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Kairo, by Locked Door Puzzle (2012) is a distillation of the puzzle game, taking the common tropes that are typical of these kinds of games and abstracting and reducing them to their most basic forms. 558 kata lagi


BEAUTY: How Japanese Keep Warm When Out

Japanese Heat Pack – Kairo

Japanese Heat Pack – Kairo

Japanese Heat Pack – Kairo

BEAUTY – How Japanese keep warm when out – Taking a look at the “Kairo”. 584 kata lagi


killing magic

killing magic

Circle: 回路-kairo-
Vocals: 556t
Arrange & Lyrics: Megane
Album: The world is too small (wide) we are to live comfortably
車椅子の未来宇宙 (Future Universe of Wheelchair), 大空魔術 ~ Magical Astronomy (Celestial Wizardry ~ Magical Astronomy) 364 kata lagi


[REQUEST] 回路-kairo- – remember

This song was requested by Eiki.
I have so much things to say which are not related to this post that I’m dying.
But I won’t until the end of this month, so I have to keep quiet. 584 kata lagi


Det digitala Hallwylska museet

Den digitala utvecklingen erbjuder många spännande möjligheter att nå ut till den befintliga liksom ny publik. Det är trots allt ganska behagligt att kunna sitta hemma och ändå kunna förkovra sig inom olika ämnen. 500 kata lagi

Don't badmouth AKA'S fathering skills or else Dj Zinhle will deal with you accordingly

Zinhle has every reason to be upset with her baby daddy, but she will not allow anyone to bad mouth her daughter’s father.

AKA and Bonang received major backlash this week after Twitter users believed they found proof of the pair’s romance. 49 kata lagi

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Dear readers, watchers, listeners and commentators! will be closed down by mid-December. So I am putting out everything I have already written until end of November – three times a week. 759 kata lagi