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Due etti e mezzo di pasta di kamut all’amatriciana, come formaggio ho usato parmigiano, pecorino e provolone. Per finire, quattro gallette di riso con la marmellata.



I have now made my own sourdough starter from scratch. Using different flours, I have experimented with Rye flour, Spelt and even Khourosan, or Kamut as it is also known, and each one has grown successfully and become a usable sourdough starter. 456 more words


5 Ancient Grains You Need to Try

The hottest new food trend is actually pretty old. Way, way old. The same whole grains grown by ancient Egyptians, Ethiopians, Aztecs, and Incas are shaking up the 21st century as they’re now appearing in staples like Cheerios and Chobani yogurt, with many more products expected to hit the shelves in 2015. 774 more words

What's Wrong with Modern Wheat?

Grain has been at the heart of humankind’s diet for thousands of years. It is, in fact, the foundation of civilization: it cultivates easily, stores for years in kernel form, releasing its nutritional bounty when the seed is ground and prepared into fresh breads or porridges. 9 more words

Ancient Grains: Cooking with Kamut

“…it seemed a part of her life, to step from the ancient to the modern, back and forth. She felt rather sorry for those who knew only one and not the other.

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Katak Mutiara Temennya Temenku Temennya Lagi Temennya Lagi Temennya Lagi, Lagi-lagi Temennya. Duh!

Blog baru nih critanya. Untuk mengawali posting pada blog baru ini, marilah sejenak bersama-sama kita berdoa untuk para pahlawan yang telah mendahului kita.. Berdoa, mulai…. 153 more words


Whole Pita Breads with Kamut® Flour

Is it worth making Pita bread at home? ABSOLUTELY! Freshly baked pitas are far superior to shop-bought and are amazingly simple to make. Try them stuffed with raw veg, or dipped into humus. 407 more words