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Biten Coffee at Meruya Ilir Kebon Jeruk Jakarta

September 15th, 2017. I knew about Biten Coffee from Ivan before it’s opened. It’s actually his friend’s coffee shop. Well, I wanted to visit the place with Ivan but didn’t have the chance. 221 kata lagi

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Rilassante Caffè at Kebon Jeruk Jakarta

June 26th, 2017. I forgot how I knew about Rilassante Caffè. I think I just knew. *I’m a magician hahahaha* I am pretty sure I didn’t find it accidentally, or passed by the cafe since Kebon Jeruk is quite far from my place. 198 kata lagi

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tuttonero coffee & eat at Kebon Jeruk Jakarta

June 26th, 2017. Errrr.. yes, I went there 2 months ago. Just had time to review it on my blog LOL. It’s one of the latest coffee shop at the time. 215 kata lagi

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Dibutuhkan Pustakawan: Binus University

Tanggal diterima info: 18 Januari 2017
Sumber berita: Grup pada WhatsApp
Pemberi info: Syifa Naufal Qisty


Vacancy for Reference Librarian in Library and Knowledge Center Binus University. 207 kata lagi


Siomay Chipsy Kebon Jeruk Murah Meriah

Siomay Chipsy

Harga yang murah, rasa siomay yang nendang, highly recommended !!!!!!

Siapa yang ngga suka siomay, Siomay Chipsy di Kebon Jeruk ini sangat direkomendasikan untuk para penggermar siomay! 30 kata lagi