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The Crossing of Fingers

“In the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, an indulgence is “a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins”.[1] It may reduce the temporal punishment after death, in the state or process of purification called Purgatory. 422 kata lagi


What Attraction?

Why are we so attracted to certain people? Like anyone..the person you see reading on the subway you cant keep your eyes off of,or the friend you’ve known for a year..why? 391 kata lagi


Tricks  and hook ups 

So what gives,…everytime a hook up occurs you think your walking into what you two talked about over the phone or world wide web. Then come to meeting, every excuse is made readily made available to you. 39 kata lagi


Feeling Betrayed by the Body

“It’s not fair,” I grumbled to several coworkers over the past few weeks. “Not. Fair.”

I have been sick since Christmas. It started as a little catch in my throat, one that made reading more than one book to the kids at bedtime a struggle. 600 kata lagi


Oops I did it again

So last weekend was a bit of a fizzer.  It rained rather heavily almost all day Saturday and Sunday was just about as miserable.  Had to cancel both the walk up the big hill in my back yard as well as the scheduled activity which has been postponed for 2 weeks so I will surprise you with that one later. 315 kata lagi


The Karma of Cunning Plans

Because humans like short-cuts, intrigue, advantage and getting one over on someone else, they often come up with “cunning plans”. Some are more fond of these than others and cunning plans can be extraordinarily involved. 135 kata lagi


They say that suicide is a call for help ..

I always thought that was bullshit. Those who attempt suicide want to die. Or rather, they may not want to die, but they want to end their suffering. 1.381 kata lagi