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Diamond CUP 2016 - results

130 fighters from 23 countries and 12 Full-contact organizations

U20 Female -57 Leydal Sara (Germany) Odermatt Flavia ( Switzerland ) Shanty Jacobs (Belgium) 168 kata lagi


breaking things

I explained to the boy
as he walked, kicking at the air
which kick should be thrown when
and when a hand strike
should be used instead… 127 kata lagi

How to Prepare Your Child For Their First Karate Class

There’s always a first time for everything. Do you remember when it was your child’s first day of school? Their first time being away from you? 622 kata lagi


3 things modern Karateka could learn from BJJ....

 But this is supposed to be a karate blog right? It is. The following is just my opinion on what the modern karateka could take away from some time at a Brazilian jujitsu academy. 651 kata lagi


Why Bowing Is Important..

Why Bowing Is Important

When you walk into a Dojo or Kwoon, before and after a lesson and before and after any kata, form and pairs work in a traditional system you will bow as a sign of respect.   476 kata lagi

Steve Rowe

Stepping stones...

My first ever published articles from last year. Thanks to the guys at for giving me the space! There’s more in the pipeline for 2016…. 13 kata lagi