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[TRANS] 170204 Junsu's letter to the fans at XIA Toscana Fanmeeting

When did I write a letter, it seems it’s been a long period to the point that I can not remember that I didn’t write. It’s a bit awkward and embarrassing too. 385 kata lagi


Thỏ con tự sát

Đây là một cuốn sách hoạt hình được xuất bản từ năm 2003 bởi tác giả người Anh Andy Riley với tựa tiếng Anh là  662 kata lagi

Không Có Trong Sách Vở

170209 [NEWS] From Nonsan② Kim Junsu, worked hard even alone... 13 years without resting

Kim Junsu will be putting a rest to his activities of 13 years without resting.

Today (9th) morning Kim Junsu will be entered through Chungnam Nonsan Army Training centre. 585 kata lagi


DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fans: Let's Make Cassiopeia Great Again! Part 2

And the law making continues! Let’s get back to the basics-

2. Thou Shalt Not Derogate, Demean, or Disparage TVXQ without a valid reason.

Valid reasons DO NOT include: 177 kata lagi

DBSK, TVXQ, and JYJ Fans: Let's Make Cassiopeia Great Again! Part 1

Let’s face it-In the year of 2017, a full 7 years after the split, the state of the fandom is in shambles. This series of posts is a list of policies to Make Cassiopeia Great Again. 240 kata lagi

Beginilah Penampilan T.O.P Big Bang dan Junsu JYJ Saat Di Militer

Pada 15 Februari tempat pelatihan militer di Korea memposting foto grup bersama T.O.P dan Junsu melalui homepage mereka. 51 kata lagi

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