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R / February 2017

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Come on honey

Come closer

Oh don’t you want to

For God’s Sake

Don’t you want to


 How the lonely

Souls… 276 kata lagi


21st May 2018 | Liberty from Ice cage

When I got my consciousness, I was standing in the grand circular shaped valley surrounded completely with gargantuan ice glaciers. Something like in image below. 586 kata lagi


The Shape of Skulls

After her husband died, she painted black geometric patterns on his skull, lined its eyesockets with rhinestones and gerberas, and capped his teeth with gold. 76 kata lagi


5th hatch

Hold on boy

I’m coming for you


Mixed Media Folk Art Face + Journal Page

I used grocery paper bags to create some of my journal pages. It’s time to recycle.



During the summer of 2009, I was working as a divemaster on the Greek island of Santorini. As the season came to an end, I thought to myself: how can I give back to the ocean I love? 1.455 kata lagi


The sounds of my childhood

Clip clop clip clop. These sounds have been running though my mind every time I hear the rhythm. The rhythm will appear in mundane everyday tasks that will remind me of the horse hooves stomping the asphalt as they once did on Fifth Avenue. 625 kata lagi