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I am one in thousands........

853 thousand to be exact.
This is the number of customers BG has lost since it announced its price increases in June, according to a headline in the media today. 36 kata lagi

Just A Thought


May you find your life as abundant as the stars in heaven, may you share your wealth with others, may others invite you into their embrace, and may all of us reap the bounty of a plentiful harvest of health, hope, happiness, and hearth. 10 kata lagi


What is Just a Thought?

I figured I should give a little explanation of this section of the blog. One day I got an idea to make a mini-section just for a quick opinion here and there. 40 kata lagi

Just A Thought

I'm not envious, but...................

I am gobsmacked.
Our beloved  Chancellor has announced his Budget today and in a bid to get the property market moving the main headline is… 864 kata lagi


Einstein, Bad Quotes, and You

I’m convinced most people don’t know what Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity really means or anything about what he did beyond that. We take for granted that he was really smart and then quote him as a philosophical piece of evidence for our own agendas. 271 kata lagi

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The Dear Evan Hansen challenge 👕

Hello guys! Hope you’re all having a great week!! If not then try reading a book or going on a walk? Today I’m hitting you up with a tag (how original). 2.232 kata lagi

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