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Kurosawa's Women

By now, everyone’s heard of Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Best Director win at Cannes’ Un Certain Regard. After 2008’s Tokyo Sonata, the man had been sort of lying low, making a TV series,  721 more words


Chapter 9

[ I would like everyone’s opinion on what my name should be. Yours, Lleno’s, and Damian’s. ] 306 more words


Chapter 7

Kairo hazily watched a wolf as it loped along. It had brown fur that was speckled with cream spots, and a russet undertone around the joints. 1.205 more words


Chapter 5

Another day, another challenge, another race Kairo had to sit out. Praelia’s Judgement was challenged by a team three spots down, the Lightning heads, or something like that. 452 more words


The Abandoned World of Kairo

Kairo is creepy.  It’s creepy because it drops you into a pit of grainy monoliths and industrial ambient sound.  It’s creepy because it’s subversive in its simplicity and obscurity.   1.165 more words

Electron Dance

Chapter 3

Kairo was at the Praelia’s Judgement Wearhouse, scrolling through the files on his bracelet for his favorite game. The other crew members were there too, milling around or making adjustments to their hover boards. 1.169 more words


Chapter 1

Kairo sat and stared into the dancing flames that reached up in an endless struggle to lick the night sky. He was sitting nearby an abandoned warehouse on a makeshift metal bench with two other members of the boarding crew he was in. 1.258 more words