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Unusual 1960s Cybis Porcelain Designs

There is a small group of Cybis pieces that depart noticeably from the ‘recognizably Cybis’ retail design aesthetic. All of them were created during the first half of the 1960s and three of them appear in two 1970s Cybis publications. 1.985 kata lagi



Two years ago I was drowning. It was a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving and I had to deal with a crazy family emergency that forced me to make some tough decisions and left me a little traumatized in the process. 972 kata lagi

Adventures In Unemployment

Book Review: Martin Luther King, Jr. by Marshall Frady

Knowledge is power, and I gain my knowledge by reading as many books as I can. While I love a bit of fiction (and, indeed, there is a lot of learning which can be gained from it), I make it my business to read more factual books from time to time. 379 kata lagi


Castro’s Communism

Castro’s Communism- “This is Fidel Castro. This is a communist revolution.”

by Bill Lockwood

Fidel Castro, the brutal communist dictator of Cuba, responsible for the assassinations and political imprisoning of between 70,000 to 80,000 innocents, has died at the age of 90. 995 kata lagi

American Liberty With Bill Lockwood

Pablo Larraín's 'Jackie' is No Ordinary Biopic

The moment, when it comes, is devastating in its sheer emotional force. She walks into the room where her children are playing, and the first thing they notice is her black dress. 810 kata lagi


Quote of the day, Dec. 1

John F. Kennedy, on history (1963)

“There is an old saying that things don’t happen, they are made to happen. And we in our years have to make the same wise judgments about what policies will ensure us a growing prosperity as were made in the years before. 95 kata lagi


Book review: Lincoln and Kennedy: A Pair to Compare, by Gene Barretta

Barretta, Gene.  Lincoln and Kennedy:  A Pair to Compare. Henry Holt and Company,  2016. $17.99. ISBN 978-0-8050-9945-4. 40 pgs. Glossary. Elementary Age. P6/Q8

This is a very well written book comparing and contrasting two of the greatest presidents in history.  102 kata lagi

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