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Self-Directed Organization for Middle School

One of the biggest struggles, when it comes to homeschooling a middle school child so far, is balancing self-directed organization and parent-managed direction. Dude has typically done a great job in this department, but this year has been a little more difficult than usual. 490 kata lagi


Lean-Agile Mindset - The Secret Sauce

Lesson Learned: Fund Agile Value Streams instead of Projects, for High Performance

For 12 years I’ve led organizations structured with Scrum/Kanban product delivery teams, shared services teams, and cross-functional roles embedded in these teams. 713 kata lagi


What does an agile coach do?

In my optinion there is no concrete answer to the question about what the agile coach does on a daily basis. The easiest answer i can come up with, would be for the agile coach to make sure the above values and principles are taken care of. 929 kata lagi


What is agile?

Often i was asked to describe agile and what i do in daily basis by people who dont necessarily work in the IT landscape. First of all: The agile term should not be used just to describe that agile is the new and fresh and better way of doing things without even knowing what it actually means. 735 kata lagi


What am i up to with this?

Hello everyone interested in my “agile” space.

This blog is meant to be a collection of techniques, tools and ideas when working on introducing or maintaining of an agile culture in projects and businesses. 142 kata lagi


Kanban, produção empurrada e puxada em sistemas de TI

Produção Empurrada, Produção Puxada e Sistema Misto

Os conceitos de produção empurradaprodução puxada surgiram nas década de 50 e 60, com a necessidade de atender a demanda de clientes na indústria. 468 kata lagi

ALM / DevOps

Getting Client Onboard with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)

Check out my new blog post on my company site: http://digital.withum.com/blog/getting-clients-onboard-with-microsoft-visual-studio-team-services

As a Project Manager and ScrumMaster, I use a tool to track all the work needed to be completed for our clients for each of our development sprints. Check it out!