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The Explorers Guild--This Week's Reading Roundup

Here’s a roundup of this week’s reading–and by this week I mean things I finished reading this week. I have been working on The Explorer’s Guild… 619 kata lagi

Weird Fiction

Hidden Figures should be seen

Hidden Figures is the story, or rather three connected stories, of the African- American women who worked for NASA at the start of the space race in 1961. 497 kata lagi

Moving pictures, #21

Six films from six different countries, which is quite good… and even the US one is not that embarrassing. Honestly.

Dances with Wolves*, Kevin Costner (1990, USA), Yes, unbelievably, I’d never seen… 1.607 kata lagi


The Untouchables (1987)

So I couldn’t help but wonder at one point in this movie if the cops who get moved into Agent Ness’s treasury division get paid extra money for their increased risk. 782 kata lagi


Draft Day **1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “Draft Day” is not nearly as in compelling or detailed as “Moneyball”. This movie settles for more of a melodrama than a real life drama. It is entertaining though.


The Worst Movie Casting Choices Ever

Once the screenplay to a film or TV show is completed, one of the next steps is to cast all the roles in the production. 390 kata lagi


Deepwater Blues

2017.21: Deepwater Horizon (2016) – Streaming, HD

Deepwater Horizon seems symptomatic of modern Hollywood to me.  Its fine for what it is, but it is clearly reshaping a tense and disturbing real-life story into a fairly formulaic mainstream entertainment flick with huge stunts and explosions straight out of a standard blockbuster thriller. 487 kata lagi