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30 Reasons....

Well I already have a personal journal I write in about life, I probably overgram  on Instagram (cmattison), I have a Facebook and a Twitter (@1Girl1Geek) account, and I have things I obsess over on Pinterest. 62 more words



I don’t even remember the last one I was genuinely happy. For as long as I can remember I always thought that as time went by it would get better. 159 more words

Speaking in riddles, kissing in code.
Who knew there was a world outside our own?
Green eyes- focal point, fighting until we missed the point. There’s a pitch black night sky, bright white moon and it’s leading my mind back to nothing new.  182 more words


Thursday at the 2015 SummerWords Creative Writing Festival

The SummerWords Creative Writing Festival is now well underway. Halfway through the conference already and I wish it wouldn’t go by so quickly. So far so good. 592 more words

So you’re standing there in the middle of your whole world and you’ve finally managed to get it balanced. You’re looking at it in an artistic light- you’ve learned to mould it on your own and you’re alone but you’re not at all lonely. 346 more words

Words that came out of my mind during a 10pm conversation

Isn’t it strange how humans always try to instantly “fix” or “destroy” their negative emotions? As though we’re supposed to be on this constant stream of happiness. 253 more words