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I was absent here from past many days . I feel I missed some things that were important but I was busy in establishing myself so was not able to be here. 438 kata lagi


Ask me a question...I'll give you My answer.

Ive been asked how are you not bitter?…. That moment alone made me slightly Kringe at the glorious age of 32… I’ve been asked how do you have so much patience? 233 kata lagi


Fast forward 10 years, and here I am working for a global organisation in communications, whilst studying full time to complete my university degree. The degree that has taken me almost 5 year to knock off. 702 kata lagi

Bulimia Nervosa

Stay Connected....

It’s quite easy to get lost, become overwhelmed with moving forward. It’s easy to forget to stop… Look…breath…take you shoes off and just stand in the grass…dirt…beach…water… Whatever you are able to find to stay connected. 90 kata lagi

Thug George Zimmerman Brags About Killing Trayvon Martin

Apparently, people would like to slap George Zimmerman.  Which is completely understandable considering he stalked unarmed Trayvon Martin at night, who got scared and defended himself, and Zimmerman in turn murdered him and because of the racist judicial system in Florida, walked off a “free” man.  255 kata lagi


Do you think life is unfair?

Do you think life is unfair?

Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to go to a faraway place or punch someone in the face because life kept on throwing bad things at you? 853 kata lagi

My Notebook

Do You Know Everything?

When I was younger, perhaps not much more than a decade ago, I thought that I knew a whole bunch of stuff. I was significantly wrong in this. 285 kata lagi