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Connected Cover Shot

Connected TV did me the honor of making Cover edition of me. Be sure to check them out and show them some love. Also, be sure to check out the… 6 kata lagi


Batman: White Knight


If you are a Batman fan who reads Batman comic books. I highly recommend any Batman fan to read “White Knight.” It’s an eight issue limited series written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, who is known for collaborating with Batman writer Scott Snyder on the story Wake, and has done illustrating contribute to DC Comics and the Star Wars comic book titles. 253 kata lagi

"The Dark Knight" Script Analysis: The Superhero Done Right

This weekend brings Avengers: Infinity War to theaters, a much-anticipated superhero extravaganza sure to rake in an embarrassing amount of money. I’ve never really bought into the superhero movies craze, finding most of them bloated and unnecessary, but I can appreciate when the good ones come around (usually once a year or so). 1.914 kata lagi


Cosplay Spotlight: William H.!

First name and last initial: William H.

Where are you from originally or reside currently? I’m originally from Amarillo, TX but currently live in Valdosta, GA. 492 kata lagi


Joaquin Phoenix Talks The Joker

In a recent online interview Joaquin Phoenix talked about a wide range of topics, one of course being the Joker. What exactly did he have to say about the Clown Prince of crime and is he interested in Martin Scorsese film? 641 kata lagi


Batman: White Knight #7

This series is quickly coming to a close, with this being the penultimate issue.  Batman is currently locked up in Arkham, and Jack Napier is showing signs of the Joker persona re-emerging.  338 kata lagi