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shinee concept - vaporwave

These are just rough draft ideas, to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about these two- they could use some more help


Key INS Update

“잘먹겠습니다~~ 해야지”

Trans: “Enjoy the meal”

cr: bumkeyk


Review: Jonghyun--The Collection (Story OP. 2)

1: “Lonely (feat. Taeyeon)”

One of Jonghyun’s best title tracks in quite awhile for me. As we all know (probably), I am not a fan of Taeyeon’s but I do like her voice and it’s a nice asset to this song. 278 kata lagi


Review: Jonghyun--The Collection (Story OP. 1)

The reason this review is so late; I didn’t think I would do it. It’s not a comeback, it’s just a collection of songs Jonghyun has composed for Blue Night and such. 311 kata lagi


She Is - Jonghyun

Oh, Jonghyun is so amazing. I love him!!! He is one of my favorite Korean singers and favorite male singers of all time. “She Is” is an funky R&B song that is mixed with some EDM and I’m just so in love with right now. Check it out!!