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Not orange, orange juice

Today my boyfriend and I made a new juice and it tastes amazing!

We found the recipe online and one batch yields 18 oz. In total we bought 2 bags of carrots, 1 bag of lemons, 2 pears and 1 container of shaved ginger. 99 kata lagi


Weight loss

Hello, it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve done so much since then. Lately my boyfriend and I have challenged ourselves to change our diet so we can lose some weight. 173 kata lagi


Red Juice - addictive and so good for you

This is truly the most amazing juice, and can be adapted ever so slightly to appeal to different taste buds. Containing beetroot and ginger this juice benefits from high amounts of vitamin C, essential minerals, like potassium, and strong anti-inflammatory properties, amongst many other benefits. 147 kata lagi

Learn the Healthy Benefits of Juicing

With our well documented on the go lifestyles we have today combined with highly available fast food, and seemingly endless restaurant options, maintaining a healthy body can be quite a challenging.  652 kata lagi


6 Tools Every Home Cook Needs

With Easter behind us, Mother’s Day will be here before you know it.  A friend asked me to recommend some of my favorite gadgets and I’ve done so below. 646 kata lagi



I’ve just started juicing recently and I’m loving the benefits of it so far. I wanted to share this post since it was tough to get an exact answer from everyone (and videos on YouTube) of the pros and cons of juicing.

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Oh, My Gosh!

Earlier today I posted the blog piece I had written yesterday. Remember how I said we caught one of those dratted critters at least two weeks ago? 629 kata lagi