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True Obedience

Mark 1:40-45 40 A man with leprosy came and knelt in front of Jesus, begging to be healed. “If you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean,” he said. 381 more words

The Key

KEY= Relaxation

KEY = K(inetic) E(nergy) Y(es)

Say Yes to whatever your energy state is, begin where you are even if or when you are a tight fist, 166 more words

Instructions for renewing SSL certificate in CENTOS

Connect to your Webserver

SSH into your webserver and use the su command to login with root priviliges.

Generate the CSR 

Cd /etc/httpd/ssl

Mkdir (current year) without the parenthesis. 227 more words


Trip Sixx Ft. KEY! - "Insidious"

Toronto’s TripSixx debuts his new single, “Insidious” featuring Atlanta’s KEY!. TripSixx and KEY! deliver their staple unique cadences over the intense production by Trappy Blocka and Reps Up & NewAge crew member Sha Hu$tle.

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How do you communicate with one another?

I have been more aware of the power of communication. We can get so mad, and can even lose one another on bad communication. 220 more words

Modern and vintage

Modern and vintage mixed together is a pretty cool look if you ask me. I am in love with my crystal candlesticks, which are very modern, but at the same time I love the old vintage key. 220 more words


Freelance - My Boyfriend is A Ghost (Chapter 1)

Title :

My Boyfriend Is A Ghost

Author :

Milleny (@MillenyBFVIP07)

Cover  :

Milleny (@MillenyBFVIP07)

Cast :

Kim Jong In/Kai (EXO) 2.436 more words