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11 May 2009

I have to get all of this shit sorted out, and whether I’m talking about a book or my general situation I’m not sure. This shouldn’t be so difficult a thing. 165 kata lagi


The Big Day

Everyone keeps asking, “When is the wedding?” I just say I don’t know, because I don’t. I’m sure they’re just trying to make conversation which isn’t always easy with me because I tend to shut people out. 260 kata lagi


Coloring INSIDE the Lines: 2016-07-29

I’m intrigued by the recent explosion of “adult” coloring books on the market. So, at the risk of offending a lot of people, here’s my take. 310 kata lagi


8 May 2009

I don’t understand this world or these damn people. I don’t know if basil is mad at me or what, but he was nowhere in sight this morning. 139 kata lagi


Stay Positive (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Amanda Sanchez

Founder & Owner of:  Bibliosmia

Staff Member, Contributor, Successful Living Writer

There are moments in life where you can really feel defeated. 369 kata lagi


Rainy Days.

Dear Journal,

Today, it was gloomy, slightly cooler and rainy day.  The lovely sound of the rain through an open door was so tranquil, I could listen to it all day long.   8 kata lagi

Everyday Things

:) :) :)

The last days have been kind of weird, but I’m beginning to realize I’m doing pretty well despite what other people may think.


So awesome. 6 kata lagi