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Late night rains!

I lay on my back, the cool concrete floor lightly touching my body. I looked up at the sky smiling, but dark clouds loomed over me, hiding the shining moonlit night. 108 kata lagi

Ramblings Of My Mind.

Keep Smiling Always !!


Keep smiling always,
It annoys people who wish to destroy you !!

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Man On A 100-Day Smile Mission

Pavan Manikanta Kumar is one of my new friends in life. I met him while volunteering for The Logical Indian community for social transformation. But this is not what excited me to write about him. 130 kata lagi


Belize Day 2: Tire Swans 

One thing they do here in Belize is make swans out of tires and place them in the streets to make them more beautiful. Something so ugly like tires turned into something gorgeous like swans. 460 kata lagi


Belize Day 1: A House Is Not A Home 

Just landed in Belize and it is absolutely mesmerizing! There’s fruit trees everywhere with fruit carts on the side of the road instead of produced fruits that have been transported in a freezer. 188 kata lagi


Feeling Beautiful

Since I was two years old I have had a HSV 1 virus stuck in my forehead because my mother wanted to kiss her baby with a cold sore, and I don’t blame her I was a cute baby. 436 kata lagi


Dear person reading this 👇

Dear person reading this,

You’re maybe going through a hard time right know, are feeling insecure and unimportant, but please know that you are a beautiful human being inside and out. 256 kata lagi