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It’s Tarot Monday!
Every Monday, I pick a card for the people of the interweb.

The card I picked for this week is from the Motherpeace Tarot deck. 366 kata lagi


Three-Ball Cascade Juggling

A month ago an acquaintance offered me 3 juggling balls for Christmas. Before receiving this surprising gift I would have never thought about starting juggling, and today I’m all about it. 617 kata lagi


Street Performer in Croydon

One of the interesting things about Croydon is that you never quite know what you will find.

Today whilst looking for the Chinese New Year celebrations we came upon a street performer. 110 kata lagi


Why #MommyFail is no longer for me!

It’s been a spectacular week for Mommy Fail. Case in point, it’s Saturday and I’m finally getting around to writing this week.

I would want to blame the week on Mr. 547 kata lagi


My Working Parent Guilt

I’m sure there are loads of things I should feel guilty about because I work.

I know there are loads of people who argue that nursery is not the best setting for a young baby or child – many who would even say it is harmful – yet it was the choice we made for Bean1 at 7 months old and Bean2 at 11 months. 634 kata lagi


Home Coming: Starting Again

I learned to juggle on the edge of the desert. On the days when the frost didn’t thaw until it was already too late. Until then I’d never considered the desert freezing over. 963 kata lagi


Travelling: 28th of July-24th of August – Part 5; EJC Bruneck

Day 2) Sunday: It was a bit foggy waking as we got up this morning (I moved from by the trees, which I was told was prone to flooding, to Camp New-New-Ireland which is comprised mostly of Irish jugglers from Dublin, and one Danish juggler). 529 kata lagi