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Citadel nemesis Mike Ayers tries to regain Wofford glory

At age 68, Mike Ayers is not too old to put on a karategi — the traditional karate uniform — and mix it up in the dojo. 27 kata lagi

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Keighley and district club Bismillah shine at Open

BISMILLAH Karate Club, who have classes in Keighley, Haworth and Long Lee, enjoyed success at the SKU British Open.

from Karate News http://ift.tt/2duvk9F

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Come in! We're Open!

Boxes are unpacked!

Floors are washed!

Mirrors are sparkling clean!

We are ready to roll…and kick…and punch….oh…and even do some push-ups.

Come one, come all to our new and improved location!!! 82 kata lagi



Kristen McCarthy and Annie Vaage are pictured with the trophies they won at the Oct. 8 Quest of Champions 6 martial arts tournament held in Lewiston. 22 kata lagi

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TV presenter accidentally exposes martial arts 'expert' as...

The man was preparing to perform a karate chop that would break an apparently solid breezeblock – until the TV host waded in to 'help' A TV presenter accidentally exposed a martial arts expert as a complete fraud during a live broadcast – and found the whole thing completely hilarious . 34 kata lagi

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In remembrance of the Black Belt.

 This may have been mentioned in other posts…to a degree anyway. There’s so many ways I could go about this, but for it to be sincere I will be using my own experiences. 814 kata lagi

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