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Quickie #1

  • Grab a postcard book from stationery section of Pound Shop
  • Grab first set of stamps you come across
  • Grab 2-3 ink colours
  • Grab one sparkly gel pen for highlights…
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Delivering Incremental Consumable Solution

Agile methods help to incrementally deliver software product regularly to end users early and often. But, did we wonder whether the software that is being developed at certain cadence are of real use to the customer and whether the end users would really use the product features released? 1.004 kata lagi


How Agile Inceptions Are Changing Ticketmaster's Team Culture

The Ticketmaster Way

An agile inception is a collaborative discovery workshop to visually get all stakeholders and team members to a common understanding prior to the start of a project.   1.527 kata lagi


Introducing: The NoEstimates Game

I’ve been play-testing a new simulation game that I developed, which I’m calling the NoEstimates Game. Thanks to my friends and colleagues at Universal Music Group, … 111 kata lagi

Software Development

Kanban for Software Product Development

Software products often requires long commitment for developing a good and useful product. Often development of software product requires team of cross functional members, and in some cases this team is one man army. 796 kata lagi

Software Product Development

Why are we sprinting?

A few weeks back I asked this question on a very popular Agile and Lean LinkedIn Group:

10 years ago not many companies delivered value every month and Scrum really helped the industry with the concept of sprint.

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Lean Software Development

Eye of the Beholder

Many moons ago when I was just getting started on my lean journey, I visited a large automotive supplier to benchmark pull systems.  My own factory had started a pilot kanban between two work centers and I was hoping to gain some insight from a more experienced source.  804 kata lagi

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