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As I step back from life patterns,

habitual and percussive, each stubborn beat bridging the gap,

thoughts flail in sleep and push death away, 60 kata lagi


Someone Special

Morning Word
If you have someone in your life who is willing to travel to the moon and back to put a smile on your face, then you truly are a lucky person. 116 kata lagi


Dear Sis - F*ck Them

Dear Sis,

I know that you are hurting. I know that life right now seems unbearable. The pain that you feel when people who love you seem to disrespect you and your feelings has you wondering what the hell did you do. 542 kata lagi


Karma, Tarot and Giveaways, oh my!

We’ve all heard about karma, what goes around comes around, but did you know it actually has 12 laws?! Below I outlined each law and also assigned a corresponding tarot card. 738 kata lagi

Anumang Hilingin Natin ay Matutupad sa Bandang Huli

Ganyan ang batas ng sansinukob (universal law), ayon sa aking pagkakaalam, anumang gustuhin natin ay matutupad sa bandang huli. Kaya may kasabihang, “Mag-ingat ka sa hinihiling mo.” Mag-ingat ka sa iyong hiling. 375 kata lagi

Pang Araw-araw Na Karunungan

Random First Step Notes

First Step Notes

We – If we are all the same species, it makes sense that a disease would present with common symptoms for all of us. 183 kata lagi


Power of voice

There has been a passage of words sat in a word document for the past month, and i’ve not had the power to hit the delete button seeking for a reason why. 180 kata lagi