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Find Out if an Update, Hotfix or KB is installed on a Windows Server Using Powershell

In Powershell versions 2 and above you can use the get-hotfix command to determine whether a particular update, KB or hotfix is installed on a Windows Server or client. 24 kata lagi


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While upgrading my home, desktop computer (a low level gaming machine that I built last year with abundant help from my son-in-law) to the latest Windows operating system, I found myself making abundant use of the knowledge base (KB) on all sorts of matters related to Windows software and, to a lesser extent, the additional software goodies that I have been accumulating over the years. 554 kata lagi

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Winter Jam 2016 @ Scottrade Center } 01.23.16

Considering that the Winter Jam tour has been chugging along as an annual event since 1995, I’m surprised this was my first time checking out (and shooting) the event. 87 kata lagi

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How to format source code on

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if (varname == "something") {
    // do something
if (varname == "something") {
// do something

How to Automate App Installs for Testing

In order to facilitate automation testing of your application deployed via Replicated. You can change a few settings in the file /etc/replicated.conf. This is not intended to be used by your end-customer to automate the installation of your application (full support for that coming later). 151 kata lagi


Shutdown/Startup order of the NSX for vSphere 6.x environment after a maintenance window or a power outage

VMware have just recently released a Knowledge Base Article that provides guidance in how NSX objects should be powered off or on during maintenance windows or power outages. 16 kata lagi