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Satay Chilli Chicken

Finding the right balance of flavours when creating Asian dishes at home can sometimes be a challenge. So when this dish hit the spot with each and every member of the family, I figured it was definitely worthy of featuring on Gather and Graze. 523 kata lagi

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Aromatic pork with ginger and soy

This is probably one of my favourite far-eastern supper dishes. Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients, it’s all available from most supermarkets these days and the cooking method is very simple – prep and then braise in the oven for a couple of hours. 375 kata lagi


Mee hoon goreng

Mee hoon goring may not be a dish you’ve heard of before but, once acquainted, it is certainly a dish you want time and time again. 496 kata lagi


Indonesian tempeh kecap

If you are well versed in the popular proteins available to vegans and vegetarians, chances are that you’ve run across tempeh at some point. Additionally, if you’ve ever lived in a city like Boulder, Austin, or Portland, I would be shocked if you’d never seen it peddled in some form out of a painfully (yet earnestly) hip vegan food truck. 870 kata lagi


Yummynya Siomay

Nyam… nyam… aku memakan sepiring makanan Tionghoa dengan bumbu kacang. Isinya ada kentang rebus, cacahan ikan dibalut tepung sagu, telur rebus, tahu putih dan tahu cokelat rebus dengan isi daging ikan. 431 kata lagi


Satay ayam, or grilled chicken on a stick, is the Indonesian (or Malay or Philippine) version of the barbecue that has become one of my favourite Indonesian dishes. 365 kata lagi

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