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What matters at the end is if its ok or notLessons learnt, smiles got, moments stayed

Times felt,

After an end to year of togetherness… 44 kata lagi


Reminders for my beloved

Oh my beloved,

Don’t let the melancholy reign over you,

Because the color of sorrow dulls your shine.

Don’t let your words divert from the path of truth… 164 kata lagi


Weather Report

I smiled as I read the Psalm for today – one of the praise psalms toward the end of the book, Psalm 147, wherein we find a weather report of sorts. 221 kata lagi

Smiling and the like...

Smiling for the crowd, smiling to make people happy… Smiling at work, at home, online…

A smile works wonders…

Keep smiling :)


Focus On The Positive

Not going to lie, I used to complain quite a bit. I’m anxious, and somehow I felt like it helped me deal with it. It didn’t. 170 kata lagi

Keep Smiling!!

Smiling, anger and clumsiness etc. Why do those expressions change our facial expression often? Are they due to changes in our body? These expressions are like changing colors of a flower, on our face. 126 kata lagi