

Intertwine Chap 2

Title: Intertwine
Author: Rere_L.Kim
Genre : Fantasy, Romance, Drama, School, Teens, A Little Bit Comedy
Byun Baekhyun (EXO)
Kim Myungsoo (INFINITE) 3.580 kata lagi

Byun Baekhyun