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Free Agile coaching for new mums returning to work

Taking time off your career to have a baby is a big change, but the prospect of returning to work after 12months is sometimes even scarier. 137 kata lagi


Boek launch: Scaling agile in organisaties - Wegwijzer voor projectmanagers en agile leads

Tijdens het 20ste BPUG seminar vond ook de launch van mijn nieuwe boek plaats. Altijd leuk zo’n mijlpaal en ondertussen al vele enthousiaste reacties ontvangen. Ook hebben wij, Bert Hedeman, Hajati Wieferink en ik van de gelegenheid gebruik gemaakt om de nieuwe naam van onze organisatie wereldkundig te maken. 682 kata lagi

Nederlandse Bijdrage

Non-collocation is an Impediment with solutions - exactly like..

While reading the post/comments on an online conversation about non-collocated teams, I felt the need to summarise my views on the discussion separately.

If you don’t believe that non-collocation is a challenging impediment, here are… 340 kata lagi


Henry Ford - Master of flow

I have recently been presenting a talk on WiP limits and as part of my research I spent some time looking into the history of Henry Ford as he was one of the most influential pioneers of what today we would call Lean or Kanban. 1.741 kata lagi


Development Environment - 2

Continuing an overview about development environment started in my first article Development Environment, this time I’m going to concentrate on some issues that appear due to some question marks around process of development and deployment. 451 kata lagi


Debunking 3 big myths about Kanban

Yesterday one of my guest post was published on the Kanbanize blog. The post was inspired by some real-life experiences I have had working on agile transformations for various clients but certainly kick-started by an incident on the private level. 187 kata lagi


Turbo charge your productivity by combining Personal Kanban with GTD

Personal productivity and time management tools/methods have always been a subject of interest. Numerous methods and tools have been developed over the years. However, few seem to stick over time. 1.179 kata lagi