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The Soul

God tells us that we do not know the soul (heart). Although, there are many references to the heart or soul in our sacred books, we do not know very much about the soul. 311 kata lagi


el karma de no ser tu mismo

por pedro belmares olvera

Tu peor karma puede ser la gente que está a tu lado y ni si quiera puedes saber cómo puedes escaparte de allí, a mucho nos pasa sentirnos atrapados alrededor de las personas y que no te dejan ser como tú quieres, ser libre es un sueño que muchas personas como yo quisiéramos tener.

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Pedro Belmares

Upayas: Astrological “Remedies"

One of the brilliant features of Vedic astrology is the use of “upayas”, or planetary remedies. Born from an ancient tradition, many thousands of years old, these remedies have tremendous effectiveness in cases of “changeable karma”. 741 kata lagi

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We Were Born To Be Princes Of The Universe No Man Could Understand My Power Is In My Own Hand

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Cloud Atlas, Religion, and Love: Wholism and Postmodern Belief

Andrew D. Thrasher, ThM

“I call it the Cloud Atlas Sextet. There are whole movements imagining us meeting again and again in different lives, different ages.” 2.618 kata lagi


Maybe she is not playing hard to get.


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You Lead the Way by Simply Knowing There IS Another Way.

Do you remember the Rolling Stones’ song: “Time is On My Side”?  This piece is about that kind of time, about the kind of time that is truly on our side! 856 kata lagi

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