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Agile Software Development: Implementation of agile processes at Linaro

A short introduction to agile software development that I did with Anmar Oueja for our engineers and members at Linaro.

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เก็บตก Agile Bangkok Meetup 2/3/2015

วันนี้มีโอกาสได้ไป  Agile Bangkok Meetup : Kanban, Beyond Post-It and WIP Limit by Klaus Leopold (link : http://www.klausleopold.com/) ดอกเตอร์ Klaus มาเปิดสอน Applying Kanban ในไทย พอดี ดังนั้น ทาง พี่ปอม & เซนเซกร ก็ เลย เชิญเค้ามาเล่าเรื่อง เกี่ยวกับ Kanban ให้ คนที่สนใจ ได้ฟังค่ะ 123 more words


Share your story with us

Over the years, I’ve learned that you accomplish much more from the interaction with others than you possibly can on your own. That’s why I’m inviting software development folks, passionate about their craft to share their academic and real-world knowledge with a wider audience. 280 more words


How To Do A Damn Good Daily Standup Meeting

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself in a boring status meeting.
A manager with a task list at hand checks the general progress. 919 more words


Avatars for your Kanban - it's not just about blue aliens!

This is the first post of the Scrum and Kanban series.

Do you really need a guide to make Avatars?

Yes!  In terms of the amount of time I spend at work coaching, I spend a quite large amount of time talking about the best way to make avatars. 600 more words


Hotspot and Twister Boards for Visual Management of Inventory Waste

Inventory waste. It is one of the eight forms of Lean waste. It is work in progress or finished goods which are not having value added to them. 377 more words


Scaling Agility with Klaus Leopold

InfoQ published a good interview last week, Can You Scale Kanban?, with Klaus Leopold; one of the founding members of the Lean Kanban University. 573 more words