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SHINee 4th Repackage Album : Married To The Music


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Someone Is Collecting SHINee Body Parts In "Married to the Music" MV

SHINee is back with their repackaged album, and new MV “Married to the Music.”

I love the song, the video was weird to say the least, but overall I enjoyed it. 52 kata lagi


Transcript from part of Blue Night

(15-08-03) Blue Night is Jonghyun’s radio.

<>J: Ah now….. SHINee is married even to music

<>J: The songs are also released on music sites, and when the clock struck 12 like ‘ding~’, you can also listen to it on Blue Night, but please also listen to the songs and watch the MV. 276 kata lagi


[DOWNLOAD] SHINee 4th Repackage Album - Married To The Music

SHINee 4th Repackage Album added 4 new song, “Married to the Music” “Savior” “Hold You” and “Chocolate” 116 kata lagi

FF ONKEY : Serendipity || Twoshots || B



Main CastLee Jinki, nymph!Kim Kibum

GenreRomance, Fantasy, Hurt/Comfort


Warning9.285 kata lagi


SWJ + mobile site update

cr: as tagged

Awww the black hair he had underneath is replaced with blond now :( Well, he’s still cute :D


the other half of each other

JH and SY is a great couple because they understand each others needs and will happily provide it. JH will always be forgetful and will easily hurt someone who is unable to let go of things. 143 kata lagi