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2 sports, one injury

So I’ve been off the grid for quite a while now and it’s time to log back in.  Karate has taken over as our major sport, with running a close second.   137 kata lagi

Effects of Cognitive, Motor, and Karate Training on Cognitive Functioning and Emotional well-being of Elderly People .

By Petra Jansen* and Katharina Dahmen-Zimmer

Department of Sport Science, Institute of Sport Science and Institute of Psychology, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany.

The present study investigated the influence of cognitive, motor, and Karate (accordingly the guidelines of the German-Karate-Federation, DKV) training on the cognitive functioning and mental state of older people between 67 and 93 years of age. 5.800 kata lagi


Royal Blood

I’m sorry.

This week isn’t karate.

But honestly, Between Funakoshi and Fiore …

…what’s the difference?

I know, I know. It’s shallow,

But this this good stuff. 527 kata lagi


I Started Karate (again)

I started Karate!  I used to do karate as a child and enjoyed it.  I saw a Facebook advertisement for a local club which offered beginner courses at very reasonable rates.  848 kata lagi


Stress Tings

Nothing but stress this week, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. The one silver lining is that the only way is up after this. 812 kata lagi


Testing for Black Belt, Part 2

Several of our Brown Belts (Ikkyu) will be testing for Black Belt in less than two months. You might imagine what’s going through their minds as they train hard for what’s to come. 274 kata lagi

Grace Martial Arts

The Samurai Speech

Samurai is a member of Japanese pre-industrial era military force, which is also known to many as a Japanese warrior. There is another name for that, Bushy. 296 kata lagi