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Shuffling across to the kanban style

Could you do it? Could you only have three things on the go at any point in time? Only three!

The man on the radio got my attention. 543 kata lagi

Personal Development

Today I read...  (10/19/2017)

7 signs you aren’t managing your time effectively¬† ¬†http://www.businessinsider.com/7-signs-you-arent-managing-your-time-effectively-2017-10/#7-you-cant-say-no-7

Several points in this article apply to Agile teams:

  • Be realistic
  • Reduce multitasking
  • Prioritize, and focus on priorities…
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Blocking and Tackling - Managing Blocked Work

What does it mean for work to become blocked? It means that active work has been halted, because a problem has been encountered that prevents it from being completed. 2.135 kata lagi


Motor City - A Kanban Game : Overview

Game Overview

The game is designed to reflect a simplified operating of a delivery pipeline for a car manufacturing plant.

The player accepts orders from customers, chooses which products to make and allocates resources and manages the plant to deliver cars to customers in the most effective way possible. 444 kata lagi

Agile Coach

How to become an Agile Developer in 10 Steps

#1, Pair programming
– It’s nice start then trying pair salary negotiations, pair coffee sugaring, and pair shoe tying.

#2, Unit Testing
– Backing your code with unit tests make it less prone to errors. 248 kata lagi

Agile Theory

Zenkit wants to combine the best of Wunderlist and Trello

Zenkit, the project management service from German software producer Axonic, has recently made a name for itself as an alternative to Trello and similar… 329 kata lagi


Visualisation of "Very very important tasks"

“I have this very important task that needs to get done. Who will do it?”
This is a phrase often heard, and every ScrumMaster eventually will have to deal with. 545 kata lagi