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Kiai finding your voice 

Noise, communication – it’s a biological instinct to use our voices to express ourselves. The louder the sound the more dominant and expressive the underlying emotional state is. 590 more words

Kuk Sool Won

Let the little finger live!

A long time ago I used to practice Kendo. This was a class at a local gym, a 75 minute class at 9am every Saturday morning. 686 more words


Kata Lab # 1110 - Kata With Custom Kiai


This Kata Lab will help you practice and explore the benefits of non-traditional kiai.

Within the martial arts, there are three reasons to kiai. They are, to scare your opponent, to boost your confidence and to provide or add to the strength of your technique. 474 more words

Jiriki Kata-Do

Chaos ride featured at Indie Game stand

Indie Game stand is an oasis of goodness in an otherwise unforgiving and boring internet. Check out the promotion they’re running on Chaos ride.

R… 188 more words

Game News

Da'i Yang Hampir Sempurna

“Pak, bagaimana ceramah saya tadi?” tanya Kiai Qolbi.

“Hampir sempurna” jawab ketua DKM.


12 bidang keilmuan (istilah orang pesantren 12 fan ilmu) sudah benar-benar ia kuasai. 466 more words


Ampuhnya Kiai

Sekitar tahun 80’an, tersebutlah seorang kiai yang alim, selain kondang sebagai kiai tutur (penceramah), beliau juga terkenal sebagai kiai sembur (jadug) yang waskita. Sebut saja kiai Zaid namanya. 219 more words


Case Solution for Kiai Marketing Group

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Kiai Marketing Group

Authors :           Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, Eric Janssen

Source :             Ivey Publishing

Case ID :            910A25… 134 more words