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25 June 2019 - Cleaning Day

Today I cleaned the whole house, I had another salad for lunch, I attended a course in town, did some shopping and spoke to my sister. 59 kata lagi



I did a little bit of lifting yesterday. I did five sets of five reps with 90 pounds on the bench press. I did some biceps curls and other arm and shoulder exercises with a 20 pound dumbbell. 344 kata lagi


Journal June 26 2019

One more hour of work.
I feel good about it.
I am ready.
And just in time to get health health health
And fun fun fun.
God bless me.


Kage no Otoko

From the beginning
His heart has lived upon the souls
Of curvaceous women

From the flower
Blossom of her mouth his lips take
A portion of her… 68 kata lagi


Journal 6/25/'19

Berkeley, Wednesday, June 26, 2019 1:03 AM

It was a productive day.

Around 9:00 AM, I went to Safeways to get quickly fruit and bread. Though, I just ate the grafruit and the coffee. 296 kata lagi


hey there

Good morning
lots of hugs and kisses from
Bremen Georgia