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For The Sake of Allah...

Dear “soldiers of light,”

Jesus of Nazareth taught, “I am the Light of the world; he that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the Light of Life” 720 kata lagi

Jesus Of Nazareth




Wot if earrh people inshallah start cing sun rise from the west starting 2day.  Meaning instead of Japanese people it will b (i don’t know the length of geography that sunrise covers) all the way fm Alaska 2 Chile that will c the 1st sunrise of the day in about less then couple of hours.  254 kata lagi

Prophet Mohammad (saw)

Why Does Hizb ut Tahrir Seek Nussrah from Muslim Armies?

On a primary level, question of talab al-Nussrah (seizing power vis-à-vis those who possess the material capacities to do so) is not to be deliberated on the basis of whether or not we perceive it to be an “optimal” strategy or not. 1.103 kata lagi


Pengantar Ekonomi Islam

Pengantar Ekonomi Islam
Penulis:M. Ismail Yusanto, M. Arif Yunus
Penerbit: Al Azhar Press
Cover:Hard Cover
Ukuran: 15,5 cm x 23, | ISBN:9793118-73-3
Harga :Rp. 80.000,- 315 kata lagi

Ekonomi Islam

For Names Sake



Name of the pic: Autumn Garden

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Hi brothers in islam,

I also wud like 2 draw yor attn 2 a big haram that we were trained during the Colonial times. 523 kata lagi

Devastating Effects Of Western Culture

Counter Terrorism


Salam (peace)

Islam is under pressure of a massive n most clandestinely designed conspiracies for a very long time, with all sorts of means including super sophisticated instruments/ mechanisms n evil sorceries.

1.202 kata lagi
U. S. Of Amrerica

Syria Under Seige



Cold blooded human evils r arranging so called peace talks allmost every week n paying lavishly for traveling, food, hotel expenses, conference room rentals, protocol, security, hefty per diems n wot not?  403 kata lagi

U. S. Of Amrerica