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#AtoZChallenge Day 24: Xia the Dancer

X is for Xia, The Dancer

Let’s talk about Xia as a dancer. I’ve critiqued his music videos and songs before, but I haven’t given a lot of time to his dancing ability. 211 kata lagi


[INFO/VOTE] 160427 Vote for Junsu in CLICK! Starwars for How Can I Love You

Note: this site has language options for both Korean and Japanese.


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[RO SUB] JYJ Fruitful Trip, Partea 1 – Mergand acolo

Partea 0

Partea 1 – Mergand acolo

EnglishSource: Hyeri Haylee

Shared by: JYJ Romania

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Part 0 – First Meeting

Download with eng sub: MEGA


Part 1 – Getting There

Download with eng sub: MEGA


Part 2 – Meeting at the Coffee shop… 39 kata lagi


[OTHER TWITTER] 160421 Toscana Hotel Twitter Update - XIA JAPAN FANMEETING

This year as well Junsu will come to meet everyone with Happiness to you With XIA JAPAN FANMEETING on 4/30, 5/1 at Kobe, Tokyo.
Requesting for everyone’s many interests… 9 kata lagi


[OTHER WEIBO] 160419 Sohu Korea Weibo Update: JYJ 'Fruitful Trip' stills

【Fruitful Trip features & photos 】 #Fruitful Trip# in its first week, did everyone watch it ~?In regards to the 3 guys of #JYJ# going on an outing, did or didn’t their formation leave a deep impression?Whose fashion is more suited to your liking?This little fox is especially prepared for the 3 men’s high-def footage, to lick the big pictures on the screen!! #JYJ# #Kim Jaejoong# #Kim Junsu# #Park Yuchun# 10 kata lagi


[NEWS] 160419 JYJ Junsu, message to Kumamoto Earthquake victims, "do not loose Strength and Hope"

JYJ’s Kim Junsu sent a message towards those who have suffered from the Kumamoto earthquake in Japanese.

Junsu on the 18th, through his personal twitter sent the message, “Hearing about the earthquake that occurred in Kumamoto, my heart hurt. 189 kata lagi