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:: Jawa Barat Indonesia, Day 3: Kawah Putih ::

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Kembara Hidup

Cheers To New Beginnings

Starting something new has always sent a quiet thrill through me. Scenarios play out of what could be, usually what would never be. But this will be a place of truths and fiction, because sometimes the words must flow out. 215 more words

Ciwidey, Jawa Barat (Kawah Putih dan Situ Patenggang)

Ciwidey adalah sebuah kecamatan di Kabupaten Bandung, Provinsi Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Nama Ciwidey berasal dari bahasa Portugis Kuno, dari kata Ciwi yang berarti buah kiwi dan Dey yang berarti hari. 318 more words


Bandung and Mi Goreng

Noodle dishes are prominent all over the world. Every country is bound to have that one noodle dish so popular, they make it into instant packs and sell to supermarkets. 821 more words


Kawah putih (Crater Lake), Ciwidey : a worth escape from Jakarta


Gustave and I love travelling. We also love driving around Jakarta. We sometimes come up with an idea of going somewhere without planning. I did not remember exactly when our first date was. 235 more words