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কাবা শরিফের উপর দিয়ে পাখি উড়ে যেতে পারে না?

কাবা শরিফের উপর দিয়ে নাকি পাখি উড়ে যেতে পারে না?

আমি ছোটবেলায় শুনেছিলাম, কেউ শুনেছেন এটা???  তাহলে বলি।

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My sister in-law told me how her father had felt when he was going for Hajj. He was so scared and nervous he apparently nearly had a heart attack. 405 kata lagi


18. "Umrah" (The Hajj Journal)

September 14, 2015

I performed Umrah last night. Our whole group did right after we got into our hotel.

So the inevitable question: what was it like seeing the Ka’ba for the first time? 1.070 kata lagi


Hidden illustrations

This is a video of the first English translation of the Quran printed in 1734 in England. It has gold around the sides of the holy book. 217 kata lagi

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Anatomy of the Kabah and it’s immediate surroundings

As Muslims, we face the Kabah for all our prayers. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, have you ever thought what the… 230 kata lagi



As we had a shifting package the first part of our journey began in Aziziyah. Aziziyah is a small town close to Makkah. On a normal day it would be a 10-15min car journey to the Mosque but during the busier times (Hajj & Ramadan) it can take up to 30-45mins. 343 kata lagi


Jeddah (The Hajj Terminal)

We landed after Maghrib and knew beforehand the process at Jeddah airport would be a long one. I think it took us about 6-7 hours from when we landed to when we got on the coach. 205 kata lagi