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Almost Pioneers

Contributed by Karen Wills

My mother, Evelyn Wills, wrote the following true account of her familyโ€™s move from their farm in North Dakota to Montana during the Great Depression. 535 kata lagi

A Prince Among Rabbits...

It is very rare that I write anything personal on this blog. Preferring instead to share the nice little things of life, things to eat, things to grow, things to make and do. 887 kata lagi


I Remain

I wanna go back,
To the infinite, unending loneliness of the mountains:
To the boy I motherfucking love (more than all this world) who was so goddamn heroic on his own… 161 kata lagi


Hey, you...

Why do I do the things I do?

Thinking of you leads to no good.

Nothing but empty words.

Missing you.

Wishing there was an us. 14 kata lagi