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Take 2: Willesborough Windmill

I knew I had a nice shot with this one and actually it is pretty much perfect as it is straight from the camera. The sky is so moody and there’s a lot of detail captured in the shadows. 294 more words


Forte K3 - The Nose

Love or hate, I will leave the decision to you. I’m on the fence and here’s why.


  • The pair of daytime running lights (DRL), running down in a straight line, reminds of me of an emoticon.
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Match Report - Gyeongju Citizen 2 - 4 Pocheon Citizen

This was the second game of the day in Gyeongju and gave the chance to see the stadium under lights. I arrived just a few minutes before kick-off and had to squeeze my way past the two teams waiting to enter the pitch to get to my seat in the stand. 396 more words

Match Report

Mengenal K3 (Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja)

Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3) adalah bidang yang terkait dengan kesehatan, keselamatan, dan kesejahteraan manusia yang bekerja di sebuah institusi maupun lokasi proyek. Tujuan K3 adalah untuk memelihara kesehatan dan keselamatan lingkungan kerja.[1] K3 juga melindungi rekan kerja, keluarga pekerja, konsumen, dan orang lain yang juga mungkin terpengaruh kondisi lingkungan kerja. 228 more words


about saturday...

This saturday was a very exciting day for me!
K3 is looking for the new K3, and I signed up and got invited tot the first audition-round!! 280 more words


Match Report - Seoul Martyrs 0 - 14 (FOURTEEN) Icheon Citizen

What exactly are you supposed to say about a game that ends up fourteen nil? I’ve even had to break out the old vidiprinter style writing it out in words after the number just in case some internet equivalent of a passer by sees it and decides that I must have made a mistake. 449 more words

Match Report