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Juggling the Demands of Life

I have always admired jugglers because I have never had the hand eye co-ordination for juggling. One ball or plate is my limit. Still, even a skilled juggler has a limit to how many items can be successfully handled. 403 kata lagi

Life's Conundrums


It has often been said that us men are incapable of multitasking. Everyone knows that us lads just focus on one thing at a time and the fairer sex are the ones who can juggle all of the various different balls that can get thrown at them during the every day life we all experience. 470 kata lagi

Sydney Juggling at EJC

Jugglers from Sydney and from around Australia were well represented at the European Juggling Convention (EJC) this year.

The convention was a great opportunity for Sydney jugglers to meet circus performers and traders from around the world. 172 kata lagi


Duty Does Call

Now, for me to justify an action of mine should be easy- I did commit it.

But, to be completely honest, it isn’t.

If I ever did get the chance to turn back the calendar and choose between the metaphorical red and blue pills, … 703 kata lagi

acts of god

I was down by the pond
cutting the willow back
I had to. It was my responsibility.
I’d been like that guy in the bible… 275 kata lagi


Are all women evil?

The internet is a brilliant place. Some corners of it are a little bit weird, but for every corner filled with pictures of cows in feather boas, there is another which is full of supportive people helping each other out. 800 kata lagi

General Ramblings

Co-Parenting Carousel

When I was 24 I found out I had a kid on the way. Scariest moment of my entire life. I was not ready nor at the time did I want a kid. 1.732 kata lagi