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True friendship

True friend is like a penis, he stands up for you in times of need. A genuine friend is like a bra, she supports you at all times. 353 kata lagi


The Kama Sutra video game that never was

In an interview with Eurogamer at the Devlop conference, Sony Computer Entertainment executive producer Pete Smith explained the weirdest video game pitch that was ever brought before him – A Kama Sutra videogame that would utilise the PlayStation’s camera – the Eyetoy. 303 kata lagi


The Kama Sutra Diet: A Guide to Eating Foods That Enhance Your Sex Life

I’ll be honest—it was only recently that I learned that the “Kama Sutra” is full of voluminous prose dedicated to the merits of a thoughtful diet. 485 kata lagi


The Moral of the story

I enjoyed this. I don’t know the origin though.

Kamasutra says

1. Kamasutra says : If you suck one nipple, the women herself offers the other one.

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Is Kamasutra Pornography? Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev questions and explains

s Kamasutra pornography? Is the ancient Indian scripture on sex really a bad thing? Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev questions and also explains the philosophy behind the book. 301 kata lagi


Redeeming the Kamasutra

In a book that will change how some view theKama Sutra, Doniger (The Hindus) reveals the classic Indian text as far more than a sex manual, calling it a handbook for sensuous living. 170 kata lagi


~ Decolonizing misconceptions about Khajurao Temple, KamaSutra & Hinduism

How to Save 95% of Body & Mind Energy in life??…Every individual generally spends 90-95% of energy on thinking only about Money & Bodily Pleasures…which is a major cause of sufferings/problems in today’s world. 27 kata lagi