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Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Talks Business and Kickstarter

 Andrew: Stephen Buonocore, president of Stronghold Games, sat with us for a few minutes at Dreamation and talked about his massively successful Space Cadets kickstarter campaign and the strategy behind Stronghold’s continued efforts to put out quality games. 25 more words


"It's all about lean delivery". My developing paradigm on Agile.


A few years ago I started to create my paradigm on what Agile is actually about. I have no idea specifically how, why or when I did this. 533 more words


Kanban at home

I recently read Personal Kanban: my experience by @tisquirrel a good post on how to use a personal Kanban board to reinforce the feeling of accomplishment that can sometimes be lost when things are hectic at work. 298 more words


How to change your organization for better security (Part 2)

This is a three-part blogpost about how to change your organization for better security, even when you are not in power. Last blogpost we saw how to get our rational, analytical mind in action. 1.542 more words

Oracle Security

The intersection of the plan and reality (Kanban pt. 2)

In my last post, I shared some high level information about the way that my team is currently using the Kanban system for work management. In the nine months that we’ve been using this method, we’ve made a fair number of adaptations to make it work for us. 798 more words


Episode 87: Coffee From The Trenches with Henrik Kniberg

Renee and Craig catch up with Henrik Kniberg at Scrum Australia 2014 where he tries coffee for the first time in ten years at the Paramount Coffee Project (the best coffee in Sydney according to Renee). 355 more words

Get more done by doing less! (Kanban pt. 1)

About a year ago, after several years of leading top notch technical resources, I took a step back to think about what my team was doing and how effective it really was. 1.226 more words