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1914 Photograph Taken in Morganfield, Kentucky (BLUE)

Photographer: Brooks, Morganfield KY

Written on Back: David Lykisgus Blue, One year old 1913, given to Aunt Lora.


David Lycirgus Blue (born 2 January 1913 in Union County, Kentucky) was the son of R. 76 kata lagi


Bourbon Review // Emma's Favorites

What is loved around the world, but embodies a large part of the culture of Kentucky? You got it! Bourbon. Over 90% of the worlds bourbon is distilled in the Bluegrass State. 372 kata lagi



Just a few quotes about the great state of Kentucky.

Photo of Mercer County, Kentucky

Butcher Holler, Kentucky. Home of Loretta Lynn

Fort Harrod, Harrodsburg, Kentucky… 29 kata lagi


TEA Party Darling Rand Paul Changing the Rules

This article is most likely a waste of time. According to the most recent polls Rand Paul is in 10th place with 2.5 percent in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. 616 kata lagi


University of Kentucky to Cover Controversial Mural; Feast of Words Event: A Dakota Language Intro

The University of Kentucky recently decided to cover up a controversial WPA mural depicting the history of Lexington, including slaves working in the fields and an Indian with a tomahawk. 475 kata lagi

Capitol Art

Look AMAZING in Lingerie!

Wanna know what one of my hottest selling items has been lately?  It may surprise you… Lingerie!  With a market saturated by large chains specializing in this product, you would imagine that my Pure Romance business wouldn’t do much lingerie volume.   719 kata lagi

Pure Romance

Live blog of UK/Louisville 

7-0 Cats!

AJ Stamps gets his first INT of the season on senior day! Cats with great field position.

14-0 CATS!!!!

Josh Forrest with the pick 6!!!!!! 95 kata lagi