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Wild Vine, Soda Pop

For as long as I can remember, I have abided by principles of aesthetic discrimination. I remember this most early taking places with video games as a young child. 1.445 kata lagi


Talent Is Just An Illusion (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: M. Davis

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Yep. There’s Nothing In This World That You Can Not Accomplish… 317 kata lagi


April 29, 2017

Why do I feel guilty when I set boundaries?

Why does the word NO wear on my soul, like a file to my fingernails?

I know that what I’m doing is good but I feel guilty, angry, sad, and neglectful when I set these boundaries. 276 kata lagi

Trigger Warning

Double or Nothing

I’m 53 days away from University Exam. If you are a student in Vietnam, that’s a big deal. If you are in a country, where to get into a college, you just have to fill in a couple of papers, you have saved yourself from a lot of stress. 251 kata lagi


Magical Cherry Blossom Adventure

Another orbit around the sun, another spring will come. 
As the world awakens, the celebration begins. 
Colours ignite, buds of flowers bloom.
The trees regain their leaves, cherry blossoms.  61 kata lagi


Just like that, we’re a third of the way through 2017. I’m traveling the new two weeks, first to NYC/DC for some Sustainable Development Goals work, and second to Chengdu, China to meet with academic partners at Sichuan University. 1.586 kata lagi


My Mountains Led

Back in July 2013, I hiked to the top of the volcano, La Soufrière, in St. Vincent standing at just 1,234 m.

Then in October 2015 & again in the same month in 2016, I hiked 2,256 m to the peak of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. 1.031 kata lagi

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