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reflection on the water...

Sitting on a dock, waiting for fireworks to explode over Galveston Bay. Every mile of this country that I’ve crossed leaves me grateful for the experience of seeing new places and being reminded that this was all created by the hand of God. 215 more words

Keep Smiling

Keep Smiling Always : Get rid of your yellow teethย 

Over time, teeth tend to get yellow. There could be various reasons for this -genes, unhealthy dental hygiene or eating habits or ageing.

Certain medications and dental problems could also be attributed for teeth discolouration. 298 more words


We all should get in touch with the child within us to help keep ourselves young and sane.


dark humour

Rape jokes are always inexcusable.

I think there is something to be said for meeting events with a smile where you can find one. Through the process of reporting rape certain things became bizarrely amusing.ย  547 more words