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Buying A Juicer Machine– Some Essential Points You Need to Consider

Health-freaks would bet upon the benefits of consuming healthy and fresh vegetable or fruit juice. If you are also from the same route, you would probably know there is a myriad of juicers available in the market. 378 kata lagi

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When my daughter became a Vegetarian

It has been almost 1 year when my then 6-year-old girl decided to skip eating meat altogether.

While my son loves his meat every now and then and my husband his sausages, I started cooking several different meals per meal time. 288 kata lagi


Sweet carrot-orange juice

Serving: one glass of juice

You need for this carrot-orange juice:

  • 6 carrots
  • 1 orange
  • 1/3 lime
  • little bit of ginger


Peel and chop all the ingredients to the proper size pieces. 55 kata lagi


Protein Pancakes with Juice Pulp

A few years back I was introduced to protein pancakes. I know there are a lot of different versions but I really like this recipe and recently brought it back to life. 534 kata lagi


Blender & Juicer - Day 19

Today we are talking about kitchen tools that blend, puree, and juice – which covers a variety of tools.  Pull all of these items out of your kitchen cabinets and take a look over them.  409 kata lagi

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My Best Investments

Nowadays, it’s so easy to constantly buy things – what with payment methods becoming increasingly easy, and companies thinking up innovative ways to market their products (some even employ psychologists to boost their chances of getting the most out of their customers’ thought processes!). 825 kata lagi

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More Clyde finds

It’s a long time since I found anything interesting while wandering anywhere along the banks of the River Clyde (not counting Buckfast bottles and similar). 435 kata lagi