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The Pizza Prophecies

Real pizza lovers have the walls of their apartments papered throughout with pepperoni pizzas including sofas, chairs, and toilet seats.

If you can’t open a laptop and find a piping hot rectangular pizza inside then the Internet must die. 102 kata lagi

Bill Herbert

Think it's safe to say that Obama had made the Democrat party much worse...

I could have sworn that the Democrat party wasn’t this bad back when George W. Bush was president. That’s because back then “gay marriage” and “LGBT” rights wasn’t a huge issue. 375 kata lagi


"The President Has Been Shot!": The Assassination of John F. Kennedy by James L. Swanson (2013)

This tense historical piece puts a magnifying glass on the days immediately surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy.

Recommended grade level: 6-12

Pages: 336 (for ISBN 9780545490078) 488 kata lagi

Books For 6th Graders

Trump is Antaeus: sever the link to his media strength

In ancient Greek mythology, Antaeus [1] was the son of Poseidon and Gaea the goddess of the Earth. It was said that he could not be defeated so long as he touched the earth because Hera protected him. 565 kata lagi


Ho as Gandhi: the mind of Daniel Berrigan

Back to Father Daniel Berrigan, the Vietnam War activist who died recently at age 95. As we noted yesterday, his mainstream-media obits were overwhelmingly glowing. 977 kata lagi


Afternoon Bulletin: New City Guidelines to Protect Gender Expression and More

Employers and landlords will now be required to use preferred gender pronouns for employees and tenants or face hefty fines, as per new guidelines introduced this week by the Commission on Human Rights. 443 kata lagi


Lost and Found - May 19th Edition

What to remember about May 19th…