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Jonghyun - Diphylleia Grayi 산하엽 [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

English Translation

Diphylleia Grayi (Skeleton Flower)

You are a flower that turns transparent in the rain
Regret is drenching the white petals between us
It may be transparent, but it’s still there… 143 kata lagi



Good morning everyone!
And if it is not morning over at your house, then good afternoon or evening or night!
Currently it is 8:55 AM over here where I am and I just got up. 560 kata lagi


Sweet Sweet Love (Adorable Couple Sequel)

Title                 : Sweet Sweet Love (Adorable Couple Sequel)

Inspired by      : JjongTaeng Couple, U-Kiss ‘RUN A WAY’

Cast                 : SHINee Jonghyun, SNSD Taeyeon

Genre               : Fluff… 1.055 kata lagi

Ayin Perdana

(ENG) 151225: RIVERIVER Vol. 9

  • Ren’s role that he acted, Reon, is a shoemaker. If all of you have a job whereby you would make things with your hands, what kind of work do you wish to do? 
  • 1.730 kata lagi

[Album Talk] Jonghyun - She Is

I know I’m more than a year late, but I wanted this to be the first album I talk about in my blog.

She Is… 1.626 kata lagi