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O jovem ilustrador francês Julien Brogard utiliza uma série de técnicas mas pouca variedade de cores, propositalmente em seus trabalhos. Suas referências artísticas são uma mistura deliciosa de amor, erotismo, sexo, vida, morte, bem e mal. 75 kata lagi

Dicas E Indicações

Positioning for Pleasure: 1Ohhh1

Here we are in our 3rd week discussing the foundational “baesex” of sexuality.

Baesex is making sure that before you can give your lover (or bae) the best sex of their life, you’re giving it to yourself first… Because sex is a gift you give yourself! 1.091 kata lagi

Erotic Couples Yoga

Erotic Couples Yoga

By: Elisa

Chakras: Root and Sacral (This pose stimulates the following Chakras)

Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine in tailbone area. 929 kata lagi


The mystery of love and sex

Sex and love are these two phenomenon always seen as loathing in the society. We fail to understand these two words completely. The universal message of brotherhood based on love. 548 kata lagi


If I could../
I would…/
Grab you like I was rude…/
Strip you nude…/
Rough enough to make u feel good…/
You’d push me like you not in tune…/ 64 kata lagi