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No Smoke Without Fire

In many companies IT professionals are confident that their equipment and backup systems are capable of coping, even with a peak load on their corporate online services. 963 kata lagi


Facebook partners with Kaspersky to start anti malware campaign!

To all those who think that social media (like Facebook and twitter) is a time wasting platform, here’s an update which can change your thinking. Facebook is actually helping users to clean the malware on their computers by partnering with security firm Kaspersky. 377 kata lagi


Kaspersky Lab’s Useful Tips to Avoid Hari Raya Disasters

Hari Raya is upon us and have you completed the tasks in your checklist? Lock and secure your house before balik kampung has to be one of the main items in your checklist. 650 kata lagi


46% Internet Users Still Not Convinced by Internet Banking

Nearly half (46%) of Internet users believe traditional in-branch banking is more secure than banking online, according to a survey conducted by B2B International and Kaspersky Lab. 423 kata lagi

Kaspersky Lab

US and British Spies Targeted Antivirus Companies

  • The company also said the attackers seemed intent on studying its antivirus software to find ways to subvert the software on customer machines and avoid detection.
  • 90 kata lagi

Facebook Joins Hands With Karspersky Lab To Fight Malwares

Social networking giant Facebook has recently unveiled that it has been lately working with Kaspersky Lab to identify and remove malicious softwares.

This new announcement by Facebook comes in compliance with its new malware fighting tool with an aim to boost online security. 146 kata lagi

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Half of Internet Users Still Think Visiting Their Branch is Safer than Online Banking

Half (46%) of Internet users believe traditional over-the-counter banking is safer than banking online, according to a survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International. 416 kata lagi