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Book review and summary: Kanban for skeptics

Kanban for skeptics” is a book describing the purpose of Kanban and withdrawing any arguments against or any misconceptions. In general, folks regularly have misunderstandings regarding concepts, frameworks, and methodologies… in that perspective I like the intention of the book. 750 more words


Agile and Lean Convergence in software and creative development practices

Looking under the covers of the popular principles of Lean and Agile it’s very obvious why these principles are so very important to progressive organizations, but these two principles also seem to be on a path of convergence into a new and more widely accepted set of principles and methodologies. 628 more words

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Development Tools Astah Team uses

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This is a blog post of Hiroki (@kompiro) from Astah dev team.

At Java Day Tokyo 2015 held here in Japan a few weeks ago, … 1.277 more words


Introducing the STATIK Canvas

I’d like to introduce a new simple tool, the STATIK canvas. STATIK is an acronym that refers to the Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban in Your Technology Business. 532 more words


Organising Me, With Trello!

A few days ago I was trying to find a simple system in which to log and track my bugs.


I came across Trello… 683 more words

The Scrumban environment, observed mistakes and influences.

I have been working in different mission the last couple of years with the focus on an Agile way of working. Myself have done mistakes in interpreting the Agile world and the surrounding frameworks as Scrum, Kanban and lately Scrumban. 496 more words


"Build the right software” with the “Need for speed” and “Do it the right way”.

I have always asked myself during the period of my MBA study: Are agile methodologies good for software projects? My answer is “Yes”, they are good but not enough. 751 more words

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