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Flea market

THOR Vintage set at Cosmopolitan

THOR – Vintage Stools 2, 3, 5, 7

THOR -Carroll Tales Book

THOR – Poe Tales Book

THOR – Magazine Holder… 133 kata lagi


Don't Pull Away..

Erratic / allure satin robe / ivory (maitreya) – Uber – new!
United Colors – Wild wife corset and panties (white) Maitreya – … 60 kata lagi

DaD Design - "Sun Forest Cottage"

Another slam dunk by DaD Design! I just love this cottage. I tend to prefer a smaller, more quaint cottage, and this one is perfect with the huge front porch, one bedroom, and modest living area. 216 kata lagi

Rejoinder: Keke Konvertible

So… It turns out we aren’t that special after all . 😞 I really wanted us to be special. Oh well…

A good friend of mine who blogs… 91 kata lagi

You were right there for me

You guys are probably tired of me talking about how excited I am for spring. Sorry, I’m not going to stop that, especially since designers appear to agree! 297 kata lagi

Second Life

Fields of Flowers

First off, I apologise for my recent absence. I have been doing two people’s jobs for the past several weeks and it caught up with me lately. 563 kata lagi

Second Life Events