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Some girlfriends would help much more – 14th June 2000

Wednesday 14th Mr H dragged me out of the common room today for “a quiet word”. Mum’s asked him if he knows if anyone in school has organised for donations to be sent wherever due to… 377 kata lagi


Day 88 - A Beautiful Lesson

Semacam liburan panjang, tapi gak liburan juga. Dua hari belakangan gue harus istirahat di apartemen karena sakit. Berarti empat hari dari Sabtu gue gak kerja, tapi ga ada enak-enaknya. 987 kata lagi


On Alcohol

This past weekend was one of the top days in the year for drinking without restraint. Not only that, it fell on a Saturday so there was little keeping people across the US from getting completely blasted. 758 kata lagi


We Labor In Vain and Yet The House Get Built


Name one man in the Bible who had a normal monogamous relationship and a healthy family.

Adam – Son murdered the other son… 1.187 kata lagi


Ohana means no one gets left behind, or forgotten..

This was from last week, I just hadn’t had the chance to type it up. Sorry I deleted my post a few weeks ago, I just decided it was too personal and not private enough. 1.083 kata lagi

Day 78

The result of last week training was rather mixed. I skipped several days out of sheer laziness. 1 day was spent with a friend, who had helped me out in the tangle of mess recently. 228 kata lagi