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Sometimes I dislike that my mind can get sidetracked so easily.

I remember someone once telling me that they didnt understand why people could be so mean with their words. 95 kata lagi


Order - Chaos

When you come home from your office, and see a whole lot of bees all inside your house flying randomly here and there, you feel terrified and you start spraying anti-bee stuffs to get rid of them because they are not part of your house. 1.100 kata lagi


Fateful New Moon II

We’ve drawn in the Ego-Death component of this New Moon chart in lighter lines below…

Let’s digress a bit to discuss timing.  The Moira Station is Exact 16 December (3pm PST), the New Moon itself 17 December (10:30 pm PST), and the South Node-Nemesis Initiation 18 December (4am PST).  575 kata lagi


Evolving a Fate

Depending upon your preference in belief about predetermination you will either be susceptible to the notion of fate or not. In some cultures, fate is more acceptable, in others, people don’t like the notion. 520 kata lagi


I see you.

Dear ,

I know your game. You are cunning, determined, and sly. But those are the only nice things I’ll say.

Not only do I see you, but we… 14 kata lagi

First Draft

Fateful New Moon I

Fateful of course for those who Live Unconsciously, Choiceful for those who Aspire to Live in Presence.  And by and large, the Opportunities for those who Live Unconsciously, are quite Positive.  1.107 kata lagi


Oh, the Mice, How Blind they Are

the dark queen
spews her evil bile
into the eager ears
of her fawning subjects
who blindly condemn
the innocent
without knowing
the queen’s secrets… 15 kata lagi