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Don't badmouth AKA'S fathering skills or else Dj Zinhle will deal with you accordingly

Zinhle has every reason to be upset with her baby daddy, but she will not allow anyone to bad mouth her daughter’s father.

AKA and Bonang received major backlash this week after Twitter users believed they found proof of the pair’s romance. 49 kata lagi

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31 Days of Fear: Pulse (Kairo)

One day of Halloween horror just isn’t enough here at FILM IN WORDS, therefore, we’ve curated 31 days 472 kata lagi
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[REQUEST] 回路-Kairo- – Dying

This song was requested by Eiki.
A request I already knew!
And I love it.
I like Murasa a lot, her theme a lot, her background a lot, and this song is perfect for her. 563 kata lagi


Rapper AKA and Zinhle split just weeks after welcoming a baby

South African rapper AKA, who welcomed a baby girl about a month ago with Zinhle Jiyane, have split. The popular South African DJ announced the split today on her site. 87 kata lagi


AKA and Dj Zinhle Split

In a shock announcement, DJ Zinhle revealed that she and AKA are parting ways.

Zinhle posted a statement on her blog, MomentsbyDJZinhle. confirming the news ” Amicable Separation”. 398 kata lagi

DJ Zinhle

Surviving the First Week with “Our Victorious One”

In a new diary post on her blog MOMents by DJ Zinhle, Zinhle tells all about her baby girl’s first week and explains how she and baby daddy AKA decided on the names. 384 kata lagi

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(回路-KAIRO-) 556T – 君と私と穏やかな旅

First things first: I was very busy lately, and couldn’t work on requests.
Some scans I have are really low quality, so it’s hard to understand kanjis with lots of strokes, and others are longer than the Bible itself, so… just give me some time. 555 kata lagi