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Morning Word
Struggle was designed to make you appreciate your rewards. If you were handed everything you ever wanted in life without experiencing pain throughout the process you wouldn’t truly value what you have. 135 more words


Pay It Forward: Callum McLaughlin

Pay It Forward Fridays came from this post by Emily Guido. The idea is to feature a blogger or author on Fridays and give them a little shoutout. 481 more words


Awareness reduces suffering

Our eyes will see what we want to see, our ears will hear what we want to hear.

The argument will be  “whatever is in front of our eyes we have to see and if someone is saying something we have to hear.”

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Spiritual Musings

The Love Phenomenon 

I’ve said and done a lot of things in my life and I’m sure people have judged me for them.

You know what still fascinates me ’till this day though? 27 more words


Karma is a bitch, isn't she?

I was waiting for it and wanted her to bite you in the ass quick. But karma has her own pace, she waited; let you fall in love, get comfortable, let you post cute pictures, changed your last name, rings, his chain, cute dinners, date nights, she let you have everything that you ever wanted, she gave you everything that I dreamed of. 446 more words

The Law of Karma

I believe in


& the harm

it can do

to those who


they are above

the moral

code of




mercy… 76 more words


The Law and the common sense

People seem to evolve and have abandoned the barbaric ways of nature. Well, we’re trying. As we experience life, we learn what’s good and what’s bad. 409 more words