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Nature's Beauty.

Wherein in every part of the world, it is already hot and the temperature is soaring, my city is running it’s weather guide on it’s own accord. 48 kata lagi

Ramblings Of My Mind.

'Love Yourself - day 5'

5. Write 3 positive words that you believe your closest friends would use to describe you.

So I decided, despite the shit going on in my head right now, maybe I should carry on with this challenge; if for no other reason than when things are bad, that’s exactly the time to believe. 97 kata lagi


Be happy you have a glass.

We all have those days. Or we don’t.

You wake up late because you were deeply asleep and slept through your alarm, or you kept hitting snooze, or you didn’t fall asleep at all because your brain won’t stop or the pain won’t stop and you’ve been up forever and as the sun comes up the reality of your day hits you and you want to cry. 546 kata lagi

My Life

Rose Tint Your Life

I think we all need a little positivity in our lives.  I get told I deliver it well.  Maybe I can make you smile.  Be here shortly.


Can I really see?

“We are blind as we want to be. ~Maya Angelou”

There’s the yellow line Sebastian, step back please“, I told to someone at the train station who is destitute of vision.

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The Robbed Hope.

What is living without hope?

It is, an artist without his art,

A painting without colours.

What is living without faith?

It is, a song without the tunes, 53 kata lagi

It's How Life Is!

6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Hi! I’m Jessica, this is my first post on the shops blog. I thought it would be great to share with you my tips on beating the winter blues. 384 kata lagi