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Chapter 11, part 2

In which many battles are lost

Kain frowned at the pair of them, his dark eyes unreadable. Her gaze fell down his body as he approached, her posture stiffening when she fixated on his hands. 2.390 kata lagi

Book 1

Kutu Baru Jumputan

Kutu Baru Jumputan 

Kutu baru jumputan  proses Handprint
Kode : Hijau
Bahan : Kain Katun Jumputan Cengkehan
Ukuran :

– Lingkar Dada : 100cm… 19 kata lagi


Chapter 11, part 1

In which too many conversations are happening at once

Someone had lost something in her nest of blankets.

That was the best sense her brain could make of the sensation that was waking her. 3.361 kata lagi

Book 1

Chapter 10, part 2

In which mind over matter proves to be very, very true, and very dangerous

Kain expression clouded in his sleep, head turning as if he could escape whatever was trying to bring him to wakefulness. 2.215 kata lagi

Book 1