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September 23rd 2019

Today was a slow moving day. I took on class on English Literature to 8 graders. It was Shelly’s Poem Ozymandias. There is a mysterious traveler to Egypt who gazes the remains of Ramses 2nd. 464 kata lagi



Lucy’s back at the Dollar Tree in search of more puzzles. She has as many suitable 24 piece puzzles as she can find. In line behind her, a mother and her three young daughters of varying ages are filled with spunk and curiosity. 59 kata lagi

Sand Between Your Gills

Woke up this morning feeling like I haven’t slept in two days, and stood on my feet for most of the weekend stretch.

Which is mainly accurate. 113 kata lagi

BBQ cabins and walks in the woods

Yesterday we went out to Deeside Log Cabins to get a part for our shed (we bought our shed from them) and they have a wonderful BBQ cabin/spa/sauna that I took some photos of. 161 kata lagi


a reflection 映り込み

There is a river close to my house.
There is Osaka city on the other side of the river.
My husband found a beautiful reflection on the bridge, so I took the pictures. 12 kata lagi



I read another message. Phone lights up. I see it, I may even open it.

And then I let it go.

It’s almost like my mind is a crate. 458 kata lagi