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Spanish cop seen karate-kicking handcuffed suspect

An unidentified drunken-driving suspect is seen on a newly released police video being kicked twice in the head by a Majorca cop in Spain. Officers in Majorca, Spain, watched as a fellow cop twice kicked a handcuffed suspect in the head in full view of stationhouse cameras. 10 more words

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Australian Girls in Gi

Hera Mag goes inside the martial arts troop that has swept into Sydney this year, encouraging women to learn self-defence. 15 more words

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Danny Moore, a first grader at Washington School in Summit, awarded sword

Sensei’s Chris Goedecke and Tom Maloney awarded the Three Dragon sword to Danny Moore at The Connection in Summit. Pictured are fellow karate students and teachers: Kaitlyn Marin, Sebastin Arias, Sensei Tom Maloney, Danny Moore, Sensei Chris Goedecke, Sebastian Obando and Abbey Rising. 9 more words

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Spanish policeman filmed 'karate kicking' handcuffed suspect twice in newly released video

This is the shocking moment a police officer in Spain karate kicked a handcuffed suspected drunk driver in the head while in custody. The video, which was taken in 2011 but only emerged this week, shows the 41-year-old officer kick the man twice as at least four officers stand by and watch at a police station in Majorca. 11 more words

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Forest Lake Dojo announces promotions

Forest Lake dojo is happy to announce the promotion of 4 karateka. These students have been working hard consistently, shown good attendance and performed well during our recent region 5 training session.. 31 more words


Troy Dorsey Karate

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Karate: The Sonkei Shotokan Karate Club at the EKC National Championships

The The Sonkei Shotokan Karate Club, based in Heworth recently took part in the first EKC National Championships at the Ponds Forge International Sports Centre Sheffield. 37 more words

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