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Coffee & Me

Like many, I can’t start my day without coffee. Of course, I wasn’t always that way. Coffee wasn’t a habit until I went to college. 479 kata lagi


Gothic and Symphony

Your silence, I solemnly heed
As dissent not to bid
Its wisdom my holy creed
Its light with reverence I tread.

Your silence, my sacred law… 40 kata lagi


A page from my old journals - Awkward crush stage

june 4th

today is the official day/start of summer !!

yayyy yuppi kayo

anyways , yearsterday was the best day because of ┬ájakob and that it was the last day of school( didn’t feel like it at ) and my blog is starting to get some attention . 326 kata lagi


Sunday, 4th October

Hello lovely people!

I’m full of good news today:

  • I’ve gotten enough sleep the past two nights
  • I’ve made great arrangements with Jennifer
  • I’m back to normal with Silvia…
  • 643 kata lagi

Journal 4: Lines and Ratio

Using the last journal entry my ratio between work in class and out is 1:1 from 18 hours worked in both class and out. My second journal entry the ratio of Class Hours to Homework worked on out of class is 2:3 from 18 hours of class to 27 hours of work.