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In Lieu of A Real Post

Sorry, y’alls. My Mother in law is moving today and my toddler was on the fritz all morning (seems like a teething thing). So my legions of fans (Legion is Latin for the number three, right?) will have to make do with something less than my normal brilliance: 10 kata lagi

JACK's Inside Track: Stones in Cuba

Been to Cuba yet, since ya can? Mick and Keith have…and you can see what transpired next month on Havana Moon! Lissen and learn, kids… 9 kata lagi


Three is the Magic Number: Rock Music books that are worth reading

Frank Zappa’s famous maxim that “Most rock journalism is people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read” has, for the most part, be borne out by history. 668 kata lagi

The Rolling Stones: Exhibitionism at the Saatchi Gallery

Exhibitionism, the major exhibition devoted to the legendary rock’n’roll band is on for less than a month now at the Saatchi Gallery (running until 4th September) and it’s highly recommended if you haven’t seen it yet. 360 kata lagi


Keith Richards - Quotes on learning, writing and performing

This week I have been assembling a list of excellent quotes from popular musicians and guitarists; as who can say it better than those who have walked the walk? 562 kata lagi

TGS Year 2 - 2016/17

WATCH: New trailer for The Rolling Stones concert film Havana Moon looks suitably epic

The Rolling Stones have released a trailer for their forthcoming concert film, Havana Moon, and it’s looking like the perfect showcase for their revival.

Havana Moon documents the band’s… 263 kata lagi


Keith Richards Respects His Elders

Ask Keith Richards is a feature on his website, and is a great way to learn about Keef. Today he weighs in on the 90th birthday of Tony Bennett. 19 kata lagi