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Artificial Intelligence

Do you think it could be possible to be reborn as a computer? Probably, most of you immediately answered ‘no,’ but I’m not so sure… 570 kata lagi


It takes negative to build a positive.

I’ve known disappointment creep into the deepest corners of my soul. I’ve known the beauty of one single ray of hope making its way inside of me through the smallest hole of faith. 198 kata lagi


Morning Word
Maybe you both were put into each other’s lives to help each other grow. Maybe you both met for a reason. Maybe you both could teach each other something about love that no one else ever could. 142 kata lagi


Picture and quote by me. Always remember that your kindness is not a weakness.

Karma Wednesday

I am hosting Karma Wednesday December 14 from 10am-6pm at The Breathing Room in an effort to spread massage therapy in the Winston Salem community. … 59 kata lagi

Massage Therapy

Emotional Conditioning; Stop It!

Emotional Conditioning; another sad situation I see often. In my experiences, I have determined that it stems from mild forms of bullying by people held in respect. 325 kata lagi