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Throw Back Thursday Journal

Is it real, Am I really twenty-six years old today? I was in high school when I first started consistently writing in a private journal. Sometimes, I wrote two times a day. 888 kata lagi

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For My Brother

I spent my early teens to now thinking that i’ll never be like them

My father, your father, and all the hopeless men

But you’re locked away somewhere upstate… 162 kata lagi


The Meal

Today I hung out and accomplished very little as I had to deal with the plumber who had come to fix our shower and sink. I also played batman the telltale series a bit. 412 kata lagi


Never thought I would be 'that guy'

Never imagined I would be a narcissist.

Never thought I would be trying to end solid friendships without a good reason. But then again, I never thought I would have solid friendships to begin with. 736 kata lagi


#ThrowbackThursday to the Desires of My Heart

I wrote this blog on my previous blog five years ago.  I was going to put the site on here, but it looks like my Blogspot account was deleted! 1.409 kata lagi


I Feel...

Today, I cried on five separate occasions. I’m a pretty strange crier; I don’t make a sound, I just have a few tears streaming down my face. 224 kata lagi