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originally published: Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hallo ihr Lieben,
Interessiert ihr euch für andere Sprachen und fremde Kulturen? Da ich öfter mal unterwegs bin, allein schon weil ich selber deutsch-niederländisch bin, mag ich es total mir neue Länder usw. 555 kata lagi


OST Sensory Couple [Jubi feat. Jang Yijeong – Confusing] Guitar Chord

Intro :

C   G   F   G

Verse :

C   G   F   G (Repeat)

PreChorus :

F   C   F   G (Repeat)

Chorus :

C   G   F   G… 62 kata lagi


SunnyHill "Here I Am" Music Video Review

I know, I know. November is long gone. But I really wanted to talk about this video and I only now finally got the chance to write this review. 764 kata lagi


“Haven’t you forgotten something?”

It had been a rough few days. I’d sent my stepbrother, Grant, an email with the sad news that my dear dog Jubi had passed away. 576 kata lagi

Life In The Bay Area

Johannesberg CPEDI 2014

Heading back to South Africa was a challenging decision to make.  I have to admit I was not keen to leave Europe and knew that it could possibly be to my disadvantage.  191 kata lagi

Mom’s Presence

Last week, as my dog, Jubi, and I were walking past a pre-school a few blocks from our home, a woman was standing nearby holding an infant in her arms. 822 kata lagi

Life In The Bay Area