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The day, finally.

So it’s the 29th of November year 2015. The day I am finally flying to the Land of the Rising Sun, temples, castles, takoyakis, and animes. 700 kata lagi


Justin Bieber: A Role Model For Today's Youth?

I spent much time today while being dragged around a Garden Centre to choose a fibre optic Christmas tree trying to think what my post could be about tonight and after contemplating a variety of options including one about pants and another on vegetables, then I come up with this?! 272 kata lagi


At Peace with Ourselves

On Thursday I ended up in tears again at some of the parenting issues I’ve been facing. Hubby has been away for almost six weeks (due home soon!) and the pressures of solo-parenting began to get to me. 788 kata lagi

Personal Growth

Ah Ha to Self

Ah Ha to Self

As I sit here looking at myself in the mirror I smile. I smile at me because I am happy with myself. 264 kata lagi

Some Things To Talk About Or Express

A day in the #Vanlife. November 27. San Antonio

One thing I’ve learned through this whole spark plug ordeal is alwaya make sure you have the right tools for the job. A lesson I should have already known from long ago, but for some reason, I can’t get it through my thick skull. 470 kata lagi


Feeling the Burn

I have found that people who are physically active typically gravitate toward a certain form of exercise, or at least stick to one area. Typically because they want to build themselves a certain way. 938 kata lagi


New Blog Title and Header

I decided my blog has become more a journal of my sketches so I changed the name to ‘Teri’s Sketch Journal’ and I inserted a new header image.