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Key Insights from SAFe 4.0

I’m a big fan of Dean Leffingwell and his work on the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). He’s been bringing lean thinking to software development for some time now. 211 kata lagi



В марте прошла конференция AgileDays и из нашей компании ее посетили несколько человек, а сегодня они провели внутреннюю презентацию с кратким содержанием докладов с этой конференции. 9 kata lagi


Story point rant

I’m no fan of of story points. I have tried it when using Scrum but didn’t really see the benefits. Instead we have used gut feeling to decide on how much to pull into a sprint. 262 kata lagi


Building your IoT All-Star Engineering team

IoT (Internet of Things) projects can be very challenging for an organisation due to the large scope of competencies required. In the past, companies often focus either on HW products, or SW products, or services delivery. 1.669 kata lagi

Implementing Change Using Kanban- Part VIII

The board has moved. While it took longer than I thought it would, it still wasn’t too bad. A lot of people in the company were curious as to how I was going to do it. 774 kata lagi


Happy 50th Birthday, David J Anderson!

If I’m not mistaken, the community of practitioners, users, coaches and experts of Kanban has a special occasion today. It’s the 50th birthday of the pioneer of our method, David J Anderson. 268 kata lagi


Drawing with scan n cut (save money on stamps)

I want my handmade cards to be personalized and usually light-hearted so stamping a message isn’t the answer for those special cards. The scan n cut draw function with the universal pen holder means my gold gel pen can deliver a professional greeting, even direct on to this kanban linen look note card. 90 kata lagi