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Cairo in Black and White 

I spent 6 days in Cairo. For some that might be a long time, but I am on a tight budget and was not able to travel to other cities. 271 kata lagi

Au Pair

Red Rooms, Haunted Screens, and the Terror of Loneliness

Mention Japanese urban legends and you’ll probably think of kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouthed woman who terrifies children by removing her surgical mask to reveal a bloody grin. 1.032 kata lagi

(post) Grad Life

Quiet Day at the Inn

It is pouring rain, so the pups are all in relaxing. Yesterday was warm, but the sun left us early in the day. I took the dogs down to our new lake/pond and tried to teach Diesel to swim, ha – I am sure you can imagine how that went!! 122 kata lagi

Bella & Kairo - Best Buddies

Well I am back from an intense 5 day Art Workshop in Nelson, whew – I learnt lots, but was done in at the end of each day. 144 kata lagi

Kurosawa's Women

By now, everyone’s heard of Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Best Director win at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard. After 2008’s Tokyo Sonata, the man had been sort of lying low, making a TV series,  721 kata lagi


The Abandoned World of Kairo

Kairo is creepy.  It’s creepy because it drops you into a pit of grainy monoliths and industrial ambient sound.  It’s creepy because it’s subversive in its simplicity and obscurity.   1.165 kata lagi

Game Reviews

Mau Shalat Kok ke Kuburan

Ya ‘ammu, nahnu nuridu tsalatsata tamar hindi.” Dengan bahasa fusha yang lengkap dengan harakat huruf terakhirnya, kuutarakan pesananku pada seorang pelayan ashab Gami’. Ia menggeleng-gelengkan kepala tanda tak paham. 2.428 kata lagi