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Frizzled, Frazzled, and Whatevered

It’s Monday, blog day. It’s also Memorial Day, a holiday. My hubs and kids are home, so I’ve been, well,┬ádoing not writerly stuff. But it’s not just today. 193 more words


Make Up Review

Hello everyone :)

Today, I am going to review make up that I have used over the past few months:) I’m going to put this into several parts because I have so much make up to write about and I don’t want to have my readers getting bored. 1.004 more words


Carey Frank - Keep Smiling

As a long-time Jazz fan it is always great to realize that there is a new young and fresh generation of musicians, who dedicate their great talent to that musical genre. 95 more words

CD Reviews

What others think of you is not important, it is what you think of yourself that counts. Know that you are special.


Welcome to my blog !!!

Life is at times very hard and dry.

But, there are some precious and special moments in our life.

Let’s try to make our life as beautiful as possible. 19 more words

Keep Smiling

Appreciating the tiny moments

Having a couple of horrible days right now. But in an effort to stay positive, I am posting this to cheer myself up :D

Fear not, for your worst days will pass, and the rainbow will split the city skies… 26 more words