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Using Kanban to Organize Your Work

A lot of our Business Analysis work is very much the same from one project to another. Because we do the same tasks over and over, it can be useful to organize the work on a Kanban board. 22 kata lagi

Difference Between Kanban and Jit

We take readers through the basic difference between kanban and jit as well as the history and usage of kanban boards.

My Experiments with the Story cubes

Hello World,

I have been working with the agile teams for a long time. Agile has gifted a lot of meetings viz. planning, grooming, retrospective, etc. 703 kata lagi

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Going to have to figure out how to virtualize this concept.

Learning Agile

I have to admit, I have a little quest going on. To read all books that come up on the first page (12 items) when searching for the word ”Kanban” in Books on Amazon.com (sorted by relevance). 832 kata lagi


Kanban Tools

Kanban Tools are a essential for any business but the modernization of Kanban has now brought project management to another level. We look at the future of Kanban and its uses in today's environment.

Origins and development of the Kanban solution

Kanban, taking a look at the its original roots, modernisation and the future of Kanban solutions.

Still Here

I’m still here.

I’m still working on the next Petticoat Katie novel, and I think I’m almost finished the first draft.

Unfortunately I have more… 179 kata lagi

Random Musings