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*Alarm Ring- 5:30 a.m.*

Confusion after the ring.

Heavy breathe-out.

Droopy eyes.

Blurry vision.

Grumpy face.

Mind battles on getting up or not.

15 minute snooze. 226 kata lagi



For Halloween this year I dressed up as a migraine. I bought a “My brain hates me” shirt to support a fellow migraineur. It’s super comfy and everyone who knows about my battle with chronic migraines says it’s perfect for me. 263 kata lagi

Let's continue our beautiful path...

I was extremely busy for my work past few week as so many deadline to meet. Every night, when I reached home almost 9 pm. My body and mind are exhausted, however, I’ll spend time to talk to my elderly parent and also my lovely Little Black and Miss Mimi. 155 kata lagi


Doctor collection

Going on 10 days now with this migraine. No meds are even touching it. I’m watching how much of what I take and when to avoid the dreaded medication overuse headache. 214 kata lagi