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Mark Moyar: Special Forces don't have magical powers. We should stop pretending they can solve any problem

As the North Korean Army slashed its way down the Korean Peninsula in 1950, 15-man units infiltrated South Korean lines to ambush convoys and demolish bridges. 630 kata lagi

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IS Trump the Most Unpopular President EVER? Some Elusive Perspective

Donald Trump is running up to what he now calls the “ridiculous” self-imposed 100 Day Mark of Assessment. The First 100 Days is actually we’ve thrown at every president at least as far back as FDR.   1.837 kata lagi

Boston: Day 4

I began the day with my second presidential library. This one of course built for John F. Kennedy.

I had two minor issues with the library. 435 kata lagi

do not forget your dying King.

Portrait Drawing – Graphite on Paper – April 21st, 2017


Review of "John F. Kennedy: A Biography" by Michael O'Brien

John F. Kennedy: A Biography” by Michael O’Brien was published in 2005 after a decade of research which included access to recently-released material from the Kennedy Library. 523 kata lagi

American History

Jackie (2016), dir. Pablo Larraín

There’ll be great Presidents again–and the Johnsons are wonderful, they’ve been wonderful to me–but there’ll never be another Camelot again. Once, the more I read of history the more bitter I got.

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Is “Fake News” a 21st Century Phenomenon?

Thanks to president Trump, the phrase “Fake News” has become part of our everyday vocabulary. Is it something new? Is it something pseudo journalists have cooked up, a current conspiracy, to dupe the public? 272 kata lagi

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