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Combination Trick

A Little Bit of Everything?

I spent the last year deciding what I wanted this blog to be about. I had a bunch of false starts and a lot of ideas. 1.194 kata lagi


Follow the Light 

Have I gone on too long?

I wanted to follow Wednesday’s post about the 90-4-Whatever Rule with a second post about time. It was a lesson I had to learn on the job and it was a hard one to learn: Finish When You Are Supposed To. 1.203 kata lagi


7 Minutes of Heaven

How long should an act be?

Fifty years ago the standard for variety acts was seven minutes. More or less. That was considered the correct amount of time. 1.067 kata lagi


Gandini's Smashed - perpetuating traditional gender roles in theatre

*Disclaimer: If you want to read about how good these guys are at juggling, or how pretty the apples looked in the air, perhaps look elsewhere. 631 kata lagi

Some "A"s for your imaginary "Q"s

When will there be posts?

You can expect posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The post topics will cover all aspects of comedy juggling including theory, how to get and keep work, money, prop reviews, and interviews with top professionals. 461 kata lagi


What do you care about?

HI READERS!  On Tuesday the 6th of December I performed in the winter showcase for the Leeds Children’s Circus (I’m waiting for an applause).  On Wednesday after school I go to the trapeze and silks class so I performed in the junior aerial.   311 kata lagi