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Jesus loves you and I don't feel so good myself

I was sitting at a stop light eating my Bojangles steak biscuit (must be experienced can’t be explained), sipping sweet tea through a straw and checking my email. 835 kata lagi


Saturn - The Serious Karma - Rocks the Clintons again - won't go away!

Flashback 13.04.2015:

Hillary Rodham Clinton & Stars : “Everyday Americans need a Champion. I WANT to be that Champion.”

 Hillary Rodham Clinton: “Everyday Americans need a champion. 179 kata lagi


Hardly Deserving

The holy word of my father
the word of my not-so holy father
dictated that there was truly
an eternity that I deserved
according to what I decided… 439 kata lagi


The Universe's Hickey

The target on my back is starting to get itchy. Can someone take it off? Maybe I’m allergic to the adhesive…

I seemingly have the best and worst luck with men. 287 kata lagi


Be Comfortable Alone First

Morning Word
You have to be comfortable with being by yourself first before you can feel comfortable with being with someone else. Allow yourself time to grow before your next relationship. 101 kata lagi


The other day I was in a Toastmaster’s meeting where I saw one of my colleagues and friends , who is an author. During the break I walked up to him and asked him how his book was coming along. 814 kata lagi

Spread the L-O-V-E... let's RAK!

Dear friends.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I  found an opportunity to “RAK”!  There are no “accidents”. The Universe must have lead me to Janet’s blog ( 271 kata lagi