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The Joker Journals

To recap: I had been keeping a record of “Joker-inspired” crimes that had cropped up since the death of Heath Ledger in 2008. It was sort of a macabre “hobby” of mine…following how a comic book character may (or may not) have inspired a series of incidents ranging from pranks to mass-murder. 1.935 kata lagi



I’ve realized that 99% of the people you talk to have some kind of dark moment in their minds. I’ve had my deal of dark thoughts, suicide, cutting, joker, obsessions, and honestly, it’s made me what I am today. 313 kata lagi


The arrows of the joker

The joker has more than one arrow to his bow!

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Batman Magazine 52

Batman Monthly Magazine UK issue 52. Reprinting the US Batman 451. featuring Jokers return after the famous Death in the Family story arc.

Joker Origins: Η πρώτη ιστορία από το μακρινό 1951

Ο Τζόκερ αποτελεί τον πιο απρόβλεπτο και επικίνδυνο εχθρό που είχε ποτέ να αντιμετωπίσει ο Μπάτμαν. Ο “Γελαστός Πρίγκιπας του Εγκλήματος” έχει αρκετές ιστορίες προέλευσης. Το …


Batman Monthly issue 9

Batman Monthly Magazine UK issue 9. One of my favorite Joker covers. Reprinting issue 321 of the US Batman comic.