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Five Fantástico Tips To Stay Happy

‘Five Fantástico Tips To Stay Happy’

Feeling blue, are you? Feeling blue and sad, as often than not… Yes ‘am, depression is a part of daily life. 877 kata lagi


Happiness - The power of a smile (Morning thoughts)

Welcome to my little universe,

how often do you smile on a everyday basis? Do you smile at strangers, just because you feel like it without any intention? 520 kata lagi


MUD washes off

Insinuation smeared him

…with sticky accusation

She’s aiming at her target

…shots of character assassination

Casting nets over aspersion

…unchanged shadows reeling in doubt

Attacked with weapons of humiliation… 93 kata lagi


2015 Resolution: Life is like a snowglobe

As we get ready to chime in a new year we count our blessings and try to remember that LIFE is indeed like a snow globe that is at it’s prettiest after it has been turned upside down. 34 kata lagi

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The Newly Wedded Bride...

Hidden behind the shiny diamonds, she managed to peep out from the distance,

The atmosphere was humid and peals of sweat had begun to accumulate on her slender body, 175 kata lagi