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“I am German- African- American Jewish. I am 30 years old. I am social worker for 12-18 years old. I studied Judaism and religious studies. I am doing something really different from what I was doing before. 17 more words


The Curing of a Bibliomaniac Part 20: Noah’s Ark (Barbara Trapido, 1984)

Books left: 6. Weeks left: 10 (home stretch!)

It may well be that somewhere there is a book lover who only cares about the actual content of the books and not about how they look. 804 more words


Blurred lines: work, family, work, family

I’ve been self-employed for eight years, and I love it. The flexibility and freedom to (largely) choose which clients and projects to take on are two of the most brilliant things. 659 more words

What My ADHD Feels Like

Start every day juggling twenty eggs. Five of them are Fabrege eggs, the rest are regular chicken eggs.

Don’t focus too long on any one egg, or you’ll drop the rest. 252 more words

My new website!

Thank you all, loyal blog readers for your support over the past couple of years. Every time a new follower signs up, or I get a comment or a ‘like’ I know that writing this is worthwhile! 95 more words