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Wild Roses In The Snow

[ keke ] has released several flowers over the past few months, but these wild roses are by far my favourites. From the variety (nine different stems/groups in each pack) to the painstaking detail to the sheer beauty, they are simply exquisite. 102 kata lagi

Second Life


Top & Shorts: Can you feel my heartbeat (#2) by dami NEW @ The Forest
Hair: Gipsy (Blond) by Due NEW @ The Forest… 97 kata lagi



The topic for day 3 of my 365 days challange is a vassel or any means of transportation.

I choose to talk about the Keke has it is fondly called in my part of the world Nigeria… 86 kata lagi


24 Karat


Hair: AD-Gabby (Hairology)

Pose/Prop: Arise-The Pose Shop: Liquid Gold (Secret Affair)


Apple Fall: Fig & Blackberry Cake/Confetti Balloon ( 41 kata lagi

Two Unrelated Lagos Vignettes


March. I became friends with a woman across the street. Because the heat had refused to leave us, I had moved the chair in the room to face the window and taken to staring past the iron bars to the world outside, willing the wind to blow into the room and at my face. 548 kata lagi


You don get alert?

Yesterday evening, I entered a keke in front of Uthako market, Abuja and, emblazoned in gold letters on the operator’s white, long-sleeve top were the words, ‘I DONE GET ALERT.’ Immediately, I whipped out my phone and took a photograph because one doesn’t see these funny sights everyday. 391 kata lagi