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Situs Kerajaan Monyet Di Plangon Sumber Cirebon

Situs Kerajaan Monyet Di Plangon Sumber Cirebon

Kawasan Cirebon ternyata memiliki obyek wisata yang cukup banyak dan menarik. Ada Gua Sunyaragi, Kraton Kasepuhan, Kraton Kanoman, Makam Sunan Gunungjati, Plangon dan masih banyak lagi. 530 kata lagi


The Fruit of the Spirit (KERA: Bible NT)

KERA: Bible NT

Galatians (Galatiŋ) 5:22-23

22 Səma kar gə minti Tiiru Cetcetaŋ jəy giidə hulumaŋ, yə haa kəna: kaŋ kole wəra bə bele kumsi, yə wəra də waale, yə isi kəkaɓiŋ aduubə di, yə ase mi bə kusri bə ku kel, yə ɗiki də kumsi pisi, yə ji pisi sar kumsi, yə kaa gə minti yə ɗeketi, 42 kata lagi


A Sorry Attempt to Create a Catchy Album

Band: Kera

Album: Hysteresis

Released date: October 11th, 2017

Genre: Progressive Death Metal

Country: France


Released last October 11th of the year 2017, “ 438 kata lagi


In Oak Cliff, Day of the Dead Is A Way of Life


Originally published on KERA’s Art&Seek.

Day of the Dead has exploded commercially in recent years. You can find costumes in party stores and home décor at Target, but in Oak Cliff, the Latino community is cultivating the traditions that make the holiday unique. 953 kata lagi


Screams Are Non-Stop At This Fort Worth Haunt


Originally published on KERA’s Art&Seek.

It’s Saturday night, and a line is starting to form outside of Cutting Edge in Fort Worth. Those brave enough to run through it have to first pass through a metallic skull with glowing, red eyes and into a dense fog. 347 kata lagi


Back to Newsroom

Originally published on KERA’s Art&Seek.

At the start of the ’70s, the media landscape of Dallas was sparse. The flow of local news came from two powerful and competing tributaries: “The Dallas Morning News” and the “Dallas Times Herald”. 1.031 kata lagi