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100% Kamut Shortbread Cookies

100% Kamut (Khorasan) Shortbread Cookies

What better way to experience the marvelously rich, buttery aroma of organic Kamut flour than in a classic shortbread cookie. 483 kata lagi


Kamut with quince

Kamut is the most delicious grain, its texture and nutty rich flavor is unique. I would be pleased to hear suggestions and tips about its use as it is a new ingredient for me. 204 kata lagi


Gateau Grand Marnier from Mary and Vincent Price's Treasury of Great Recipes

Gateau Grand Marnier from Mary and Vincent Price’s Treasury of Great Recipes… Joining the #TreasuryCookalong…. Varying a classic cake recipe with whole grain flours and kefir…  Contemplating how a global luxury brand treats its workers in Haiti…  Being relaxed as the cake breaks just before the photo for the blog… 1.247 kata lagi

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kamut pasta - makes you horny?

When I received a press release about Kamut pasta – I knew right away that I had to try it. Firstly as a member of slimming world (a terrible member who needs to follow the rules better!) I welcome carbs if matched with the right vegetables, so pasta is always a great choice for me. 274 kata lagi


Fluffy Khorasan Pancakes

Yield: 4 3.5 inch pancakes (1 serving)

Time: 15 Minutes Prep; 8 Minutes Cooking

Temperature: 320°F if using a griddle; medium heat if using a stove. 506 kata lagi


Blueberry Muffins Made With Khorasan Wheat

Yield: 6 muffins

Time: 30 Minutes Prep; 30 Minutes Baking

Temperature: 350°F/177°C/Gas Mark 4

Nutrition: 299 kcal; 48 g carbs; 3.4 fiber; 10.4 g fat (5.9 saturated); 6 g protein; For a complete nutritional breakdown, go… 844 kata lagi


Crusty Khorasan Sourdough Loaf

Yield: 900 g loaf; 14 slices (65 g)

Allow at least 12 hours for pre-doughs
1 hour 15 min for mixing final dough and four stretch and folds… 1.213 kata lagi