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[REPORT] 160212 "Currently Enlisted" JYJ Jaejoong, Hologram Concert... That day certainly Jaejoong was there on stage

Report written by Kstyle News writer 望月美寿. Translated by xiahjunjjyu.

Currently serving the military, Kim Jaejoong held “2016 Kim Jae Joong 2nd Album Hologram real live Concert in Japan” on both days, 9th and 10 February. 2.066 kata lagi


List of the Week #67 - Top Seven Best Looking Kpop Boy Group Visuals

Wow was this a hard list to write… The kpop world is full of absolutely stunning guys, many of them visuals, that just keep blowing my mind time and time again with how amazing they look. 403 kata lagi

List Of The Week

[Season Of Love Project]The Story Left Untold


Author  : minariFini /Title: The Story Left Untold/ Tema : Unspoken Confession/Cast: Kim Jaejong, Iim Hana (Oc) /Other Cast: Park Yoochun/ 4.121 kata lagi

One Shoot

[OTHER TWITTER] 160210 Japanese Musicians Tweet end of Day 2 of Jaejoong's Hologram Concert

Naoki Sugi 

Kim Jaejoong @ Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Day 2, was Amazing!!
To have gotten to perform in such a wonderful concert, I am Happy ^^ 189 kata lagi


[JYJ OFFICIAL LINE] 160210 JYJ JP Official Line Update - Thank you for coming!


Thank you for coming.

We will thank you all, (T/N: or show gratitude) who waited for this day more than anyone, listened to the music, each one thing of the prepared stage, all of it, you thought of it as precious. 22 kata lagi


[OTHER TWITTER] 160209 Japanese Musicians for Jaejoong's band at the Hologram Concert

Kim Jaejoong san Live in Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Day 1 ended!

Being able to do it with musicians of the same generation, it was really stimulating! 197 kata lagi