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[SF] Camping | Henderson x Lallana

Title: Camping
Author: Nina*
Pairing: Jordan Henderson x Adam Lallana
Rate: NC-17
Author’s Note: มันคือฟิคแก้บนตั้งแต่ตอนที่ลิเวอร์พูลทะลุรอบรองไปเจอมาดริดค่ะ…จริงๆ บนไว้ว่าถ้าผ่านรอบรองจะให้เรท PG ถ้าถึงแชมป์จะให้ NC แต่ก็อย่างที่รู้ๆ กัน ไม่ถึงแชมป์ค่ะ 555 /ยิ้มแห้ง แต่เพราะชีวิตวุ่นวายๆ นิดนึง เดี๋ยวป่วย เดี๋ยวงาน ก็เลยเลทมาก อัพเกรดเป็น NC ให้ แถมคนรีเควสท์บอกไม่เอาดราม่า อห…รื้อเขียนใหม่ 555… 85 kata lagi


Round One: VAR, Penalties and King Kane

The 2018 World Cup is officially well underway in Russia, and the first round of fixtures are complete. As the hosts kick off round two of the group stage matches against Egypt, we take a look back on some of the best bits of the first few days… 931 kata lagi

World Cup 2018

Heroic Harry Kane breaks Tunisian hearts

This game had the potential to mark the beginning of a new era for the English national team. After years of constant disappointment, culminating in an embarrassing elimination from Euro 2016 at the hands of Iceland, this latest iteration of the Three Lions was coming in to the World Cup with little hype and plenty of talent. 1.631 kata lagi


Gareth Southgate decides England starting XI for World Cup opener against Tunisia

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Let’s talk about Jordan Henderson

Are we about to see the beginning of the end of the Liverpool Captain? 

In what is likely to be a very busy summer, Liverpool have already got two new midfielders in the bag, with plenty more linked.  948 kata lagi


Football Opinions I Disagree With

With so many different platforms to express opinions, it gives people the opportunity to give their opinions on certain topics, and with football, it’s ever present. 1.321 kata lagi


Jordan Henderson told he would lose England captaincy four days before Champions League final

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has revealed he was told he would lose the England captain’s armband to Harry Kane just four days before last season’s Champions League final. 444 kata lagi