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review: Winner City Series Modern Paradise 7038A

If the box office success of The Lego Batman Movie has proven anything, it’s that audiences really, really, really, really love clowns. Why else would they go to see a film called… 581 kata lagi


70900 - The Joker Balloon Escape


It’s is very unusual for a Lego set so immensely cheap to offer the main villain of an IP, the usual concept Lego tends to go with is to put the main villain in a large set which entices the buyer to buy it, even if they do not wish to spend that amount of money on an unwanted set, but this is a very generous/noble by doing what they have with it (also there is a polybag with the Joker in in!) 186 kata lagi


Joker Item # 089

Mini Super Powers Joker

This is a great little find. Gentle Giant released a few of the original Super Power figures and shrank them down to just a few inches tall. 29 kata lagi


Harley Quinn Leaked Wedding Photo for Suicide Squad revealed

So a brand new photo is revealed from ChinaTimes.com and it’s a good one . As you can see Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie) is having her makeup applied on for a scene in Suicide Squad. 107 kata lagi

The Lost Fool

A stranglehold on my foot as I hang upside down
I am the king redeemed by deposition, lost fool
that wanders the strand and cliff-face, fey wild… 194 kata lagi



I have to admit that when Amazon offering $8.36 off of (almost) any orders over $50 with BIGTHANKS coupon only for one day (22 February) very tempting and I took the opportunity to pre-order another Joker Bandai action figure. 98 kata lagi


The Lego Batman Movie, Ketika Harga Diri Direndahkan

Tertunda sepekan sejak mulai diputar di Tanah Air karena menunggu Jeremy selesai ulangan tengah semester, akhir pekan kemarin, Sabtu (18/2), kami akhirnya menonton The Lego Batman Movie… 797 kata lagi