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Goo Goo & Kirk Franklin On Style For His 2017 Grammy Performance [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Fashion expert and stylist extraordinaire Goo Goo chatted with Erica Campbell about Kirk Franklin‘s style, and working with him to get his wardrobe on point at the Grammys. 159 kata lagi

Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell

Fashion Tips: A Lesson On Looking Polished [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

It’s yet another Fashion Friday in the “Get Up!” studio! Goo Goo called up and shared her always enlightening knowledge, in a helpful lesson on keeping a polished look. 176 kata lagi

Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell

GooGoo’s Fashion Tips On Shopping For Your Body Type [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

In this edition of Goo Goo’s Fashion Tips, Goo Goo points out that we’re more comfortable, stylish and confident when we embrace our own body type, instead of working against it. 185 kata lagi


Fashion Tips: Why Everything You Wear Doesn’t Have To Match [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

On this fabulous Fashion Friday, expert fashionista and stylist GooGoo hooks us up with some tips to enhance our wardrobes. The days making sure everything matches are long over, she says, and encourages us not to be afraid to mix up our colors a bit. 148 kata lagi


Empat Situs Terbesar di Grand Pyrenees - Pont d'Espagne (2)

Lokasi kedua yang harus dikunjungi adalah Pont d’Espagne.

Pont diterjemahkan sebagai jembatan, yaitu jembatan yang dulunya menghubungkan Espagne (Spanyol) dan Perancis. Lokasinya 2 jam dari kota Tarbes dengan kendaraan pribadi, yaitu dicapai dari kota Cauterets. 347 kata lagi