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Meditate & Motivate

It’s the start of another wonderful week friends! Phil and I had a great trip to Tahoe this weekend and while I may be a bit tired from the late nights, I’ve got a busy week ahead of me so there’s no time to dawdle. 248 more words

Daily Thoughts

Live it !

You should never give up just because you have to face some difficulties in your life :) . Don’t forget that you were given this LIFE because you are strong enough to LIVE it :D. Have a wonderful day <3


Thursday Thoughts

Hey Friends, I hope everyone is making this a wonderful week! I am particularly excited about today because Phil and I are celebrating the anniversary of our first date. 228 more words

Daily Thoughts

Confusing Verbs #1: Borrow vs Lend!

Can you borrow me a pencil, please?  NO! I CAN’T!

Actually, nobody can borrow you anything. Not because they don’t like you, but because the verb “ 245 more words


Things Are Getting Punny

Keep Smiling English is getting punny on Facebook. From now on I’ll be posting some popular puns for those of you who don’t know them. Well, first things first. 345 more words

English Learning

English, English Everywhere

Welcome to Keep Smiling English!

Whether you like it or not, English is everywhere! So…you have to make a choice: learn it or…learn it! Well, you can also smile uncomfortably every time there’s something in English on TV, or every time you go on Facebook and your friends have uploaded something cool in English, or every time you download a programme without instructions in your own language, or every time you play a video game that is not available in your mother tongue, or…well, I think you got the idea. 287 more words

Keep Smiling