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Prima crimă

Și-a spălat mâinile șiroind a sânge, urmărind pierdută în gânduri cum apa se împletea cu roșul scurs din rana înțepată de cuțitul pe care încă îl strângea între degete. 2.730 kata lagi


I saw that - Karma

Karma is action, its cause and effect. There is no uncaused action, nor action without effect. The past, the present, and the future are linked together as one whole. 721 kata lagi

Aly & Iya for Pride 🌈

Dahil walang kinikilalang kasarian ang pag-ibig.

Hindi hiwalay ang laban ng LGBT Community sa laban ng iba’t ibang sektor ng lipunan. Ang pang-aabusong nararanasan ng ating mga kapatid sa LGBT Community ay hindi lamang napapailalim sa pang-aabusong sekswal kundi pati na rin sa iba’t ibang uri ng diskriminasyon at opresyon. 74 kata lagi

Right way of living 

May be what is right for us some people think or their circumstances are like that that they think it might not be appropriate them. So nothing on this planet can be predicted except the love for all the beings around who all wants to live,no matter what,cause all the beings want to complete their life journey on their own faith and karma. 58 kata lagi

Beau Jangles

I always listen to music when I write but I only allow myself to listen to instrumental music. No singing. Singing is a distraction. Tonight, I am listening to the 70’s station on Pandora Radio. 963 kata lagi

Blind Intentions

Why I named my blog “Blind Intentions?”

One thing I have learned in life is that a person’s intentions have a lot to do with the outcome of any situation. 461 kata lagi


That’s Right

I’m life coach and part-time philosopher Peter Winslow. Lately I’ve become aware that like most people, I am very fond of being “right.” As I contemplated what this says about me, a deeper question fell into my lap: what if there was no such thing as “right” or “wrong?” In other words, what if everything was sacred? 273 kata lagi

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