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Large Scale Scrum - LeSS

Product Owner

The Product Owner role in LeSS is conceptually the same as in one-team Scrum. However, at scale the focus changes slightly toward keeping an overview and ensuring the maximum return on investment (ROI) in the product. 1.537 kata lagi

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Common Mistakes by Development Team

Members of the development team do not belong to the T-shaped group of people

The T-shaped model states that a person specializes in one specific field but has some general knowledge in other areas related to it as well. 199 kata lagi

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Should be characteristics of a Product Owner

Visionary and Doer

The product owner is a visionary who can envision the final product and communicate the vision. But the product owner is also a doer who sees the vision through to completion. 709 kata lagi

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Kanban Crafts - Romantic Celebrations Heart

Materials/Items used:

Kanban Crafts – Romantic Celebrations Paper Craft Topper

Kanban Crafts – Romantic Celebrations Foiled Background Card

7×7 white card blank

Hunkydory – Mirri card… 14 kata lagi

Card Making

Lead time & Flow efficiency measures a system's Efficiency - Not Effectiveness

X: We have to improve our Flow efficiency & Lead time.

Me: How come? Our Flow efficiency is around 50% which is actually better than most development teams.

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PMI EMEA 2018 Congress in Berlin (Day 2 and 3)

As I explained in   the venue and my whereabouts in Berlin, I may for this one start with the networking bit and the related pics before I jump into the Day 2 and 3 sessions. 747 kata lagi

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Recensie: Kanban in de praktijk

Regelmatig loop ik tegen een stukje onbegrip over Kanban aan. Kanban wordt dan gezien als een hulpmiddel (bord) om visueel te maken waar men mee bezig, wat nog opgepakt moet gaan worden en wat al af is. 727 kata lagi