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“Think where you would fit”

Kevin Costner on Tim Ferriss Podcast


Draft Day - 7.5/10

The King of Sports Films prevails again…

It took Kevin Costner’s career a long time to recover from the disaster that was Waterworld but he has had a bit of a renaissance in recent years with solid roles in… 227 kata lagi


On November 25 "The Bodyguard" was released...

On November 25, 1992 “The Bodyguard” was released.

The film, starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, was Houston’s acting debut. Throughout its run the film grossed over $410 million worldwide. 70 kata lagi


Kevin Costner To Narrate MMA Docu 'Hurt Business'; 'Kickboxer' Remake Sequel A Go

Kevin Costner will be giving voice to every wince, slap and ouch you see and will narrate The Hurt Business, a new documentary about the world of ultimate fighting that shines a light on the daily lives of some of the sport’s top fighters, as well as its controversial history and growing popularity. 284 kata lagi

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Sometimes, Nothing is Black And White

Sometimes, Nothing is Black and White

Kevin Costner fans unite. My man has turned in yet another A+ performance, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s surrounded by an appropriate cast of Hollywood all-stars. 237 kata lagi


Field of Dreams

Hey, everyone! Don’t cast me out for being late. I wanted to break up the 60s streak I was building today with a slightly more recent film,  613 kata lagi


My first podcast: One Kevin To Rule Them All

Jonathan Schulman invited me to join his great Pod Strickland podcast. We talked about how the Knicks played last week, today’s win over the Pelicans, and next week’s slate of games. 14 kata lagi

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