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This quote really hits home with me. I have tried a lot over the last few months to think just this. Now we all have our moments. 69 kata lagi

Dr jekyll and mister hide

Holy fuck
Judgement day so high
Is this the monster being tamed inside
Dr jekyll and mister hide
The beauty of the dark side
The blame for the forsaken… 43 kata lagi

June Updates; It's July Already?!

I can’t believe that July is already here, and happy 4th of July to you all! I hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Day!! 737 kata lagi


Your Love

Morning Word
“We have all been there before. Left broken hearted to pick up a million pieces by ourselves. We have all gone over in our mind things we could have done differently with someone else that could have lead to much different results. 145 kata lagi


David's Thought of the day 80.

Is it me, or is the decision to name a brand of wheelchair ‘Karma’ a really odd choice?

Thoughts Of The Day

When Mocking Fails

Bless the arrogance. THIS is priceless, and I am wondering if the dear Mommy is thirty and looking in the mirror?

Perfectly natural to have a giggle but I am wondering if this is not just the perfect example of: 34 kata lagi

Life Concepts

A sad note

I learned this morning that the lone tree pictured under the header “ya gotta have faith” was finally felled by a strong thunderstorm, probably on Wednesday. 52 kata lagi