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Sometimes words, sometimes prayers,
Or just silence.


Movies watched on 7-30-15

Rebel Intruders-Standard, but still fun Cheh/Venoms movie. I loved how the bloodspray & fight-choreography got taken up a notch near the end.

The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On… 33 kata lagi


Friday, 31st July 2015

A new Coca-Cola advert plays on the urban legend, which claims that only two executives know the drink’s secret recipe, and that they’re not allowed on an aeroplane together in case it crashes and the secret is lost:


Love yourself, as you are...

It’s always wonderful–yes, I am sure it is incredible–to find someone who loves you as you are. Yes, I am sure I would be in a state of perfect bliss if I found someone to love me as I am. 377 kata lagi


interlude (meditations): window at night

As my depression grows and dips and sways and blossoms until it reaches its truest, angriest form — a black hole — I find myself with my head through the first-floor window of my bedroom, breathing in the night air, trying to stop myself from spinning and spiraling into the angry black hole, as if the night air is the only thing stopping me from falling into the molecule-blasting black vortex. 403 kata lagi