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Is it an act ladies? Are you a professional balancer or do you simply wake every day with a distinct drive, power and mission to live a life you actually love? 1.057 kata lagi

How to let yourself take a break

You’ve got a deadline looming. You are aware of it. But maybe there are other important things also with deadlines attached to them competing for your attention. 1.309 kata lagi

Long-term Illness

Immersive Juggling Research

Circus Geeks received Lab:Time funding to carry out research into an immersive juggling experience.

Doreen Großmann, Iñaki Sastre and Arron Sparks spent 3 days in the Creation Studio at the… 427 kata lagi

Circus Geeks Blog

Getting busy

I really don’t know how you bloggers do it. I had a quiet August, with just one part time job and loads of time on my hands and I got really into blogging. 171 kata lagi


week 414 ~ I have not dropped anything

I have not dropped anything
important don’t cry for me
just grabbing for the brass ring
I have not dropped anything
still room for all life may bring… 14 kata lagi


New balls, please

I can’t actually juggle – yet! – but for less than a tenner I can at least enjoy looking at the things I’m dropping on the floor. 10 kata lagi

Writing, School, Work, Family, Friends... How do we do this?

I’m feeling this a lot lately. I started back at school and officially started revisions. I’m feeling overwhelmed!

School: I know not everyone is in school, but I’ll include it anyway. 338 kata lagi