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Kaspersky Internet Security {Latest 2016}

Internet is not a secure place! If you visit a phishing website or download uncertain files, you PC will acquire hazardous computer viruses. Some viruses are distributed through emails, free programs, pop-up messages etc. 488 kata lagi


Machine Learning: Hot or Hype?

For the Kaspersky blog, Alexey Malanov explodes some myths about the Machine Learning buzzword. While I agree that the term is vastly over-hyped by some nextgen vendors, ‘n’ makes some fair points in a comment. 52 kata lagi


Top 5 Best Antivirus Software For your PC/Laptop

Antivirus is a program that is installed on our computer and is competent to record theharmful viruses and eliminates them from our computer. Viruses can enter in our computer throughout many ways like through Internet Browsing, From… 678 kata lagi


Kaspersky Labs: Concern Over Facebook Marketplace Security

Kaspersky is concerned about the security of Facebook Marketplace. “As the parents of relatively young children, my wife and I have used local yard sale groups on Facebook extensively to sell items the kids have outgrown as well as buy items that we really did not want to buy brand new. 83 kata lagi

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Speaking at Celaes Financial Conference

300 Security Leaders Meeting in Miami

Looking for More Tools to Combat Cybercrime!

I’m just heading back from meeting with over 300 CISOs and CIOs, all part of the Florida International Banker’s Association –  Celaes Event, at the Trump Hotel, Doral.   104 kata lagi


Smart cities digital infrastructure – security vulnerabilities are plenty!

Smart cities are gaining traction all over the world where digital connectedness lets people access services across a spectrum of needs. How safe are they? Kaspersky lab experts claim that digital kiosks, interactive terminals and speed cameras are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 170 kata lagi


Kaspersky has found a Pokemon GO malware which has been downloaded over half a billion times… Watch out…