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The title of our Study is entitled “The efficiency of Raw, Activated and Ash forms of Rice Husk as Filter Medium for Primary Treatment of Paper Mill Wastewater”. 259 kata lagi

K3 – The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions or research and innovation in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context

  1. Thesis

    One of the most crucial part and hardest part that will test every students patience and thinking skills is the producing a Research Paper or Thesis.

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Buco Loco Mayo was our project during the ChE Innovation 2014. It was also the same time when we held our Engineering week. Our group decided to create a nutritious mayonnaise as an alternative to the mayonnaise that we all know. 298 kata lagi



APRIL 5-9 2016, our educational tour  in Singapore made me realize that with extensive research and engineering practice, we could come up with solutions to our problems here in the country. 148 kata lagi



During the Environmental Engineering subject, one of our 4th year subject, I got a chance to go to Lemery, Batangas to join the coastal clean up. 169 kata lagi


K5 and K3 - Thesis


Our thesis entitled “Characterization of Precipitated Silica from Rice Straw at Various pH” is not only for the partial fulfilment for our Degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. 180 kata lagi


K3 – #ChEInnovation2014

During my 4th year, we asked to have an innovate somehing to present during the Innovation week for the Engineering Week. Our group decided to create medicines that kids would love to take. 218 kata lagi