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Science Picture Book Pick: Me...Jane

McDonnell, Patrick. Me– Jane. New York: Little, Brown, 2011. Print.

Plot: Young Jane (Goodall) loves her stuffed toy chimpanzee Jubilee, and takes him everywhere she goes. 995 kata lagi

Tandem Post: My Favourite Things

This week for my Tandem contribution I thought that I’d do a little show and tell. A peek into life through my eyes. Or shall I say my eyes, specs and then the camera lens. 331 kata lagi

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Try K3 Real Estate Photography for Free!

Take advantage of K3 Real Estate Photography’s “1 FREE Photograph” promotion during the months of September and October! We will take 1 free photograph of your listing from the outside front of the home. 33 kata lagi


Match Report - Pyeongchang FC 0 - 3 Icheon Citizen

Normally K3 games are pretty competitive with not too much difference between the sides. On their day even the lowest teams in the League (with the exception of the Martyrs, although even they are improving these days) can give the big guns a run for their money. 403 kata lagi

Match Report

Matchday 45 Preview - Deja Vu... Again.

So last time I decided to go to Pyeongchang I ended up not being able to get a seat on the bus. This time there will no such mistakes. 54 kata lagi


Match Report - Cheongju FC 1 - 1 Chunnam Yeonggwang

After the stale old fare of the N-League it was a nice change to be back at K3 to get a whiff of fresh air. In the end this one turned out to be a share of the spoils but it was a pretty open encounter against two fairly evenly matched teams. 535 kata lagi

Match Report