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Mr and Ms White in pictures - 'Dark Matter'

You remember the thing and know how to use it, and yet, there’s a blind spot – how is it called? The dark matter is rather dark this time. 53 kata lagi

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Italian Spring Rolls with Kecap Balsamic Dip!

So one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Vancouver is Alpha Sushi.

They have some interesting stuff on the menu and the staff are super friendly and lovely. 321 kata lagi

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Empat Botol dari tiga pulau

Ah….orang ini pantas saya sebut ‘Hunter’ , mungkin kalau dia sehobi dengan saya, koleksi kecapnya mungkin sudah melebihi lemari rak besar saya. Empat botol kecap manis sekaligus dari daerah yang berbeda, tentunya  dia tahu mana yang belum saya punya dan mana yang saya pasti ‘kesengsem’ sekali lihat yang dia foto. 149 kata lagi

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Alvin’s Harmonious World of Opposites

Platon Theodoris

2015 Revelation Perth International Film Festival

Inpatient Report

Name: Mr. Alvin Ng

Mr. Ng arrived by ambulance at 11.10am. He presented to the ward in an agitated state following the fumigation of his apartment building. 431 kata lagi


Nasi Goreng, Testing Steenbergs Spice Blend - (Awesome)

As you will notice I tend not to use spice blends or ready made sauces in my cooking, there are a few exceptions such as  1.024 kata lagi

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Grilled Indonesian Pork Satay with a Spicy Peanut Sauce

I’m about to get a brand-new pellet grill — can’t wait to show you how it does! In the mean time, I fired up the Weber grill and made these fantastic satays. 293 kata lagi


Oven Baked BBQ Pork Belly

I have house guests so I am cooking a lot recently but have not been very good with keeping up the posting. I will try to catch up over the next few days. 184 kata lagi