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JaT #1) Potential

You may, like me, lose motivation on your daily devotion to your greater passions; but it’s not that you’re “behind,” it’s that you have the potential to get ahead that matters.

Just a thought…


How often are your dreams cluttered with reality?

An Awesome Book is an exhortation to dream big. It imagines watermelon sailboats and rocket-powered unicorns. It warns about some people who don’t dream big. If they do, it’s about things that already exist and are boring like cars. 108 kata lagi

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Cat Lovers Will Love These

A friend sent me another email with the cutest pictures of cats, and I thought of some of my readers would get a good giggle out of these! 94 kata lagi


Digital Kiosks will Replace Many McDonald's Cashiers

You may want to dust-off your resume and search elsewhere if you work at or were considering working at McDonald’s.

The company has announced that it is installing digital kiosks starting this year. 348 kata lagi

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An Existentialist's Antinatalism

There have been some reoccurring thoughts that I believe may be noteworthy enough to write down at least for myself.

Let’s begin with the reason I started writing to begin with: I’m an existentialist who likes anime. 214 kata lagi

Just A Thought

Need Your Help!

Hi everyone! In a few weeks kelleysdiy is turning 1 year old and to celebrate I am holding a MASSIVE giveaway in August, (I mean lots) of prizes. 156 kata lagi


Weighting in the wings...............

These are my ‘lyrics’ to A Day in the Life

Got on the scales today,
Oh boy.
The needle stopped at thirteen stone or so. 257 kata lagi