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What is Karma ?

This article is about Understanding “Karma” or knowing what is “Karma” as per the Hindu Philosophy?

“Karma” in its simplest term is “Action” only. Any action that we do with our body & mind is termed as “Karma” but the word “Karma” has a much greater significance as per the Hindu Philosophy than just simple meaning as “Action”. 44 kata lagi


The Lord of the Cemetery

Hierarchy in the spiritual World, Karma Law

Spirit: Exu Caveira Medium: David Pereira

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi

Youtube: Dialogue 287

Interview Date: 08 April 2014 1.148 kata lagi


30 Days Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Post Five Things That Make You Laugh-Out-Loud

° Jack. Again. He is in every list I’ve made for this challenge isn’t he? But what can I say? 214 kata lagi

From Inside My Head

Boy Wonder Sacrificed by Guardians

He Gave His Youth


As Rajan breathed in the fragrance of his garland of champaka flowers, he felt wonderful pleasure as he gazed at the nearby garden and courtyard. 2.275 kata lagi


Glass Half ____

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This quote is pretty cheesy but I like it anyway. No one is ever going to have a perfect life- there are always going to be highs and lows, good days and bad days. 319 kata lagi


When One Gets Too Proud...

Life has a way of humbling a person when they get a little too proud of themselves. Or, at least, it does me. Doesn’t seem to get through to the likes of Donald Trump, but that’s a different story. 737 kata lagi