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Fast and Easy Lean Metrics

As Agile Coaches or Lean Consultants we find ourselves in situations where we need to quickly get some key metrics and charts from our customers. 249 kata lagi


The Volcano - Prioritize Work for Multiple Teams & Products

Summertime is here again, and for many of us that means vacation. During the vacation period I can take time to do more reading than I normally do. 98 kata lagi


What you can learn from 'Kanban' by David Anderson (2010, 240 pages)

The kanban board (above) could often be found in many start-ups and incubators.  Now kanban boards are becoming more and more common in medium and large companies. 141 kata lagi

Book Reviews

Improving processes with Lego

Looking back at my first two years as a Scrum Master, my Sprint Retrospectives were dull, boring and always followed the same format. This was a format that I had been introduced to during my time as a Product Owner, where the Scrum Master would ask the Development Team to write on post-it notes the things that they thought had gone well and the things that didn’t go so well or could be improved. 1.436 kata lagi


How Might We ... brainstorm ideas


“How Might We …” is a group brainstorming technique we have used for 6>months to solve creative challenges. It originated with Basadur at Procter & Gamble in the 1970s, and is used by IDEO/Facebook/Google/fans of Design Thinking. 846 kata lagi


Applied Kanban Values: Transforming the PMO, part 2

Respect: put away the RACI

Have you ever produced a RACI document? Together with many other steering documents it forms a pillar for the PMO, and defines who is… 315 kata lagi