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TVXQ and JYJ Sex Surveys

Fan of TVXQ or JYJ?

Want to proclaim your affection for Yunho’s Godcock, Changmin’s abs, Jaejoong’s chest, Junsu’s Duckbutt, and/or Yoochun’s voice? Want to write about what the members of TVXQ or JYJ would be like during sex? 393 kata lagi


“Manhole” ep 10~Pil:”I’ll crawl back out of the grave.”

Pil returned to year 2017 and was shocked to see Jin Sook sleeping next to him. He doesn’t understand what is going on and leaves his room. 498 kata lagi


“Manhole” ep 9~Pil:” I already know that behind that smile is someone truly evil.”

Pil returned to the past, before Soo Jin started her relationship with Jae Hyun. He knows that Jin Sook has the letters he sent Soo Jin from the army and sneaks into Jin Sook’s house. 901 kata lagi


6002 Sticky Notes

Messages from: various fans/chunsas as tagged

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Micky Yoochun

(6002 Mailbox)Sky Mail From Macau

Where to begin? And how I heard of the name Park Yoochun.

Here goes…. The encounter interestingly happened late 2013 I was over at my friends’ place for a coffee table dinner by the telly. 674 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun

(6002 Mailbox) From Argentina With Love

Written by: Silvia


Art edits by: Kimi

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Micky Yoochun

(6002 Mailbox) From Me, To Yu

To my Dearest 6002,

It has been a while since I last wrote to you. So much had happened over the past 2 years and it seemed like it was a never ending roller coaster ride. 539 kata lagi

Micky Yoochun