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Philippines ranks 33rd among cyberattack-prone countries

By Yuji Vincent Gonzales
The Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippines ranked 33rd out of 233 countries prone to cybersecurity threats in third quarter of 2015, up 10 notches from its placing in the second quarter, an Internet security company reported. 295 kata lagi

Hotel Key Cards: not usually a Security Issue

I first heard alarming stories about hotel keycards over a decade ago, though I don’t think I’ve written about the issue recently, or outside the healthcare organization I then worked for: I only started to blog publicly some time after I started writing for… 308 kata lagi


Brazilian cyber underground

Unique local cyberattacks and international cooperation with criminal groups in Eastern Europe, unsound government security and vague legislation, theft of money and private data, direct offensive ops on local victims and criminal-to-criminal services. 737 kata lagi


Nigerians plagued by mobile malware

Nigerians rank third on the global list of those victimized by mobile malware. According to Kaspersky Lab’s Q3 report, 16% Nigerian smartphone users have fallen prey to hidden malicious mobile software. 476 kata lagi


XAMPP localhost windows10

La verdad es que no me gusta estar trasteando sin desarrollar nada, pero el stack XAMPP (multiplataforma, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL) de Bitnami no se deja. 200 kata lagi


14% of users in Nigeria faced Internet cyberthreats, 46% encountered malware in local networks - Kaspersky

In its Q3 IT Threat Evolution report, Kaspersky Lab has published the details of the key security incidents of the quarter. Using statistics from the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), which obtains information from millions of… 504 kata lagi

West Africa

Discover the Risks of Smart Home Devices

Scary stories around the Internet of Things (IoT) conjure up images of bad guys in hoodies, who live for hacking and to make the lives of other people harder, inventing millions of ways to infiltrate your life through your gadgets. 924 kata lagi