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continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others, typically for the entertainment of others. (Juggling)


I guess juggling is a good skill to learn. I feel like I can get pretty good at it in a day.

So, this week I decided to teach my self/learn how to juggle. 400 kata lagi


A hamster on a wheel

Time seems to always get away from me, whether it be the day or the weekend. I blink and my weekend is gone and everything I had planned to do hasn’t been done. 205 kata lagi

Country Livin' Thoughts

Juggling School with Babies

I’m still on a blogging break, but just wanted to share my latest post on the MOPS blog.

It took me by surprise how fast my daughter’s first year of school went by. 

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The Juggling Act

I have always been amazed by people who can juggle. The idea of throwing things in the air, and carelessly catch them is intriguing. I prefer to juggle with fire. 374 kata lagi

Floundering In February