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What makes you Fit for Purpose?

Can someone answer this question?   Well yes, I can help.  In short it’s what you do, be that individually but mostly in a team, to ensure anyone you serve receives the service you provide in a reasonable time frame with appropriate quality. 509 kata lagi


Personal Kanban: Bringing Focus to Chaos- Part 1

If you walk into my work space, you are going to see post-its all over the damn place. If you didn’t know what it all meant, you’d probably just think I was just messy, but there is actually a sophisticated system to my madness. 1.248 kata lagi


Flow vs Agile: The Battle for a Consistent Innovation Method

Most organisations have gone some way now towards implementing agile development techniques. It’s likely as well that they will be using lean in other areas of innovation. 1.808 kata lagi


Scaled Agile frame work (SAFe)

Scaled Agile frame work:

The Wikipedia definition: Scaled Agile Framework (or SAFe) is an Agile software development framework designed by Scaled Agile, Inc. It consists of a knowledge base of integrated patterns intended for enterprise-scale Lean-Agile development. 148 kata lagi

Project Management General

Striking the Kanban bargain

Kanban richiede al team di sviluppo software di negoziare diversamente con i suoi business partner. Perché? Perché di solito la gestione di un progetto fa promesse basate su: obiettivi, tempistiche e budget.

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What is Famban? That is my own abbreviation of Family + Kanban! In other words, our attempt to visualise and keep track of all activities within our family. 706 kata lagi