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Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ May 6, 2016

Your personal number for 2016 is obtained by adding 9 to your month and day of birth. (2016 adds up to 9).  For example, if you were born on January 18, add 1+1+8+9 =19.   1.189 kata lagi


Laws of Life

Excerpt from The Fourth Way (Pg. 89- Pg. 90)

Gurdjieff <> P.D. Ouspensky

1. Law of Accident- When an event happens without any connection with the line of events we observe. 312 kata lagi


Someone Worth It

Morning Word
A person you can tell your whole life to, is a person worth spending your whole life with. The highest level of intimacy is when two people can share secrets with each other that they never shared with anyone else and reach a deeper respect, bond and love with each other. 64 kata lagi


Link: There is no innocence under the law of karma


Untrue on the titular point, there is physical innocence and over-reliance on the assumption of making amends, but a good read on how divine justice might work. 11 kata lagi

Right way of upliftment

Which way we want to uplift ourselves whether it’s through body or through soul , we have to uplift cause the life is very very precious and deep down we all are aware of the fact that after all the fun and enjoyment we still look for something which will give us immense peace and long lasting happiness , after satisfying the requirements of body our concentration goes towards our soul , our soul. 49 kata lagi

Down "Write" Funny - Opportunity Knocks

How often does Opportunity knock?

Real. Tangible. Life-changing Opportunity?

Once. Twice. At least. A dozen times if you’re lucky.

What is Opportunity?

In the writing community it could be The Call. 157 kata lagi


Karma - Part 10

If you think life can be crazy then let me show you crazier. This morning I headed to the building I had an interview in. It went well, they asked me questions, I had to write an essay on how I could safely entertain a disable kid for a day, they even submitted me to live testing by having me to take care of a kid for like 2 to 3 hours. 848 kata lagi

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