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Pangolin Sketches

For my biomorphic endangered animal, I chose a Pangolin. I think the scales will be a challenge to draw, for sure, but I think it will be a learning experience and it will be fun! 17 kata lagi



nothing’s more beautiful than you

the creases at the edge of your perfect smile

that smile that makes me excited to wake up everyday

your bright eyes… 114 kata lagi

Journal Fourteen--After Camp: Screaming

Now after a few days back from camp–a completely new person–I’d already got onto porn twice on my phone. I knew going to flip wasn’t an option, but decided that keeping this smart phone wasn’t worth it. 397 kata lagi


I Will Thrive Through The Attacks

As of lately I have been enduring a lot of pain due to an affair and I have asked God why me? but God has asked me! 832 kata lagi


Journal Thirteen--The Last Day of Camp

Last day of camp: Awesomeness to the max. Main event: David had talked about going to Central America for two and a half years to build a church. 94 kata lagi


Journal Twelve--Day Three of Camp

Day three of camp: Super awesome. My younger brother Josiah lifted his hand during worship and it slammed me hard. I was bawling during the rest of worship. 286 kata lagi


Journal Eleven--Day Two of Camp

Day two of camp: Awesome as well. I was praying over Dakota at the alter. After he got up, everyone left, but I decided to stay. 223 kata lagi