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Keith Richards - Crosseyed Heart

If one could go back through time and meet a young Keith Richards, and tell him that the band he was in would become the greatest and most celebrated rock and roll group in the world, and forge a career that would last some fifty years or more, I’m sure that his reaction would’ve been one of total disbelief. 689 kata lagi

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A Belly Full of Good Fashion

As everyone knows, male fashion lawyers tend to be hunks. I was a bit late getting the memo, but on the insistence by my German doctor, I finally started exercising, and being German myself, I of course overdid it, to the point that my shirt maker (Turnbull & Asser) had to adjust my pattern and my tailor (Henry Poole) is on notice that it will need do the same. 506 kata lagi

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CK Retro Review: Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones

They don’t all have to save the world, right? Well, they shouldn’t have to, but when you’re a band like The Rolling Stones, folks expect something substantial every time down the pike. 866 kata lagi

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On "Aging Badly"

I don’t normally click on tantalizing celebrity gossip presented by sites bearing the titles ‘BoredomRUs’ or ‘LookatME’, but I hadn’t had my coffee yet, and, recently having had a rather large birthday myself, I found myself entering a site portaled by a figure of a fleshy woman in a tiny red white and blue flag bikini. 467 kata lagi

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CK Retro Review: Some Girls by The Rolling Stones

I’m not sure if 1978’s Some Girls is significantly better than the three albums that preceded it in The Rolling Stones catalog, albums which don’t have as lofty a reputation. 1.061 kata lagi

Retro Reviews

Record Profits: New York’s Wealthiest Musicians

The lineup of New York’s 10 richest musicians is an A-list of artists who began their careers decades ago and have amassed a combined net worth of more than $6 billion, according to  1.016 kata lagi

Keith Richards Pays Tribute to Music Executive Killed in Paris Terrorist Attack

by Alisha Jackson

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one mourning over the loss of Universal’s international project manager for Mercury Records, Thomas Ayad. It looks like… 137 kata lagi