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she's happy when he's happy

Jong-hyun led his bride. Later in an interview he had with the production team,he confessed it was not easy for him. “It was so close that I could not even breathe. 366 more words


New Page Sun and Moon 1 of 3

New Page Sun and Moon

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Kim Soora Storyline

Cho Kyuhyun >< Seo Joohyun aka Kwon Joohyun 3.794 more words


it's in the way you gaze at me

Wow I can’t believe I missed out on all of the excitement around the baseball game! Holy cow, it’s just like watching a real celebrity couple sitting courtside at a Lakers game  Can you believe that these two have only known each other’s existence for not even 3 months now? 566 more words


making it real

Hello everyone!

I think it’s safe to say that everyone can agree with me on this statement: my favorite episode always ends up being the most recent one. 1.124 more words


liking the feeling of being hers

  On 5/10/2015, 3:03:3 jly31 said:

I agree @IAmSoulReader. They are constantly in each other’s personal space, so it shows us how comfortable they are with each other.

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a way to jong hyun's heart

Hi Brownies! I just watched the raw ep and…wow! Every ep they get so much sweeter and you can really see them falling in love. 398 more words


natural couple

Dear Chingus,

I’ve been reading this threat from the very beginning but failed to create an account before. I was about to give up but had to try again after this episode. 524 more words