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The Feels

Wow. How does it work out that everything happens for a reason? So often too. It makes me realize how much I do not have control over my life. 173 kata lagi


Page's Ponderings Now On Etsy

As you know, I’ve been reworking old paintings from my paint and sip studio into new, quirky paintings that I call Page’s Ponderings (including the Little One paintings I’ve been posting over the last few days). 240 kata lagi

Spiteful Stuff

Okay, everyone harmonize. This will be a self-pitying blues ballad. Sing along if you want.

Some days I feel like the universe hates me. It’s not really mean, just spiteful. 490 kata lagi


We Don't Always Get What We Think We Deserve

S (Scripture): Job 31:3 Does not calamity befall the unrighteous, and disaster the workers of iniquity?
4 Does he not see my ways,
and number all my steps? 634 kata lagi

Digging Daily

Why not sleep soundly?

Some of us, we just wanted to get rich fast and enjoy luxuries life, we forget the wholesome way to earn money.  They are so many people are crazy for money game, the return is so high, more than 20% per month. 196 kata lagi


What goes around comes around.

Ahhhh, karma. Karma is a reliable force that inevitably comes – whether good or bad. We often need to remind ourselves that what goes around comes around. 254 kata lagi

The Girl

long lost companion

I confess to you for I have sinned. I have hurt people I love and I have pained people I hate. Not that it was my intention but just simply my wrong doing. 104 kata lagi