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The Importance of the Book of Genesis

Key to unlock the significance of Genesis is on a few premises that are validated by our Lord Saviour himself.

“(Spirit of truth) He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you (Jn.16:14)” Thus the reader has to understand both God, the Father and God the Son has had equal part. 523 kata lagi

Benny Thomas

New Hohner M2009bx Marine Band Crossover Harmonica Key C Lessons & Booklet!

New Hohner M2009bx Marine Band Crossover Harmonica Key C Lessons & Booklet!
IndexCardFlexTabs From Shipscript Powered By Turbo Lister The Listing Tool. List Your Items Fast And Easy And Manage Your Active Items. 37 kata lagi


The Key To The Fox-Disney Deal Is Actually Comcast

(Source: www.forbes.com)

“Disney is also buying Fox’s 30% share in Hulu.”

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the Fox-Disney merger announced Thursday: Disney is looking for a way to break into the new digital TV ecosystem and Hulu seems to be the answer. 643 kata lagi

Money Matters

How to"buy" the ticket to happiness

It was a Saturday afternoon, doing some chores and at some point I looked outside; the sun was burning like hell and its rays formed a strange shape on the table in my living room. 497 kata lagi

Dear Diary...

Bigger isn’t better: Smaller engineering teams are the key to innovation

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We used to make scientific leaps. Engineers, scientists, and manufacturers once made bold steps and drove the human race forward. Less than 10 years passed from developing jet engines to launching a supersonic aircraft into the sky and 20 years from the first fully automatic computer to one that took us to the moon. 1.318 kata lagi


Kritika Online: My Button Layout

This game has so many attacks and its a fast pace action game that resembles fighting games. With that being said how the heck does anyone uses all of those attacks? 119 kata lagi


Key financial issues to consider if getting divorced or permanently separating

Separation, divorce and break ups are a very difficult time. Emotions tend to be running high and there may be children involved, which can complicate everything. 150 kata lagi