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To or Not to. By Kasturi, Assam

Not all of us are bestowed with the best of everything. Being not-so-good in  a certain field(s) tends to make us feel inept. Seeing a fellow colleague do better – when you know you can do it too and for some reason you just need to but you fail – sometimes just hurts. 426 kata lagi

5 Lesser Known Authentic Bengali Cuisine Pocket-Friendly Restaurants In Kolkata

While most of the credit for Bengali cuisine in the city is bagged by the popular restaurants like Bhajahari Manna and Koshe Kosha, there are some other restaurants too that offer great food with unadulterated Bengali taste.Food and Bengali cannot be segregated. 368 kata lagi



Here and there she went
Behind a hidden scent
Musk deer don’t know
In her body it is Present




Far away in a lonely place, I saw a deer running in grace.

He ran from tree to tree, his eyes say, he is searching for thee. 155 kata lagi




No, that isn’t my name, and I know I fooled no one . But like Heisenberg I developed along with my name.

As a child it wasn’t easy for me to say my name. 488 kata lagi


Kasturi, New Market

I can never have enough of Kasturi. Simple yet delicious bengali good, cooked the Dhakai way, is what it serves. It may not be one of the posh places with a designer menu, but here the food speaks for itself and the ambiance too is very comforting, in a way. 368 kata lagi

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