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Knowledge Discovery Process Revisited

It occurred to me during a recent training class to make a small, but important change to my Knowledge Discovery Process diagram.

Please refer to… 350 kata lagi


Scrum/Agile certifications - Which one should I choose?

Short answer: it really depends on what you need. I will try to summarize my point of view on the topic based on the prestige of the institution&certificate, the time needed to prepare the exam as well as type of exam and the price of the certification. 457 kata lagi


Kanban Is Not a Card, It's a Space

A participant of my recent training class told me afterwards of an insight most important to him. “Kanban is not a card, it’s a space.” 431 kata lagi


Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan...wait what?

Recently one of the Dev teams I’m the scrum master for wanted to try Kanban after seeing the success of another teams use of Kanban. “Why would you do that? 1.027 kata lagi


Forecasting Cards

Those who met me at conferences in the last two years (some clients, too) have probably seen these Forecasting Cards. They’re easy to recognize by their rainbow colours. 143 kata lagi


Kanban vs Scrum?

Some teams love Kanban, some teams love Scrum. So what’s the difference and why use one over the other?

Kanban is great for BAU teams, and I mean really great… 612 kata lagi