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Six Sigma: How to identify the various waste types using Lean method in a software project ?

I tried to simulate with some of the software examples by connecting to various Waste types those can be identified from Lean method. Under Lean Six Sigma practices. 276 kata lagi

More Kanban

If you’ve seen my previous blog, I’ve started up a Kanban board for organizing my tasks outside of work. Since then I’ve had a few more thoughts to share on the subject. 728 kata lagi

My Kanban Board

I’ve thought about putting together a personal Kanban board to make my off hours more productive, and it looks like today is finally the day that I’m making this happen. 668 kata lagi

Trello as ”whiteboard simulator”

I’m very into Kanban and really proud of the visualizations we have made on our physical whiteboards. Nevertheless, I’m curios about online Kanban tools. I follow their development and debate about them on Twitter. 906 kata lagi


The Non-Repetitive Work Fallacy

It is not uncommon to hear people say that software development is non-repetitive work where the work always unique and rarely repeat.  It is not uncommon to hear people say that software development is a craft, an act of design and even divine inspiration and that we therefore can learn from other industries that is described as repetitive. 270 kata lagi


KanBan - Changes Ahead

I’ve just been spending some time with some of my “agile” friends talking about the latest emerging roles within KanBan and I must admit that I am surprised that new roles are being suggested given our focus on lean, efficiency and eliminating unnecessary waste within the system/methodology. 425 kata lagi


KataCon2 – Kata in Software Development panel

The second KataCon will soon take place in Hollywood, Florida. And for the second time

Gary Perkerwicz and I have the honor to host the… 184 kata lagi