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Martial arts star Jesse-Jane McParland shows off her skills

Meet the REAL karate kid! Martial arts star Jesse-Jane McParland shows off her incredible skills in an intense video full of fists and fury Jesse-Jane McParland has showcased her jaw-dropping martial arts skills in a video recorded during a trip to the U.S. 47 kata lagi

David Lader

You Failed Your Grading; What’s Next?

So, you went for your next belt and you failed!

But, just because you failed, doesn’t mean you should lose sight of your purpose; rain, after all, is just a falling cloud. 507 kata lagi

Martial Arts

Book Review: "Chojun"

“Chojun” by Goran Powell

4/5 stars

“Chojun” is the story of Chojun Miyagi and the modern history of Karate as told through one of his students, Kenichi Ota. 109 kata lagi

Chojun Miyagi

Back to school!

Hello everyone!  My sincerest of apologies for not writing during the summer!  I’ve been extremely busy!

But, summer is slowly winding down, and school is starting in just 13 days!   294 kata lagi


Leg Day

The one that most of us hate.
I actually started liking it somewhere along the way.
Only 1 Workout Wednesday left.
I hope you’re enjoying this series so far! 804 kata lagi


Race Hiatus

With the London League coming up in a few weeks, I was really excited to try my new bike out in the mud when it hits. 648 kata lagi


You Cannot Prepare For Your Nemesis

How do you train for an unbeatable opponent?

How do you plan for the unknown?

How do you prepare for a battle that you simply cannot win? 593 kata lagi