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Relationships, The Karmic Tie, and Freedom!!

Wow weezer’s batman!!  What a massive day yesterday was, at least, thru each and every reading.  Light bulb after light bulb kept turning on.  Now I pray, I have enough space in this crazy hard drive called my brain to bring every nugget forward today.   2.164 kata lagi

The Shift

At The End of The day

Morning Word
At the end of the day, we just want someone we can see ourselves grow with. A good example of a future mother or father is enough for us to give you a chance. 92 kata lagi


Vanity thought #1767. VC - Vedic Justice

Link: “Mystic Universe: An Introduction to Vedic Cosmology”.

Yesterday the book dropped a justice bomb that crime committed with full knowledge must incur less karma than a crime committed out of ignorance. 1.118 kata lagi



No one will ever understand the tourment that I go through on a daily basis.
I have no idea what to do. I went though therapy … Meds …. 141 kata lagi

Good Karma Now: 10 Quick Ways to Lift Your Spirits and Make the World a Better Place

Drop a dollar bill where someone will find it

Throw some luck in a stranger’s way and turn their frown upside down. Sometimes we all need a little boost – why not let others experience it too? 389 kata lagi

Personal Development

I Need a Prayer

Life is getting tougher and tougher

Once you think everything is all great

It all comes crashing down like an airplane that ran out of fuel… 72 kata lagi


QOTW: w/c 24 October 2016

“Always leave money on the table” – Michel Marks
I like this quote because it stems from the belief that you should assume in business, as in life, that relationships are there to be built and that interactions are often not one-off. 86 kata lagi