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Saradnica Lonca Slikovnica Olivera Nedeljković se vratila i to sa novim tekstom o slikovnici Karamba! Pored ove recenzije možete pogledati njenu biografiju, kao i prikaze knjiga… 554 kata lagi

Strane Slikovnice

Creating Beam Stuctures with Karamba

In order to find the most optimal cross section for the structural members that comprise the facade, I used a modified version of Junghwo Park’s example file from Karamba’s website.  47 kata lagi

Current Projects

AA Angewandte 2017 - Surface Voxelization

This example takes a surface and voxelizes it according to the bending moment analysis. The resulting meshes can then be used in Processing.

Grashopper plugins required: 335 kata lagi


Rain Walk

This design study engages with the development of a light weight tree top walk spanning between high grown trees in the Amazonian rainforest. It is important for the… 75 kata lagi

Computational Design Research