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People say,”I love you” in very many different ways..
It is love when your mother calls to ask whether you had food,even though you are married with kids of your own. 296 kata lagi

It's A Beautiful Life

something sioux different...

7 minutes left in the game, leading by 4 goals, and all eight of us were still holding our breath…even the final sixty seconds held a muted reaction to the 5-1 score, a true indication that winning this game, in this round, was something we were uncertain of for another season. 806 kata lagi

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling always

సిరిమల్లె పువ్వల్లె నవ్వు..

‘సంతోషం సగం బలం.. హాయిగ నవ్వమ్మా..’ అంటూ ఒకరు.. ‘నవ్వవే నవ మల్లికా..’ అంటూ మరొకరు..continue

Vasundhara Kutumbam

One more wire!

This last week has been hectic and I haven’t had the chance to update you all on my last appointment with my TMJ specialist/ orthodontist. After taking a red-eye flight to get back to Sacramento (I go to school in Portland), I rushed over to his office and by some miracle, I made it there 10 minutes early. 224 kata lagi

相信去過首爾仁寺洞 Insadong 的朋友都會被那邊許多手工藝小店所吸引。 而這裡有一個地方名為森吉街 Ssamziegil 쌈지길 ,早在五年前我在這裡認識了 Kima 。她是 water drop sonata 的主理人,就是在 Ssamziegil 裡面那個用上非常清新的薄荷綠做主色的小檔口。她所設計的小飾物和擺設都會加上她的插畫,而主要圖案都是那可愛的小水滴。

那天跟 Kima 傾談下,問她品牌名稱由來。她說某天在咖啡室閑著時看到外邊正下著雨。那些雨點滴滴答答的打在玻璃窗上的聲音就好像一首奏鳴曲一樣,水珠滑落的美麗畫面令 Kima 感到很舒服很安靜。喜歡繪畫的她就這樣想到她日後品牌的名字 water drop sonata!
而每一次我到韓國工作時總不忘要到 Ssamziegil 拜會一下這個小檔口。因為在 water drop sonata 的作品上你總會看到令你會心微笑的插畫。那些會讓人快樂的元素也就是 Kima 最初成立自己的品牌原因,就是要讓大家 keep smiling ! 61 kata lagi


Waiting game...

I can’t help but get so excited when Mama, my sis & I talk about my knee surgery.I know we’re still too far to that point and still need a lot of examinations (and we still don’t know how much it costs) but just the THOUGHT of walking again WITHOUT crutches makes me so excited. 38 kata lagi