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ShadowDoguso's Favorite Kamen Rider: 3

Fittingly, for 3 is OOO:

OOO is an experience inspired from Eastern religion prominent in Japan, not really Taoist though; it’s more of Buddhist. It has my favorite Rider, OOO. 653 kata lagi


Malaysian's favorite Kamen Riders

Coming from our newcomer writer and toy photographer from Malaysia.

  1. Faiz
  2. Gaim
  3. Fourze
  4. OOO
  5. Den-O

5. Den-O: So funny + Zenoros. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

4. OOO: So many combinations, Greed and Ankh. 57 kata lagi


Samurai X The Movie

Who doesnt know about Samurai X ? Its my favourite cartoon in late 90’s, the stories about skilled samurai who stand up against villain in Edo Tensei Era. 35 kata lagi


Ecoolarg, "The Big LebOOOski's Dudism is greater than Shadow Doguso's Taoism."

For a while, Eastern religion expert, Shadow Doguso has been writing an article about Tao and Buddhism.

But I don’t call Buddha or Tao or OOO by their names. 468 kata lagi


Shadow Doguso's Top 5 Kamen Riders: Runner Up

Runner up:


What I enjoyed was:

Kamen Rider Chalice’s story,

Blade’s story from halfway to end,

and the general relationships of the characters.

Chalice’s story was quite the tragedy. 258 kata lagi


LBCrimson's Top 5 Kamen Rider Series



I really liked what Yasuko did with the characters. The monsters are interesting design. The whole Greed concept is very unique.

4 Fourze… 99 kata lagi

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