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You can only become good at something, improve at something, if you practice that something. In the case of the kitchen, that often means making the same things again and again. 805 kata lagi

Burrito Bowl aka #chipotleaintgotnothingonme

  • Kamut or brown rice cooked and drained
  • Kidney or black beans
  • Chile’s
  • Tomatoes
  • Organic greens
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Salsa

Layer in whatever way you desire. You could add meat as well. 44 kata lagi

Smoothie Bowls, Healthy Like You Expect, But Light as They Should Be

Smoothie bowls have been praised for their nutrient density, yet shunned for their sugar content. Many of these healthy looking bowls are over 600 calories! This one lowers the sugar and calories, keeping all the good stuff. 105 kata lagi

Ancient grains with new bite

Ancient grains with new bite

Ancient grains amaranth, freekeh, farrow,quinoa, Kamut. Photographed at the Great Lakes Culinary Center.(Photo: Jessica J. Trevino, Detroit Free Press)Buy Photo… 1.257 kata lagi


Mimpi yang Tenggiiih

Sebuah pekerjaan besar merupakan hasil dari pekerjaan kecil yang bersatu. Suatu pekerjaan yang kecil tersebut akan terus tumbuh jadi besar jika dilakukan dengan sepenuh hati dan kesadaran tanpa keterpaksaan. 103 kata lagi


lemon and anise easter bread

It has been so, so long (a couple years?) since I last made bread using commercial yeast. It was like a dream. The dough rose in  1.032 kata lagi


Just call me Yeasty: the rise

Yeasty has risen… My bread that is.
My starter really got underway towards the end of this last week, and smells like a sweet yeasty heaven which gave me the courage to attempt another loaf of bread. 1.013 kata lagi