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General Mills Plans Cheerios Ancient Grains

Will include quinoa, spelt and Kamut, as well as its signature oats.

General Mills Plans Cheerios Ancient Grains

By Dave Fusaro, Editor in Chief

Oct 31, 2014… 193 kata lagi


Thanksgiving Buddha Bowl with Super Tart Cranberry Sauce

Happy Thanksgiving!  I made this cranberry sauce and Buddha bowl earlier in the week to give my taste buds a preview of the holiday.  I figured this may give you guys a little inspiration for what you can do with some of the leftovers of the day! 327 kata lagi


What is sprouted flour?

A sprouted grain is simply a grain that´s been allowed to sprout and begin to germinate. Some of the starch in the grain breaks down into simple sugars in the process which the body can use for quick energy. 333 kata lagi

Healthy Food

159. MAMMA LIEVITO - Mamma Lievito with kamut dough (14,50€)


  • DESCRIPTION: Mamma Lievito (Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella cheese, salmon, pistachios from Bronte, fresh basil)
  • COUNTRY: Italy
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS: Bastioni di Porta Volta, 11, 20121 Milano…
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Nutritional Grasses: Gluten? Grains?

Nutritional grasses, commonly known as cereal grasses, are the young green sprouts that grow into cereal grains such as wheat, barley, oats, and alfalfa. The nutritional profiles of these grasses are similar to or better than many dark green vegetables, although the human gastrointestinal system cannot digest them by merely chewing and swallowing them. 595 kata lagi


147. ITALPIZZA - GRAN PIZZERIA Margherita Bio Kamut (3,29€)


  • INGREDIENTS: Dough (wheat flour Khorasan organic KAMUT® 44%, water, organic sunflower oil, iodized salt, yeast), 20% organic mozzarella (milk, salt, microbial rennet, lactic ferments), 15% tomato paste, Organic sunflower oil, iodinated salt, organic oregano).
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