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Life is not a bed of roses and sometimes no matter how young or old you are, you go through tough times. Though your family’s support is important in such situations, what is equally important is that you do not give up. 308 kata lagi


Positive Thinking Day - 13/9/2015

Good Morning All :)

How many of these stickers did you spot round the club on the day!

Happy Post – Positive Thinking Day! :D Here are some of… 114 kata lagi

I'm melting

Here we go with another heatwave in NYC! I woke up at 4:30 am ready to cry this morning. I took Naproxen 500mg and crawled back into bed for a few hours before work. 118 kata lagi

How do you keep your smile?

This was a question asked by a coworker. I honestly told him, “I don’t know”. Perhaps it’s because I don’t keep my smile. I pick it back up. 110 kata lagi

Just enough umph

Whew, allergies have been kicking my butt and of course helping to trigger migraines. I really can’t wait to try these Botox treatments. Living like this is seriously no way to live. 221 kata lagi

At least I match

I woke up with a terrible migraine and still decided to come to work. It really amazes me that when I speak up about how uncomfortable I am and how I don’t feel well everyone in the office doesn’t feel well either. 78 kata lagi

Inspiring words by Charlie Chaplin

Today is Charlie Chaplin’s 125th birth anniversary and we at Pumpkins decided to post one in the honor of this great legend. His movies were silent, but the words that he spoke, too left us with equally ever lasting impressions. 179 kata lagi