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When a patriot becomes a patsy: part two

By late July 1963, Oswald foresaw that he would be whacked, just as Ferrie and Sherman were in 1964. He did not know how or when it would happen, but he knew he was vulnerable as the Castro project reached an inconclusive point, and he worked through possibilities for the future. 637 kata lagi


Radicals and Reformers

I strongly believe that social change in democracies occur when radicals put pressure for change outside the political system and reformers work for change within the system. 844 kata lagi

Aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy is now 50 percent structurally complete

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – The aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) is now 50 percent structurally complete, Huntington Ingalls Industries has announced.

The ship is currently under construction at Newport News Shipbuilding. 325 kata lagi


Dudley ... June 22nd, 2017

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We Heard An Inspiring "Make America Great" Speech - by JFK

Over dinner, my wife and I watched the news about President Trump’s latest “Make America Great Again” rally, delivered to a stadium full of supportive Americans.  2.839 kata lagi

Our Economic Mess

When a patriot becomes a patsy: part one

The Jason Bourne thrillers have a lot of plot elements that pull you in: amnesia and discovery of one’s identity, close calls and exciting escapes. One of the more compelling narrative lines is Jason Bourne’s success as David against the government’s gargantuan criminal enterprise: CIA’s Goliath. 652 kata lagi


When Politics Leads to Bloodshed

When 66-year old James Hodgkinson opened fire on a ball field in Alexandria, Virginia this past Wednesday, he seemed to be targeting Republican members of Congress, who were engaged in a friendly game of baseball.  754 kata lagi

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