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I’m posting fanaccounts later but I’ll let you know :)

He was in good spirits and doing a lot better! He sat down most of the time. 19 kata lagi


[Instagram|Trans] CNBLUE members shared behind the scene photos of Singapore concert.

CNBLUE recently concluded the “Come Together” concert in Singapore. Check out the behind the scene photos shared by the members from their personal Instagram accounts. 130 kata lagi


[Instagram|Trans] Lee Jonghyun shares photos from his Switzerland trip

Our lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun recently went for a trip to Switzerland with fellow singer Jung Joon Young. He has been sharing the photos and videos of their trip to his Instagram followers. 524 kata lagi


an excerpt

he needed a suitable someone.
someone who wouldn’t use conversation with him as a mere appetizer for drinks, but would open up to stories about their childhood. 94 kata lagi


Get well soon, Jonghyun!

Fellow Shawols, let’s pray really hard for Jonghyun, okay? :)

Also, let’s pray for the other members, as well, so that they’re not infected by it. 23 kata lagi