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My thoughts on "Anxiety and Depression"

I originally posted this on my tumblr (thepositiveaura.tumblr.com), but I also want to post this here for everyone to see. :) 905 kata lagi


Turn That Frown Upside Down

Life is a story we tell ourselves. All day, every day we are recounting events in our head and putting our own PR spin on them – sometimes for the better, often for the worse. 248 kata lagi


World Mental Health Day

By 2030 depression will be the leading illness globally, according to Mental Health Foundation.

Today is World Mental Health Day. A day to raise awareness, share coping mechanisms and support an organisation who wants to ensure good mental health for all. 172 kata lagi



The first Friday in October is World Smile Day – isn’t that lovely? The creator of the smiley face, Harvey Ball, wanted to make sure we didn’t forget what the happy little guy was supposed to represent – making people smile. 203 kata lagi


This will change you.. Forever!

As I reached the station, I realized I had reached way too early for my local to arrive.
Something was wrong that day. Normally me, the person who reaches the platform just when the train leaves and then starts running parallel to the train and somehow catches it, today was giving a demonstration on “Time Management” 752 kata lagi


What Is Beauty?

It is amazing to me how everyone I look at is so beautiful. Not only everyone, but everything. The leaves changing colour and falling to the ground, that old man who walks past you at the bus stop, and even that pile of dirt that seems so misplaced, sitting there on the road. 361 kata lagi


Smile suits you the most....

On hearing the word ‘smile’ we  all get a feeling of  joy and happiness in our hearts and that’s what our life wants from our side….Each of our heart  beat multiplies  when we smile and the biggest disease  which is depression  has only one medicine that is smile itself…This post may remind you that smile is what suits you the most… 107 kata lagi

My Poetry