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Inmate accused of plotting murders of sexual assault victims An...

A suspect in a string of sexual assaults in the Pittsburgh area is accused of plotting to murder the victims. He's jailed, like the inmate pictured above, in Allegheny County awaiting trial. 10 kata lagi

David Lader

Karate competition in Tokyo to feature Warren County teen

Kenny Buffaloe , 56, trains with his son Christian, 17, at Kenny's personal dojo at their home in Warren County. Christian has been invited to a Kyokushin tournament, a style of karate he has trained in under his father, Kenny Buffaloe, the two said Thursday at their home in the Bethlehem community. 9 kata lagi

David Lader

Seaton martial arts group's grading success

Four Shotokan karate students under the instruction of Sensei Jim Harvey at Seaton Martial Arts Centre attended a grading session at the Karate Academy in Newton Abbot and all were successful, being awarded a higher kyu grading, with a certificate, and a new belt. 39 kata lagi

David Lader

Wenatchee School of Karate performs well at championships

Lauren Van Winkle led the Wenatchee School of Karate by being the third woman ever crowned as the adult black belt grand champion in kata at the Central Washington Championship at Yakima Valley Community College on March 18. 48 kata lagi

David Lader

The Tides Have Turned

So I went to my job interview today. It was for an indeterminate position at a karate school: either receptionist or teacher, depending on who they decided on. 366 kata lagi


He believed in 'Power Rangers' when nobody else did, and it turned him into a billionaire

The cartoon-music man spent eight years peddling his “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” a remake of a Japanese action show about ordinary teenagers who take on supernatural strength to battle bizarre creatures from space. 36 kata lagi

David Lader

Ask Jo Malone: Get the message out to give kick-start karate classes

I'm an experienced martial artist and last November set up my first karate school, renting a community hall three nights a week. I'm finding it far slower than I thought to get people to come along. 10 kata lagi

David Lader