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watching for
an opportune moment
like a man
on a ledge
dressed as a rodent
a bat, his motif
justice, his motive
but actions… 61 kata lagi


Man Dressed As Joker & Carrying Sword Arrested In Virginia

Just the other day I was wondering if Joker-related crimes had finally dried up—that particular incarnation of the archetype finally fading out in favor of other grinning boogeymen. 193 kata lagi


Victor Hugo and the Joker

When you think of French writer, Victor Hugo, you probably think of his classic works, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Paris… 697 kata lagi

FR Culture / Language

The Lego Batman Movie - Film Review

After The Lego Movie was a hit, there was a slight worry that they may not be able to follow it up with another hit. Worries alleviated! 410 kata lagi

Film Review

Batman S:02 E:47

Episode Title: The Joker’s Last Laugh
Original Airdate: February 15, 1967

Sometimes I think the citizens of Gotham are pretty stupid. I mean, they do have a couple of masked heroes to save them from all the villains, but somehow the powers that be allow those villains to continue escaping after being caught for the umpteenth time. 879 kata lagi


'Joker' | ¡A. Blue nos presenta su primer sencillo!

Ha llegado a Rue X Magazine música completamente nueva y queremos compartir este excelente sencillo con ustedes, lleva el nombre de ‘Joker’ y es la primer canción que lanza oficialmente el compositor mexicano… 368 kata lagi