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Highlanda Sound at Electric Dancehall Atlanta live (8_20_16) **Explicit**

Listen to Highlanda Sound at Electric Dancehall Atlanta live (8_20_16) Explicit by HIGHLANDA SOUND #Reggae #np on #SoundCloud

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"Juggling is sometimes called the art of controlling patterns, controlling patterns in time and space."*...

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Part friendly circus act, part vicious duel: welcome to the world of combat juggling. Unlike the variety show clowns that would entertain you as a child, combat juggling is no joke; this is a competitive contact sport and there can only be one person left standing … er, juggling…

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Am I a clown? 

Juggling. I thought it was just clowns that juggled for entertainment, but no, normal every day people can juggle too it seems. Rather than juggling bowling pins or balls, juggling life seems to be the in thing. 508 kata lagi

The Weekend Gig Gone Wrong: Ten Avoidable Ways to Botch a Gig

We normally don’t like to share stories of how shows go sideways; but since I have a moment I wanted to talk about my experience this weekend of what I shall call the worst executed gig of the weekend.  2.080 kata lagi


Juggling with Melted Balls

We’ve reached the ‘Holiday Hump’ in the Neat Freak Household.

As in everyone is in one and not only are some of us counting down the days until school starts, it’s now officially okay to mention this fact in hushed tones to parenting friends on the same wavelength. 484 kata lagi

Invisible Effect.

Im standing on the edge of a cliff. There is nothing to see in front of me, its just fog, just white space. I can feel the pressure trying to push me over the edge. 333 kata lagi