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I have two distinct memories of Malaysia. The first is of a group of locals rolling about with laughter at Ben (my now husband) literally melting in the heat as we crossed the border. 503 more words

Malay Meets China, Assam Heh & Nasi Lemak

The urge for something tasty, I ended up driving to our local Oriental Supermarket and sought out some appropriate ingredients, such as Pandan Leaves (also known as screwpine), Thai Birds Eye Chilli’s, and some massive Prawns, the dish is called Assam Heh, or Nyonya Prawns! 428 more words

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Sweet & Spicy Squid

Sweet & Spicy Squid

Serve: 3

3 Squids, medium sizes, cut in ring shapes
4-5 Dried red chilies, seeded
50ml Kecap Manis
1/2 tbsp Garlic cloves, chopped… 74 more words


Kacang Panjang Kecap (Long Beans with Sweet Soy Sauce) - Recipe

ABC sweet soy sauce reminds me of childhood food. Street vendor, Indonesian cuisines, chilli and even some chinese dishes are using this sauce! I have a bottle at home but didn’t really know how to include this in my cooking until I stumble upon this recipe courtesy of… 236 more words

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Membongkar Rahasia Nasi Goreng Pekalongan

Banyak yang bisa memasak nasi goreng enak tapi saya jamin Anda akan merasakan hal berbeda ketika mencicipi nasi goreng Pekalongan. Menilai nasi goreng sudah bukan lagi sekedar enak atau enak banget tapi bagaimana memberikan perhatian terhadap apa khasnya di masing masing daerah. 171 more words

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Nasi Goreng Kampung

Nasi Goreng Kampung

As it has been known that Indonesia is where the Nasi Goreng comes from. Some countries has own version of fried rice but the word ‘Nasi Goreng’ is Indonesian which means ‘fried rice’. 364 more words

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