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let me go. (pt. 1) the black wave

I’m standing at the shore

I’m looking out into the sea

It’s a gloomy, gray day

It’s humid and freezing

but I don’t feel the cold… 589 kata lagi


You would have understood this. The wistful feeling that sits heavily in my stomach when I go through old accounts of people who have long since left this part of the internet. 142 kata lagi


The pages on my record where you are written.

Written 25/06/18

Today SHINee released the last part of the story of light. I haven’t heard it yet. Nor seen the music video.

This sadness… 260 kata lagi



i still continue to walk this torturous road, the unbearable pain strikes me each day

i know not when it ends, but when it began. I seek it’s end, there’s only one way… 223 kata lagi


Why SHINee's 'Our Page' Is Important, And Why It Needed To Happen

SM Entertainment group SHINee recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in May, but fans were not as celebratory as expected. It was a bittersweet moment for… 1.017 kata lagi


Song of the Week: "Our Page" by SHINee

Yep, it’s me, the blog’s resident K-pop lover and I’m back with more great hits!

This month, SHINee has been spoiling their fans with lots of new music. 353 kata lagi

Song Of The Week

180629 Taeyeon about Jonghyun at Japan Showcase Tour in Osaka (Fanaccount)

180629 Taeyeon Showcase in Osaka (Fanaccount) @/1_9s

180629 テヨンSC 大阪 レポ


このあともう一度歌って、泣きそうになりながらも完璧に歌い上げたテヨン😢#Taeyeon_JapanShowcase pic.twitter.com/59NpBnrDGN

— え も (@1_9s) June 29, 2018

She starts crying doing the 2nd of 비밀 and is unable to sing anymore.

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