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Nephentes the Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant always fascinating. This morning, I spent 2 hours in the collection of Nephentes. Capturing the red lip (peristome) of Nephentes. Its ribs are glossy and prominent. 53 more words


Kantong Semar

 Genus Nepenthes (Kantong semar, bahasa Inggris: Tropical pitcher plant),  yang termasuk dalam familia monotipik, terdiri dari 130 spesies dan belum termasuk hibrida alami maupun buatan. 408 more words

Tugas Tik

Meet ‘Geisha’, ‘Mei Hua’, ‘Nephentes’, and Blahhh....

|:    Damn! I admire this city (Royal Botanic Gardens Edition) 

It’s been tooooooo long since my last post on July 2014. Business, laziness, or any ‘whatever-ness’… you name it, regardless of how colorful my last 3-months saga was, ranging from… 1.367 more words


Red red red lips

I forgot to go to the nursery. The seedlings were happily watered yesterday but I have appointment with a guy in Nephenthes house. Good, I can catch up and one of the result is the red peristome of Nephentes.